22 Years After 9/11/2001 – With Venus Crown Chakra Portal Opening

Sept 11, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

22 years ago, on Monday, September 11, 2001, 8:46am in Manhattan, the false flag event that rocked the world ushered in the next higher level of the National Security State and “the war on terrorism”. A previous shock to America and the world was the CIA’s ritual killing of JFK. We now approach the 60th anniversary of that crime. These are events which, if we are old enough, are indelibly emblazoned in our memories.

8/8/2023 saw the Lahaina fire attack – no doubt also a day that will “live in infamy”. You can watch my podcasts about the events in Lahaina and Maui on my UNITE.live channel and find the links on the TOTAMS Community Forum 

So what is happening this year on September 11?


Morning Star Venus at Her Crown Chakra Gate of Initiation


On Monday, September 11, 12:32pm PDT, the Moon aligns with Venus at 13Leo09. Now a good 35degrees ahead of the Sun, blazing brightly at magnitude -4.7, Venus can easily be seen close to the Moon on Monday and Tuesday morning.

Venus began her 584day Leo Overstory when heliacally rising on August 19, and has now reached her first encounter with the Moon since turning direct on September 3. This is an extremely important point in her morning apparition, and really interesting that it happens on September 11.

In the TOTAMS approach to the Venus cycle I formulated back in 1997, this first morning star conjunction with the Moon is associated with the Crown Chakra, a portal of expanded awareness and connection to the essential power and essence of the Overstory archetype, in this case: Leo. That essence is of Sovereignty and Creatorship. As an expression of the sacred Feminine, she is the Amazon Queen, an extremely Yang and actional expression of the Goddess. This applies also to men, through their projected experience of this type of woman, as well as their eventual need to incorporate these energies internally in the Inner Sacred Marriage Process, a foundational element of TOTAMS. See Course 03 Relationships: Chart Comparison and Inner Wholeness 


The Shadow Side


Since the morning star portion of the 584day synod is actually one of descending to the underworld (arriving there April 27, 2024), this window of initiation carries with it the possible distortions that can arise with the Crown Chakra. Astrological and mythic understanding of morning star Venus shows her to be youthful and aggressive. The Mayans even saw her as a war Goddess or God.

The shadow side of confidence and precocious actions can be arrogance, insensitivity and hubris. In this part of the journey of Venus, it’s actually the surrender of an attachment to leadership, elitism, and overbearing strength which is being called for. The shadow of Leo can easily be encapsulated by the statement: “I am God/Goddess, and you are not!” This can be perceived as being paradoxical, as it simultaneously is an awakening to sovereignty, joy and strength, as well as the lesson to not be attached to it.

This window of initiation lasts until the next Moon-Venus conjunction on October 10, 2023, at 1Virgo21.


Awakening of Global Humanity


My prayer is that the radiant and radical self-love of the Leo sacred feminine will assist in the clarion call of the awakening of global humanity to the dark spell that has been cast by the powers that shouldn’t be. May what prevails be the Fire of Intuition in connection to Great Mystery, rather than the fire destructive of the precious land and forests of Gaia!


Look Up!


It is highly suggested that you get up early and witness this important Moon-Venus conjunction to receive your personal direct messages from them.

Meanwhile, you can still join our newly forming “Journey of Inanna Revisioned” immersive group experience. For the first time, the important part that Mars plays in the story is included! Click here to see details and register. 

The next TOTAMS Newsletter will include my monthly vlog which focusses on the part which Mars plays now.



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