This is an introduction to Turning of the Ages Astrology, as taught by Daniel Giamario, and is specifically designed to provide valuable information about your first Turning of the Ages Astrology Session. 

This introduction covers the philosophy of the Turning of the Ages Astrology Mystery School (TOTAMS)  – how the chart is revealed through the script, the cycles and their significance, and an investigation into relationships through chart comparison.

TOTAMS sessions provide clues within an archetypal and mythical framework, creating greater awareness for conscious participation with life purpose and Great Mystery. Each session acts to help align the client with their original intent and offer the tools to do so, bringing it further into conscious awareness and understanding so we can uniquely and creatively express our true essence.

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What is covered in a TOTAMS Session?

Preparation for a Session

This is an introduction to the Turning of the Ages Astrology Paradigm™, also known as The Giamario Approach™, as taught by Daniel Giamario, and is specifically designed to provide valuable information about your first Turning of the Ages Astrology session. This introduction covers the philosophy of the Turning of the Ages Astrology Paradigm™ and how the chart is revealed through the script, the cycles and their significance, and an investigation into relationships through chart comparison.

During a Turning of the Ages, our perception of time accelerates and collective confusion and uncertainty is prevalent. Turning of the Ages Astrology Paradigm™ provides us with a valuable tool for confirming what we already know or sense, and assists us in trusting our own inner knowing and inner process. Thus, we can better comprehend and embrace the essence of our original intent, while consciously dreaming the dream onward.

Turning of the Ages Astrology, through The Giamario Approach™, is designed to assist an individual in taking responsibility for their own life. This system is based on the hermetic principle of As Above-So Below, As Within-So Without, and is therefore not operating from the perspective of cause and effect. Rather, the basis of this system comes from the understanding that the cycles or the patterns of the outer world correspond with the inner cycles and patterns of our own psyche.

These cycles and patterns symbolically represent the unfoldment of our own lives. Carl Jung referred to this as “synchronicity”, meaning events that happen together in time, thus, it is acausal. The outer cycles don’t cause the inner cycles. They are reflections of each other and correspond with each other. TOTAMS takes this idea even beyond that, and suggests the outer cycles and the inner cycles are precisely the same thing. The patternings of the constellations and planets are the “as above” representation of our “so below”, and the great myths and themes rooted in our culture, and therefore rooted in our consciousness.

TOTAMS looks at the natal chart as a script, with clues about our original intent. Thus, the symbols and the archetypes of the script are statements of intent. A human being always has the freedom to choose to cooperate with their original intent or not. We are not forced to be a certain way. 12 individuals with Sun in Aries and Mars in Scorpio are not all the same, but they all do have the same intent.

The main purpose of the Turning of the Ages Astrology Paradigm™ is to give the person the understanding of their original intent, thereby assisting them through the power of knowledge in taking command and control of their own life, and giving them a vision of possibilities.

These possibilities include a sense of life purpose and empowering the person with the knowledge of what their life purpose issues are. This is based on the idea that the predominant human motivation is not survival, not power, not sexuality, but is ultimately the quest for meaning and purpose. The quest for meaning and purpose is the real foundation of what drives people, so if everything in life is going badly but the person has a sense of meaning or purpose, they can sort it out, they can go forward. If they can discern what the underlying meaning is, then they can create a life that has purpose and magic.

This is not Sun sign astrology, and it does not emphasize Sun signs. The Sun is one of many factors on the natal chart. In the last 150 years, an emphasis was placed on Sun signs, because it’s easy for a person to know their Sun sign. Before the popularization of Sun sign astrology, people often gave their Moon sign when asked what their sign was. Historically, even the Ascendant was more important. In fact, the very word ‘horoscope’ meant the Ascendant itself. The Sun is in a sign for about 30 days, the Moon is in a sign for about 2 ½.  So the Moon sign is way more individualizing than the sun sign.

The Ascendant is even more individualizing. However, just using the Moon sign or Ascendant is also a limiting approach, because the chart as a whole is important, and extracting any one element from it does not adequately identify a person.

With The Giamario Approach™, all the archetypes of the signs and planets are valid and equally important. For example, the Moon can show up in any one of twelve different signs and no one sign is greater or better or worse for the Moon or any other planet. Whether or not a person experiences their Moon sign as comparatively easy or difficult, is often based upon what the prejudices of the given culture are.

Our current culture has rendered judgments in the past that have supported certain approaches to being human and invalidated others. Turning of the Ages Astrology is a full spectrum approach, presenting the vision and understanding that all archetypal approaches to being human are valid. It’s time now to know, understand, and validate the expression of the full spectrum of human potential, including all the archetypes and all the different possibilities available to the male and the female principles, without the biases of cultural relativity and consensus reality.

The Turning of the Ages Astrology Paradigm™ is also an antidote for patriarchal extremes. Patriarchal astrology elevated the Sun sign as one god above all others. Ultimately, it was the elevation of the male principle above all others. Shamanic Astrology looks at the whole horoscope in a polytheistic way – there are many gods and goddesses. One principle, or one planet, does not operate in a healthy way without reference to all the rest of them – the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars, and all of the planets represent the complexity of the entire script. We are, however, not invalidating the importance of the Sun.

In TOTAMS, we recognize the Sun – visibly and experientially, as a very dominant and important issue. We can’t even look at the Sun without turning away. It could be seen as the actual manifestation of Great Mystery itself, as an energetic life force, as a fuel.  Most of everything else in Shamanic Astrology operates with reference to the Sun; we simply don’t project any specific symbol of masculine or feminine, of any particular archetype on the Sun.

Symphony of Three Movements: The Lineage

The Turning of the Ages Astrology Paradigm™ looks at the horoscope as a symphony of three movements, or as the script for our life, outlining the original intent. The chart as a symphony plays the first movement through the lineage. The lineage refers to the idea that when a person is born, they are not a blank slate. A person comes into life with a whole series of expectations, habits, addictions, and attitudes that are in place at birth. The Moon position is an indicator of past life themes — the tribe a person comes from, what university they have several PhDs from, their blood family history, and what is written in their genetic code.

Although past life themes are referred to, this is not literal past life work. We are looking at the past life themes in a mythic way, or as an underlying mythos for a person’s life. Whether or not a person has literally had these experiences in past lives is irrelevant, because the stories work. We are creating a personal mythology for each person from the symbols on the horoscope that have to do with lineage.

The Moon position is describing what a person was doing in the past.  For example, a person with a Capricorn moon has mastery in the area of the Capricorn archetype or Mystery School. They come into the life with training or impressions in that version of reality. This introduction is not designed to go into the meaning of all the different Moon positions, or the other meanings associated with the other portions of the script. Rather, this is designed to give a sense of the scope of the script, so when a person receives their reading, they have an idea of the kinds of things that would be covered.

Knowledge of the Moon allows us to determine the addictions and the attachments a person has. Sometimes these are called the fixations, particularly in the similar work with the Enneagram. It also represents the areas of life where a person at a certain point has to get their power back.

It is important to know that it doesn’t matter how adept or successful a person is with their Moon or their lineage. Even if they lived the principles of their Moon tribe perfectly, it is insufficient to their liberation or insufficient to the accomplishment of their current life purpose.  Living according to the principles of the Moon alone is regressive. At best, the Moon is the foundation, the ground on which all the current life activity stands on, but without attachment.  Interestingly, the only portion of the entire horoscope that has much to do with how a person tends to be when they come into their life is the Moon position. Virtually everything else on the entire horoscope represents statements of intent. That’s why the Moon position is similar to the portions of astrology describing personality traits, general characteristics, and qualities that a person is born with.

Tools and Equipment

The second part of the script has to do with the tools and the equipment of the current life.  There are four symbols that determine what the tools and the equipment are. These symbols are the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

The Sun is best understood as the fuel that a person burns, or the type of food that a person needs to eat or consume, so they can grow as the best as possible in the direction of their current life goals. However, the Venus and Mars positions are more important with reference to the specific archetype, or the images associated with the version of the feminine and the masculine that a person is working on in the current life.

The male and female principles are like a 12-spoked wheel. Each spoke of the wheel can be symbolized by different gods or goddesses, different stories, different myths, and different sets of themes. This is a system of 24 archetypes. The importance of this is that it gives a wide entire spectrum of possibilities. Remember, all the gods and goddesses, or all the Mars and Venus positions are equally valid and important.

There is no judgment about one being better or worse than another. Since the Venus and Mars positions are archetype-specific, they are more dominant than the Sun sign. If the Sun sign is in a different sign than the Venus or the Mars position, it is important to first understand the Venus or the Mars positions. Once the Venus and Mars positions are understood, then we say they burn the fuel of the Sun.

Approximately 1 out of 12 men have the Sun and Mars in the same sign. Approximately 1 out of 3 to 4 women have Venus and the Sun in the same sign. The majority of people have an individualistic feature that requires an understanding of the archetype of Venus or Mars as something separate from the Sun. Remember, rather than being statements of how a person is, these are statements of intent. As mentioned before, 12 people with Mars in Scorpio may not all be the same, but they do all have the same intent. Astrology in this form cannot be proven by mechanistic, linear, scientific methods, because intent cannot be quantified.

Otherwise, correlations could be made about people with Mars in Scorpio such as ending up becoming nuclear physicists or they will always have a particular sexual style. However, because Mars in Scorpio is a statement of intent, it can’t be quantified.

Men with Mars in Scorpio either desire to develop the qualities associated with Mars in Scorpio, or they are already in the process of developing these qualities. But because of all of these factors and others not yet mentioned, they are still not all the same. Spiritual psychology can’t be quantified in a mechanistic, left-brained, logical, rational way, because it is dynamic, developmental, and progressive, and needs conscious awareness to activate it.

The fourth element of this portion of the script is Mercury. Mercury represents the version of cognition and perception and communication that a person comes into life learning to form relationship with. It could be represented in more modern language as the kind of software that a person gets when they come into the life. Any analysis of the chart that would have to do with communication, and different ways of thinking and cognizing, would be related to Mercury and its relationship with the lineage and the Moon position.

There is a fifth symbol to also consider, Jupiter. The Jupiter position occupies kind of a transitional role between the second movement and the third movement. It represents a way or a style of life (sometimes seen as dharma) and forms of activity that a person would engage to get them most easily to the third movement of the symphony, and to more easily fulfill original intent.

Ascendant and Angles

The third portion of the script has to do with what all that we’ve talked about so far is leading to.  This is the most individualizing and important part of the script. It is why we need to know the birth time. Without knowing the exact birth time, we cannot know the angles of the horoscope — the Ascendant, the Descendant, the Midheaven (MC), and the IC.

The angles change degrees about every 4 minutes. They change signs about every 2 hours.  This is what individuates the horoscope and describes the uniqueness of each person. Without the exact birth time only about 75% of the script is accessible, such as what tribe a person was from, who is the emerging god or goddess, etc. These are important things to know. There is much value to be gained from a session without a birth time. However, these factors are not individualistic enough to define what it is that makes a person truly, clearly, a separate unique human being.

The angles of the chart deal directly with experiential astrology, because the angles are determined by what is happening in the sky when a person is born. The Rising Sign is the primary symbol of a person’s current life mystery school, life purpose, or we call the Personal Identity Project.

The Mid-heaven symbolizes the Right Livelihood Project. Historically in astrology, what is coming up over the eastern horizon and what is directly overhead at the time of birth are the most important symbols of a person’s uniqueness or destiny. The Giamario Approach™ refers to the Descendant as the Partnership and Relationship Project. The IC is called the Home and Roots Project. These have an extremely high level of importance in the Turning of the Ages Astrology Paradigm™.

The Shamanic Astrology medicine wheel shows how the four angles of the chart work. And it shows the goddess Venus and the god Mars, the tribal totem — the Moon position, and then the fuel — the Sun sign. Sometimes, in certain forms of Shamanism, this could be thought of as Spirit Horse. The Spirit Horse is what we ride to get to our goal.  What we ride, represented by the Sun, is a generalized sense of energy, the kind of fuel to reach our goals — via the archetype of the god Mars or the goddess Venus that we intend to experience on our journey.

The Strategy: Outer Planets

Now we’re going to look at the outer planets as the strategy for life intent. With this we look at seven planetary processes of initiation.  In virtually every form of Shamanism, our life experience is divided into three worlds, three realms.  One could be called the Upperworld, for which we sometimes use the expression the celestial realm. Then there would be the Middleworld, which some people would call the real world, and I’ll sometimes use the expression “this world”. And then there would be the Underworld or Lowerworld. All the different strategic planetary initiations are involved with one of these three realms.

With the Turning of the Ages Astrology Paradigm™, the outer planets represent these various kinds of strategies — the dynamic aspects: squares, oppositions, and conjunctions. And the outer planets — Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Jupiter cycles, and also the cycles of the nodes of the Moon define the strategy employed by the individual to “wake up”, strategies designed to assist a person in reaching their current life goals most quickly.

The strategy can include some of the most excruciating wake-up call situations, and defines whether a person has what some might call a coasting path or an easy chart where there’s not that much happening. Some people have way more highly melodramatic lives where they are constantly at the effect of traumatic events happening to them, where they have to react. There are no judgments, positive or negative, about any strategy.

For example, horoscopes with the most extreme versions of Saturn and Pluto strategy, which certainly could be called the most drastic versions of strategy, are not judged as “bad” in Turning of the Ages Astrology. In traditional astrology, it is difficult to come up with anything “good” to say about such aspects.

Turning of the Ages Astrology views these aspects as an intelligent strategy for waking up.  A person cannot but “get it,” because eventually they do end up getting the joke. The joke involves understanding things about life that the average person may never become aware of or have knowledge about.

First, we look at the basic elements of the script. Then we look at the strategy. After the investigation of the strategy, we look at the cycles. Often the main reason many individuals choose to get an astrology reading is because of specific cycles or timings.  The universe is supportive of the human being who consciously participates with their cycles. 

This is one of the cornerstone philosophies of the Turning of the Ages Astrology Paradigm™. If a person knows what cycle they are in, they stand to benefit. For example, there are times in a person’s life when all of the doors are closed. This is a time when there are far better things they can do than to keep trying to make things work in the world, similar to beating one’s head against the wall.

Conversely, there are timings when all the doors are open. But if a person doesn’t know that, they might just kick back, take it easy, and miss the opening, miss the opportunities. Remember, no cycle, in and of itself is good or bad, all cycles have a reason for being.

When we know and understand what initiation cycles we are in, we can benefit, by navigating in alignment with them. There are certain cycles that are experienced as beyond ordinary reality and outside of time. For example, the cycles that operate in the Upperworld, or the Lower-world/Underworld are like that.

They are designed to produce a certain type of initiation. When we know that we are in one of those cycles, we can consciously give ourselves permission to experience the intent of the cycle. One of astrology’s greatest contributions is to identify what cycles we are in–the intent of the cycle, and then how to participate in that cycle. There are cycles that are totally confusing.  Others could be a time for a walkabout, time for a vision quest, a time when it is completely okay to just “not know”.

Conversely, there are cycles when it is time for the person to be clear and focused, take some kind of specific action in the real world. There are some cycles that are also free spaces. Free spaces are times when a person is closer to conscious free will than any other time, so the person can’t “blame” an astrological cycle for what is happening.

Cycles have a beginning, middle, and end. Knowing what cycle we are in is liberating in our understanding of what process we are undergoing. Knowledge of the precise astrological degree points of the cycles gives us specific dates we can use in a ceremonial way.

These dates do not necessarily indicate some amazing event scheduled to happen to a person from the outside. Rather, knowledge of the timing allows the person the option of letting the universe know that they know what is going on, and then they can consciously choose to cooperate with the cycle taking place in and around them. It’s a process of consciously co-creating universal intelligence. When this takes place, the inward and the outward cycles move into alignment.

This information is important and useful with reference to relationships. For example, two people who have been in a long-lasting, stable and happy relationship may be confused when one, or both, move into a new cycle. The person going through one of these cycles is no longer the same.

However, knowing a cycle has a beginning, middle, and end, helps us to understand the process and the intent of the cycle, and helps us know the cycle will end and ordinary reality will return, perhaps transform into something even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Relationship Comparisons

Relationship comparisons are another important area to look at. Many people getting a reading have questions, either about their relationship, about a new person in their life, or their lack of relationship, and what they can do about it. The Giamario Approach™ looks at what archetype a person is attracted to, and what the chart indicates relationship intent is.  It is important to know that these are two completely separate issues.

The horoscope includes clues about why a person wants to be in a relationship or what the relationship intent is. These are similar to the criterion used by cultures who, for example, in the past, arranged marriages, or where marriages were based upon family history, class, and/or economic status. It’s seldom that way now. There are very many different possibilities for relationship intent. Turning of the Ages Astrology recognizes and validates each of these.

Another portion of the horoscope has to do with romantic love and physical attraction. This is the area of the chart that has to do with the magical masculine and the magical feminine. We are all wired to be attracted to a certain kind of person. About three-fourths of the time, what we are attracted to and our true relationship intent can be dramatically different! Many of the different challenges that people have in relationships are due to this reason.

In fact the great majority of the time when relationships do not work, it’s not because one person lacked merit, and it’s not because one or both partners don’t know enough about relationship. It simply has to do with these differences and their different relationship intent. This is why it’s important to understand the principle of Sacred Marriage, or the Inner Sacred Marriage Process.

The Sacred Marriage is when a man walks through life with the magical feminine on his arm at all times regardless of who he is with, or whether he is with anyone at all. The Sacred Marriage for a woman is when she walks through life with the magical masculine on her arm at all times regardless of who she is with, or whether she is with anyone at all. It is an owning of, and then taking responsibility for their inner masculine or their inner feminine.

Then it doesn’t matter anymore if a person has a fulfilling relationship or not, because they are now complete, autonomous, and sovereign on their own, complete and whole within themselves. It should be mentioned here that these principles are not only related to heterosexual couples.

Men who are in same-sex relationships will still have a certain principle on their chart that is projected — a man will actually project his Venus position even onto a same-sex partner; the same thing would be true for women except that what they’re doing is they’re projecting their Mars position onto a same-sex partner.

However, once the Sacred Marriage takes place, some people will be on a path of relationship, and others may not be. The Script helps to sort this out. The people having the most difficulty with relationship are almost always the ones who have set their life up in such a way they are forced to do the Sacred Marriage, which in the long run, is not a bad thing.

These same techniques of chart comparison also work in helping to sort out the circumstances with parents, brothers, sisters, friends, co-workers, and business partners.

What You Can Gain from a TOTAMS Session

The purpose of this introduction is to give a sense of the scope of what a person can gain from a TOTAMS Session.  Again, the purpose of all of this work is to provide the clues and information that assist a person in the process of waking up.  It helps each individual take responsibility for their own evolutionary path, and supports the Aquarian dispensation that includes the statement: “Every human being should have the freedom to take personal responsibility for their own evolutionary path”.

How can we truly live in freedom unless we really know all the possibilities? When there is only a limited range of possibilities available we can’t really be free. For example, if a person has as their distinct color, say, purple, and they’re born into a family that only sees red, white, and blue, what happens to purple? They may be totally ignored, in which case they don’t get any validation or feedback for how they are doing with purple. A more negative example is if the person is punished for being that color. There is no freedom unless all the possibilities are known and affirmed.

Ascendant / Rising Sign

With the Turning of the Ages Astrology Paradigm™, the Rising Sign indicates a person’s enlightenment path. This is not an attempt to define spiritual enlightenment, as that is an issue beyond duality, and difficult to actually rationally speak of. Rather, it is acknowledging that different people have different paths to reach their place of self-actualization or total freedom.

Some spiritual traditions refer to it as a person’s way of getting off the wheel. It is the kind of comprehensive enlightenment where each person is totally free and can feel that they are living the life they had intended to live. No path is better than another–there are 12 distinct paths with infinite variations on how to fully achieve mastery of that specific path. This is defined by the Rising Sign and all of the other factors of the chart identifying the uniqueness of that path.

The following brief examples of Rising Signs are limited to the Rising Sign only. All the other factors in the chart are important for a comprehensive picture. Libra Rising suggests a person can’t truly reach enlightenment without experiencing some form of non-hierarchical, conscious, equal personal partnership. It is a process-oriented path of relationship, where we learn more about our self through the other. Scorpio Rising requires the person to master life force energy.

It is more of a tantric path. It includes feeling the feelings, especially passion and desire. The Sagittarius or Aquarius rising sign path requires the development of the virtues of detachment and cosmic overview.

The Sagittarius or Aquarius paths are more closely associated with the idea of getting off the wheel, or going to higher states of consciousness, as sometimes people refer to as “ascension”.

They desire to disconnect from deep involvement and attachment with the secular and the emotional. Capricorn Rising is resonant with karma yoga, and is more of a householder path, where one is developing responsible administration of their domain, with an orientation towards practical results.

These are examples of how different people have different authentic paths leading them to their own state of freedom or self-realization. When all of the clues start to make sense, then we can begin to clearly answer these questions: What is my contribution? What is my job? What color am I? What god or goddess do I most express? What is my unique individual creative self-expression? And so on…

Magic happens in our life when three things are in exact alignment: One, it must be the right timing. Two, we’ve actually developed a relationship with our tools. Three, our desire is in alignment with what the original life intent is, or is legitimately part of our script. If those three things are together, life can be truly magical. If any one of those three things is not in place, then at best we must be patient, while expanding our self-awareness.

The Turning of the Ages

Collective humanity is at the end and the beginning of an entire 26,000-year precessional cycle.  At the time of this writing, 2017, many, many different calendric traditions and Shamanic traditions, are coming forth with their knowledge that this is a significant turning point. Sometimes it’s called the Galactic Alignment™.

One set of criteria actually shows the exact junction point of a 26,000-year cycle; that is to say either the midpoint or the end and the beginning of the entire precessional cycle, actually took place in May 1998, when there was a triple conjunction of the plane of the galaxy with the plane of the solar system, and the movement of the solstice points to those intersection points.  There is, of course, the well-known end of the Mayan Calendar, and when using most renditions of their long count, the end was December Solstice, 2012.

Different traditions will come up with different dates. We don’t really make, at this point, a big issue about what specific date the end and the beginning is. Rather, we’re in the zone.  Whether we say the center-point of the zone is 1998 or 2012 or 2001, or the movement of the great star Regulus into a new sign (Virgo), which is what Rudhyar used as his criterion, the truth is, we are at that turning point, and whether we give a 72-year or 144-year cusp to it, it doesn’t really matter that much.  Recently the Turning of the Ages Astrology Mystery School™ suggests a time-frame from 1962-2034 as the window of initiation for global humanity.

What’s more important, is what happens at the end and the beginning of the cycle — where everything speeds up, and is recapitulated (summarized). As the 26,000-year time track is reaching its conclusion, the originating point is nearly 26,000 years in the past. This means that all the dreams and visions that each of us has had on our personal time track are reaching completion. The dreams we have dreamed are now to be fulfilled, and that’s why it’s so important to be in touch with what the original life dreams are. We are also dreaming the dream onward into the next cycle. We can become seeds for the next great cycle. Conscious and unconscious dreaming at this time is seeding the next 26,000 years.

How can you consciously participate?  One way is to know your script and your timings.  Because we are at the end of the 26,000-year cycle, most of the principles of traditional astrology either do not work, or are not particularly relevant. They represent or speak of issues that are not of any particular use to people at this time. In the midst of the speeded-up phenomena, we need tools to tune in as fast as possible to the original life purpose issues.  Equally important, is using the astrological timings with as much awareness as possible, so we are consciously co-creating with the intelligence of the universe.

This version of astrology works best as dialogue. The more you can share and bring to the session, the more depth will come from it, and the more insights you will get. The exactness and precision of this process operates directly from the amount of feedback that takes place. It is a soul-to-soul encounter, not an abstraction, or something that could be done on a computer.  Through the soul-to-soul encounter, the gods and goddesses and symbols and myths come alive.

They are cellularly and consciously enlivened, and this assists us on our journey. This is a journey of discovery – how do the archetypes and symbols express through you? Myths and stories tell us how the archetypes and symbols expressed in the past. Now they are evolving and seeking new expressions through each of us. We are the living and evolving archetypes and myths. This process allows us to participate with greater understanding and awareness so that we are co-creating in a magical way in alignment with our greatest good.

I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to (or read) this introduction so you can be fully prepared for your session, and I really look forward to having an opportunity to share with you whether it be over the phone, or should we have the opportunity to meet in person.

Closing and Acknowledgements

I’m going to close this introductory CD for the Turning of the Ages Astrology Paradigm™ by acknowledging the predecessors, the original sources of inspiration that have produced this particular expression of Turning of the Ages Astrology at this time.

We acknowledge the Ancient Ones, the Greater Shamanic Council of light, the teachings attributed to Hermes Thoth Trismegistus and Lady Seshat of the Measuring Cord, from whence originated the philosophy As Above – So Below, As Within – So Without.

We acknowledge the traditions of the Magi, and all the other people of antiquity who knew when it was the Turning of the Ages. We acknowledge the traditions of the Merlin, and the Priestess of Avalon, and the ideals of the Round Table understanding that women and men could collaborate as equals without ranking. We acknowledge the prophetic traditions of Ezekiel and Daniel. We acknowledge and honor the calendric wizardry of the Maya, and in particular, their mastery around the cycles of Venus.

We acknowledge the contribution of the Hellenistic civilization, and their invention of the zodiac based on the seasons. We acknowledge the invention of the original sidereal zodiacs by the Sumerians and Babylonians. We acknowledge the transmissions that came from the Chinese civilization, particularly their mastery around Jupiter.

We acknowledge the brilliance of the Vedic civilization, and particularly their work with the Lunar Mansions.  We particularly acknowledge the way in which the Neolithic peoples of antiquity, and up to this current day in certain parts of the world, live their lives in accordance with the sacred connection between the land and the sky.

And more recently, we acknowledge the astrosophy from Rudolf Steiner, the cosmology of Dane Rudhyar, and the archetypal visions of C.G. Jung. I’d also like to acknowledge my teachers not in human form – a great stone mountain-face in Joshua Tree, also great stone outcroppings at Organpipe National Monument, and some of my greatest teachers including Haleakala and Mount Shasta, from where I first experienced the vision quest.

And lastly, the great stone circles of the far north, particularly, Callanish where the great Shining Ones made their appearance. These and others have inspired these traditions, and I give thanks.

  • Transcribed by Lynne Giamario, January 2015
  • Modified and edited in December 2017 by Daniel Giamario
  • Text updated from Shamanic Astrology™ and Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ to Turning of the Ages Astrology™ and Turning of the Ages Astrology Mystery School™ in December 2021