Where are the Visible Planets? And an Important Neptune Square

Dec 11, 2022 | By Daniel Giamario

Let’s see where the visible planets are:


Venus and Mercury have just recently become visible in the evening sky. Look for them just after

sunset. Venus, at 3Capricorn02, is by far the brighter with a magnitude of -3.9. Mercury at

8Capricorn17 is only a magnitude of -0.6. Mercury is 5-6 degrees to the upper left of Venus. With each

passing day, they rise higher and brighter.


Mars, the major story these past days, remains really bright as he’s in retrograde motion near Aldebaran

in the Bull constellation. At 14Gemini27 with a magnitude of -1.7, Mars will conjunct with Aldebaran just

before Christmas. The red-orange planet cannot be missed, and dominates the night sky, even

outshining Sirius.


Jupiter, blazes at magnitude -2.5 at 29Pisces23. High in the evening sky after sunset, he is found in the

Fish constellation nearly at the exact vernal equinox, which will be exact when he ingresses Aries again

on December 20. For more about Jupiter in Aries check out the recent webinar


and our comprehensive Jupiter Series



Saturn at 20Aquarius40 at magnitude -0.8, has been in the same general place for many months now –

between the Goat-fish and Water Bearer constellations. Saturn now sets in the West around 9:00pm.


Although not a rare aspect, as there are two squares (quadrature) each year, this is well worth being

aware of. The exact square is Wednesday December 14 at 9:10AM PST with Neptune at 22Pisces40

and the Sun at 22Sagittarius40. I always attribute a good three-day window for these kinds of aspects.

But what is most significant here is the relationship with the United States natal Mars square Neptune

aspect. The US Mars is 21Gemini22 and Neptune is 22Pisces25.

As you can see, this square directly activates the US configuration. Anticipate more confusion and

deception. Also, even greater bi-furcation is expected in every organization, family and country. I have

compassion for those who rely on the mainstream media, as well as just choosing only one alternative

source. I also have compassion for those without the time for adequate research. The advice here is to

not get caught up in the bi-furcation. Unless you do! And even if you do, Neptune counsels connection

with a higher source, a celestial source of Christos/Sophia, Love and Wisdom. With that comes a

Neptunian version of surrender, knowing that we are not in control, and the Universe is unfolding as it

should. This is not the same as spiritual bypassing, light polarization, or “light-washing.”

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