5 Things To Appreciate About TOTAMS

May 16, 2023 | by Naraya Naserian |

This brief outline of the 5 things i appreciate most about TOTAMS was part of my presentation “TOTAMS – A Novice’s Perspective” at the TOTAMS 2023 Annual Gathering in Oracle/Arizona. I am honored to be given the opportunity to share it here.

TOTAMS 2023 Annual Gathering; photo credit: Gemini Brett

1. TOTAMS Astrology is not predictive

TOTAMS Astrology is not predictive. In my view, any kind of predictive astrology only cements worn-out stereotypes about character traits, personality, and what’s ‘supposed’ to happen to oneself, others or the world at large at certain times or under certain planetary influences.

Instead, the TOTAMS Astrological Paradigm is based on purpose and possibility. It provides a precise map for the whole Being to follow and learn to embody the soul’s intended life path, or what is called purpose. The approach is directionally focused on current life intent – what each soul came into with and decided to explore in the current incarnation – and the initiatory processes one’s Being needs to undergo at any given time under the influence of specific  heavenly bodies, to assist in moving towards or deeper into the exploration of that intent / purpose. Prime examples for such initiatory processes are for instance, the Saturn returns, Nodal returns and reversals, synodic Venus/Mars returns, or dynamic aspects of the outer planets. With the help of TOTAMS Astrology, all and any of these cycles can be identified, illuminated, better understood, and thus worked with rather than – albeit unconsciously – against.

2. TOTAMS Astrology is Archetype based

TOTAMS Astrology is Archetype based and elegantly acquaints us with the 24 Goddesses and Gods and their beautiful, all equally valid expressions on the Wheel of Life.

(See “The Origins of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm” by Daniel Giamario, available in print or e-book version.)

The underlying premise here is that ALL these Archetypal expressions in their distinct diversity are necessary for the healthy functioning of a society, tribe or community. And, importantly, we get to understand and detect their shadow sides too, hopefully being willing and humble enough to use that understanding to become aware of and heal those shadow expressions within ourselves.

For me personally, this is particularly helpful with regards to the trappings, fixations and addictions of our lineage / Moon, Venus/Mars and rising sign, but ultimately all of them. And for any practicing TOTAMS Astrologer – which i am in the process of becoming! – of course this assists in counseling and supporting others in that same endeavor.

3. TOTAMS Astrology is not fixed

TOTAMS Astrology is not fixed, but designed to organically evolve! There is an inherent invitation to actively participate in that evolution and further deepen the paradigm through sharing one’s own personal experiences and transmissions – or in the words of Carl Jung, which TOTAMS Founder Daniel Giamario loves to reiterate: “To dream the myth onwards!”

This, i feel, is one of the most important things Astrology can possibly contribute at this Great Turning of The Ages: to re-evaluate and even re-define the CONTENT of all the Archetypes according to how their ESSENCE shows up at this point in human history!

4. TOTAMS is not only about Astrology

TOTAMS – The Turning of The Ages Mystery School, is not ‘only’ about Astrology, but equally incorporates Cosmology, Ceremony and Spirituality, as well as far reaching practical and philosophical explorations:

“The TOTAMS teachings are designed to foster a direct relationship with Great Mystery itself, so that we can each develop greater awareness of our life purpose – the unique role we each have to play in the great unfolding of the One Reality. Inspired by this quest, we have created a vision of service based on the astrological Mandala or medicine wheel. This includes four branches, represented by the four elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air that illustrate four distinct ways in which the TOTAMs paradigm can be accessed and utilized to support the health and development of humanity.” (See https://turningoftheages.com/4branches/)

And we might want to consider adding the word COMMUNITY here as well! This was overwhelmingly evident at the most recent week long in-person event in Oracle/Arizona – the first in-person event of the school i ever attended! – and the fact that the 2024 Callanish Moon Walk, TOTAMS’ next Annual Gathering, sold out within less than a month following its announcement!

5. The Seed People Approach

Yet another important aspect which strongly draws me to the Turning of the Ages Mystery School is the Seed People approach. Are you familiar with what that means? If not, you can read about it here and watch my narration of Dane Rudhyar’s (abbreviated) original Seed People document, musically accompanied by John Dumas”

It means to actively cultivate and contribute to the forces which work on and influence the emerging of what we may call New Earth, or New Age. After all, if we truly are in the very crucible of a Turning of The Ages (from one roughly 26.000 year cycle to the next) or even a Great Turning of The Ages (from one 12 x 26.000 year cycle to the next!), a New Age is upon us! And we each have a choice, not if, but how we contribute to that Turning of The Ages!

As a side note: When i refer to this New Age, i do not mean the unfortunate shadow manifestation of a “ladida Aquarian” light-washed New Cage movement or culture of “Wokeism”, but in its true meaning of that which logically, naturally and organically emerges from, after and as a result of this Turning of The Ages!

Thank you for reading, i look forward to hearing your thoughts and feelings about this article and discuss it further in the secure and private TOTAMS Community Forum!

You might also like to sit back and listen to my narration of the (abbreviated) Dane Rudhyar Seed People document, musically accompanied by internationally renowned musician, TOTAMS astrologer and sound healing pioneer John Dumas.

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