Where Have We Come From? Part One

The Historical and Cosmological Origins of Shamanic Astrology Part One

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Second Theme – The Roots of Shamanic Astrology, Cosmology and Philosophy including fascinating DNA Research

Beyond my personal journey, there has been a continuing discovery and revelation of the deep roots of Shamanic Astrology cosmology and philosophy. More and more insights and beyond ordinary synchronicities with like-minded explorers and researchers, combined with the transmissions directly from the land and the sky, reveal the roots of our school are coming directly from these ancient Neolithic times.

My journeys during “the Uranus Square”, from the South Pacific, Hawaii, the Pyramids of Mexico, ten thousand year old petroglyphs in Arizona, Western Ireland, Northwest Scotland, to the Bavarian Alps, might seem unrelated. However, during this past year, I’ve also had my awareness expanded by the following:

(1) DNA research. The works of Stephen Oppenheimer, Brian Sykes and Allister Moffett have been especially significant. I discovered it is now possible to learn who your original clan mother was. So far thirty-six or thirty-seven clan mothers have been identified and everyone on the planet is a direct descendant of one of these clan mothers.

There are only eight clan mothers for all of Europe. Most are in Africa, the land of the greatest diversity of human types. Additionally, if you are male, you can also determine your original clan father. This is where it gets really interesting.

Over the last couple of thousand years the patriarchal dominant alpha male set out to eliminate as many male rivals as possible and impregnate as many females as possible. This is currently called the Genghis Khan effect. In Ireland, as many as thirty percent of all males have the same clan father, a war lord known as Nial of the Nine Hostages. But the fact is that no matter how successful the alpha male dominator was he could not eradicate the female mitochondrial DNA going back to the original clan mother.

It’s clear that the flow of recent history was about eradicating the matrilineal traditions. According to Oppenheimer and other researchers, the two heartlands of the ancient matrilineal cultures were Northern Africa and Sundaland, an area from the Malaysian Peninsula down to Sumatra, Java and Borneo, a mini continent that was once above water. Oppenheim refers to this area as “Eden in the East.”

When the final phase of ice melting happened about eight thousand years ago (the astrological age of Cancer) Sundaland was drowned and Northern Africa became a desert. The peoples of the original culture were seafarers and megalithic builders. They were Neolithic, that is they knew (invented) agriculture but they hadn’t tamed the plants. They were hunter gatherers with relatively low population densities and they likely spoke the same language and they certainly honored the Great Mother Goddess.

After the massive climate changes following the final ice melt, these sea peoples fled their homelands and spread their way of life to the coasts of Western Europe and up throughout the Mediterranean Sea from Northern Africa. Meanwhile from Sundaland, westwardly they migrated into India and across to what became Sumer, and eastwardly to Micronesia and Polynesia. The Megalithic Neolithic seafaring civilization was reestablishing itself all over the world and that’s when the tide of human history turned. How and why is a great mystery?

Possibly, it was the result of the massive farming of grains, big population growth and the big cities that resulted. Ultimately, what happened was an all-out attack on the matrilineal Great Goddess culture. The keepers of the ancient traditions of the Earth and Sky were forced to flee to the outskirts of the known world. Remnants of these people still exist as the Berbers, the Basques, Scottish Highlanders, the ‘Black Irish’, the Dravidians from India, the original Canary Islanders, the Ainu in Japan, most Native Americans and, of course, the Polynesians (among others).

(2) Linguistic Archeology. Edo Nyland, wrote “Odysseus and the Sea Peoples” and “Linguistic Archaeology” along with researchers, suggest that there was an original mother tongue, (Basque, Berber, Dravidian, are among the only surviving examples). His view is that the entirety of what is called the Indo-European language group is an artificially created artifice designed to invert the male female relationships. This is likely connected to the Tower of Babel project, intended to confuse and then eliminate the original mother tongue.

(3) The visionary understanding and research of two ex-pat Englishmen in Ireland and their books “The Dingle Diamond,” by Chris May, and “The Ancient Mythological Centers of Ireland” by Jack Roberts. These two authors deeply understand how the original peoples of Ireland lived in peace, with the knowledge of the goddess-oriented traditions celebrated in sacred ceremony with the masculine and feminine in balance as allies.

(4) The recent discoveries at Gobleki-Tepi, in southeast Turkey, pushing the age of the Megaliths much further back in time. Conventional, mainstream archeology has been turned upside down with this discovery. The great ceremonial Megalithic temples preceded domesticated agriculture.

The Main Features of the Pre-Patriarchal Neolithic Megalithic Sea-faring Mother Culture

(a) A Gylanic Culture. Riane Eisler, first used this term in 1987 in her book “The Chalice and the Blade.” It refers to a partnership social system based on equality of men and women, where the culture progresses toward higher, more evolved and more complex levels of function, as opposed to hierarchical systems of human ranking where one gender dominates the other by a force or threat of force.

(b) Matrilineal tribal and or clan structure. Here is a synopsis.

  • (1) A man from one lineage marries a woman from another.
  • (2) The children belong to the mother’s lineage and have the mother’s name.
  • (3) When the son marries, he leaves the lineage, the daughter remains.
  • (4) When the daughter marries her husband joins the lineage.
  • (5) As the generations pass, the continuity of the lineage, including the name, is through the female side.

(c) The culture progresses outside of linear time. Cycles and seasons are honored. Death was as natural and equal to birth. Actually there was no concept of death as we know it now. Re-incarnational views were obvious.

(d) Neolithic principles prevailed. There is an equal balance between hunter gatherer approaches and limited agriculture. Grains have not been altered to allow for massive farms around cities. Diversity of wildlife and plant life is promoted. Technology is primarily earth, water and stone oriented. Megalithic creativity abounds.

(e) “As Above, So Below.” Magical spirituality informs the culture. Ceremony and societal organization mirrors the actual experiential cosmology of the sacred connection between the Earth and the Sky. Cosmograms and hierophanies are recognized and constructed everywhere.

(f) A Great Mother Goddess is the foundational spiritual first principle. She usually had three (triple) attributes.

  • (1) Life and Abundance
  • (2) Death and War
  • (3) Mysticism and Prophesy

She confers the status of god to the masculine and he is entirely dependent on his union with her cosmic force. He becomes her equal upon marrying the land.

(7) Warfare existed, but in a limited self-defense capacity. Peace was the norm.

(8) Humans were part of the fabric of life, children of the Earth and Sky; not its dominators or masters.


Shamanic Astrology has emerged from these foundational principles. This brings us closer to sensing into the questions of who are we and where have we come from? This is a continuing life-long inquiry for me and I am still hot on the trail of another question:

What the hell happened?

Certainly, the Earth changes of the past have something to do with it but the full story of how and why the patriarchal dominator violation happened is still not adequately illuminated or understood.

Possible lines of inquiry include:

  • (1) Priest manipulation of the languages including the creation of written language
  • (2) Population explosions following the exploitation of agriculture
  • (3) Problems with RH negative blood types mixing with RH positive and other issues regarding blood and bloodlines
  • (4) The extremes that developed around blood sacrifice and the ritual death of the King
  • (5) The extra-terrestrial connection, Sirian and Orion manipulation, et. al. (now that’s a whole other story!)

But, somehow these ideas of the Mother Culture and Shamanic Astrology have always been a part of me. It is literally in my blood. Yes, I did send away to see what my DNA lineage is. I highly recommend that everyone who can also get their lineage DNA test.

Who knows this might open up the possibility of future elaboration around the Shamanic Astrology script material that includes DNA!?

Note: Here are a couple of sites doing DNA testing.


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