Welcome Ceremonialist and Shamanic Practitioners

Our mission in this area is to support indigenous and earth-based traditions around the world. Invariably, most of these groups still emphasize ceremony and a living organic relationship with the As Above, So Below realities but they may no longer have direct knowledge or relationship with the night sky.

Ceremonialist benefit from the knowledge and experience of the night sky, synodic planetary cycles, and the Galactic Alignment all designed to further support these groups at this major Turning of the Ages. This includes working with stone circles, petroglyph sites, and taking journeys to sacred sites, cosmograms and heirophanies in the US and around the world.

Examples include the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Central and South American Shamanic and Medicine Traditions, Celtic Shamanism, Ceremonial Magic, Priestess and Priest Circles, and Vision Quest Traditions.

Celebrate the Sacred Union Between Heaven and Earth
Courses in this Category focus on:

  • Deepening Astrological Insight through Direct, Ceremonial Experience of the Night Sky
  • Journey to Sacred Sites across the globe with Megalithic Monuments Aligned to Sun, Moon and Planetary Cycles
  • Reactivating Our DNA prior to Patriarchy and Monotheism
  • Reconnect With Our Indigenous Soul
  • Learning to Track and Attune to the Synodic Planetary Cycles of Mercury, Venus and Mars
  • Understanding Why We are at the “Turning of the Ages” through a Kinesthetic Experience of Precession and Galactic Alignment
  • Applying Core Shamanic Practices and Awareness to the Study of the Living Sky
  • Benefiting from Essential Astrological Insights of Shamanic Indigenous Cultures of Mesoamerica, Ancient Ireland, and Hawaii Among Many Others
  • Gaining Knowledge to Integrate Direct Night Sky Teachings Into Priestess and Priest Circles, Pagan Ceremony, and Vision Quest Traditions
  • Engaging the As Above So Below Mysteries at Sacred Sites and Through Ceremonial Practice


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