Vesta in Aquarius – March 10, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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Vesta slides into the sign of Aquarius about 4 days after Mars and Venus ingressed into Aquarius.  We are still in a transitionary state from the conjunctions of Mars and Venus with Pluto.  Pluto is only 2 degrees aways at 28 degrees Capricorn, still in strong position over the Pluto natal position of the United States (meaning still in the US Pluto Return).  Vesta moving into Aquarius, though, perhaps can be another piece of the energetic shift away (and subsequent release) from the multiple conjunctions in Capricorn in February and March.

Aquarius’ essence has much to do with a spirit of innovation (beyond traditional modalities) and expanding consciousness without limits.  It is also a global-level perspective of thinking.  Aquarius can be expressed as an idealist revolutionary thinker experimenting with novel methodologies largely ahead of where current society is at any given time.  Aquarius represents the leading edge of thought, not necessarily being bound by any conventional normalcy.

Vesta in Aquarius brings a sense of special reverence and sacredness for what the mystery school of Aquarius symbolizes.  Vesta rides Aquarius from March 10th to May 24th with much of that time with Venus (about a month) and Mars (about five weeks).

We can inquire during this time with all three planets in Aquarius about the nature of how we break from old patterns and try out new things.  We can see where in our own lives we need a spark of change, realizing the limits of our own structures and systems we depend upon.  We may find ourselves trapped in a bubble of our own making in consciousness and technology.  Do we consider ourselves freethinkers?  Or is it only the daily grind of living?  Perhaps survival demands it but even a potential need for unorthodox thinking while in survival mode or in our daily grind is necessary for us to emerge into the next phase of our journey?

As the “sacred hearth within”, Vesta can help us understand the “unconventional scientist-wizard-theoretician” in us.  This isn’t only how we define science today but more of how “science” was experienced thousands of years ago, long before the so-called “age of reason.”  It is a sense of the “observer” and how we may detach from ourselves in fully seeing ourselves as an unbiased witness.  Vesta helps us bring that to our own personal altars.  Maybe that altar is in the sky or symbolizing the sky brought down to Earth.

There is also a sense of more spiritual service with Vesta, meaning how can Aquarius be of service in the world?  How can radical, revolutionary thought show up to assist humanity with a touch of the concept of universal love?  Aquarius is being expressed through Vesta, the symbol of the Priestess herself and her profound connection to Earth.  It is an odd couple, but one that will require alchemy in all of us.  With Mars and Venus in Aquarius too, this could be a way for communities to come together in sacred response and highly unusual and revolutionary ways.

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