A Most Potent Scorpio New Moon: Precursor To April 2024?

Nov 11, 2023 | Ramblings, Reflections and Ruminations of Daniel Giamario |


The yearly Scorpio New Moon on November 13 at 1:27am PST at 20Scorpio43 truly deserves our attention. The larger context of this New Moon, what it is leading up to in 2024, and looking at the astonishing cast of supporting characters, is the purpose of this investigation.




The Scorpio New Moon


Any new moon is a seed point for at least a month. Solar eclipses are seed points for at least six months, with their effects often felt far longer and even before. The New Moon nearest to the Samhain cross-quarter has its own ancient and modern significance, reminding us that in some parts of the world it was seen as the beginning of a New Year. The other connections to the liminal space of Halloween and All-Soul’s Day are noted, but this New Moon signals a new seeding beyond that portal.

In the TOTAMS astrological paradigm, the definition of the Scorpio Mystery School is: “Having the Courage to go to the Edge of Aliveness for its Own Sake.” Scorpio is a school of life that is in the category of self-exploration and self-interest.  Featuring the feeling function, it is not other’s feelings, but rather one’s own. Either you feel it or you don’t.

Unlike Cancer and Pisces, it is not about empathy or compassion, but rather about Will and Desire. When Creator allocates different Spiritual Essences, Scorpio gets the strongest Will. The enlightened Scorpio treasures the mantra: “I will that my will be Thy will”, as there is only that ONE WILL. The shadow of Scorpio occurs when any individual believes it is THEIR will.

So let’s see who some of the players are for this seeding!


Out-of-Bounds Moons at The Gemini Full Moon and Sagittarius New Moon


As the maximum Out-of-Bounds season is upon us, it is noteworthy that the near maximum so far this year of 28N12 in Cancer will happen just after the Gemini Full Moon on November 29, 2023. AND just before the Sagittarius New Moon, a 28S07 declination is attained.

Just after the Scorpio New Moon, on November 16, the Capricorn Moon peaks at an astonishing 28S15 declination. These extreme OOB Moons can be conceived of as a combination of retrogrades and Uranus. Keywords include outsider, outlander, out-of-bounder, and especially unassimilable – for good or for ill! Expect the unexpected and be willing to see and act beyond consensus reality.




Mars is now also in Scorpio. At the New Moon, he is at 22Scorpio11. This is the Underworld phase of the synodic cycle, off the world stage, on the other side of the Sun. Mars is in this Underworld phase until January 8, 2024.

The Moon exactly conjuncts Mars on November 13 at 4:18am PST at 22Scorpio16, less than three hours after the New Moon! An exact conjunction of Mars with the Sun occurs on November 17 at 25Scorpio36. Remember that these events are not visible – they are off the world stage.

Certainly, on one level, Mars in Scorpio may well be the archetype most in resonance with the Underworld dimension. But, in this Overstory phase, the Scorpionic Mars, a symbol of the Masculine principle in both Men and Women, is required to surrender, develop humility and vulnerability, and as a result of the travail, be NOT an agent of self-interest, but serve the people and Earth Mother. Can this happen? Can the will and great strength of Mars in Scorpio be able to do this? Can he be able to see beyond “good guys and bad guys”, and “might equals right?” Can a new vision of Scorpio elderhood emerge?


Mars and Ceres


Ceres is also now moving through Scorpio. Mars will join her on November 22 at 29Scorpio09, just before entering Sagittarius. Ceres (Greek Demeter) is also in the Underworld on the other side of the Sun. When in the Underworld, Ceres recalls her experiences of violation, as when her child was abducted. She reacted with such rage at the violation that she laid waste to the world. One can only imagine what Mars and Ceres, both in Scorpio, and both in the Underworld, must be feeling. Surrender and genuine grieving are better skills than lashing out and literalizing what are otherwise legitimate and righteous reactions to outrages and violations.


Jupiter and Uranus


Awareness is expanding that both Jupiter and Uranus are in Taurus together for the first time since 1940-1941. Uranus, at the New Moon, is at 21Taurus04Rx, and exactly in opposition to the Sun just about eight hours after the New Moon. The Moon was opposite Uranus just 38 minutes after the exact New Moon. Without question, Uranus is a major player with this New Moon.

The intent of Uranian processes is to initiate unexpected, unknowable, and unpredictable events of extreme novelty, designed to break apart structure so that it can reassemble in a new way – like with the Tarot Tower card. Unlike Pluto, Uranus is not intending chaos to force an underworld journey, but rather to inspire a journey to “other worlds”. Synchronistic events are dominant if we can recognize them. This Scorpio New Moon has an apparently equal and equally potent contribution from both Mars and Uranus! Jupiter now at 9Taurus08RX is waiting in the wings to amplify what this New Moon implies – while April 2024 rapidly approaches!




At the time of the New Moon, Eris is at 24Aries27Rx.

Though not ostensibly connected to the New Moon configurations – as the eclipse season has just recently ended with the Full Moon partial eclipse – slow-moving Eris remains in close conjunction with the Moon’s North Node. Eris can be considered archetypally as a mixture of sacred feminine Gemini and Scorpio. When not invited to the party, she wreaks intentional chaos; when invited, chaos can be an agent of positive change. The fact that she is with the North Node indicates that she intends to be a major part of the unfolding scenarios. Examples of what is at stake can be seen either as: Ordo Ab Chao – Out of Chaos: Order, the Masonic and Deep State motto, OR, in pre-patriarchal Greek thought, Chaos is the Universe’s first principle: The Feminine Ananke from the Age of Chaos, “Out of Chaos, comes the World”.


The World Stage


In recent podcasts I have examined the charts of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu. The October 7 false flag Hamas attack happened with Uranus on the Israel Sun and Jupiter on the North Node. The nodal axis was aligning with the charts of Israel and Netanyahu, who are so much joined at the hip. As both are in their fourth nodal return and third Saturn opposition, it is hard to imagine for them to survive without a major transformation.

This New Moon, together with the Mars and Uranus elements, continues to strongly aspect Israel and Netanyahu, as well as Joe Biden and Donald Trump.  But that is part of a different conversation found here!

Also of note is that the 60th anniversary of the ritual slaying of JFK is within this lunation on November 22.


The Sabian and Chandra Symbols for The New Moon


The symbols created by Dane Rudhyar and Elias Lonsdale can be quite illuminating and are certainly pertinent for this New Moon.


KEYNOTE: A readiness to face the results of a refusal to follow the authoritarian patterns of an aggressive society.

As a person finds himself involved in activities which are traditional in his particular culture — and in many instances in all societies at this stage of human evolution — he often faces a conflict between his own individual sense of value (his conscience) and the demands of society. The conflict may be most typical in terms of the armed services — thus this symbol. In it we find the individual asserting his own values, though he cannot escape the consequences of his decision. In such a case he has to be quietly ready to face these consequences, whatever the cost.

This is the first stage in the forty-seventh five-fold sequence of phases in the great cyclic ritual of activity. The issue it presents is clear. Society in this situation seems to be all-powerful; yet the individual need not be spiritually bound, even if imprisoned. He still can display INNER FREEDOM and prove himself an ‘individual’.” Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala

It is the contention of TOTAMS, and all of the spiritual teachers that inspire me (Steiner, Jung, Rudhyar, Aurobindo) that evolution can only occur in the individual, and never in the collective. Rudhyar’s advice thus compels us to stand up to and not comply with the collective “powers that shouldn’t be”.


A Precursor of April 2024?


If this past eclipse season was not intense enough for you, wait for the first one in 2024! A partial list of events happening during that coming eclipse season and all of April, 2024, include:

  • March 25: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 5Libra07, begins the eclipse season
  • April 1-25: Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius synodic overstory
  • April 7: Moon conjunct Venus at 3Aries06, eighth descending portal known as “death by intent.”
  • April 8: TOTAL Solar Eclipse at 19Aries24, the fourth eclipse path over continental US since 2012, amplifying the United States Chiron Return; Chiron, Sun and Moon exactly at 19Aries24
  • April 11: Mercury interior conjunction with the Sun at 22Aries32
  • April 17: Venus conjuncts with the North Node at 15Aries34
  • April 20: Jupiter conjuncts Uranus at 21Taurus49, the only exact conjunction and the first in Taurus since 1941
  • April 24: Venus conjuncts Eris at 24Aries54
  • April 27: Venus descends into the Underworld at 28Aries19

Knowing that this is what’s still in store leads me to believe that the events of the lunation we are entering now with this Scorpio New Moon – as well as the recently completed eclipse season – are precursors and harbingers of yet more portentous times unfolding in April 2024.


Summary and Navigation


When considered in the larger context of six converging timelines at the depth of Kali Yuga at a great Turning of The Ages, being aware of these cosmic clues requires lucidity and courage. It is important to not look away from these clues because one feels they could induce fear and negativity. Looking at reality head-on does not, as some believe, magnetize negative events! In my experience, it is just the opposite: It’s the denial of the realities that is much more likely to manifest worst cases. Hopium and light-washing only exacerbates the challenges. This is particularly true with the United States Pluto return having been present, the US Chiron Return happening now, the 4 Eclipses, and the massive acceleration occurring when the planetary catalysts Jupiter and Uranus are working together.

What to do?  Uppermost advice is to employ the TOTAMS Three Worlds Approach. The Celestial or Upper World (Uranus and Neptune), the Middle World (Saturn, Jupiter, and the Lunar Nodes), and the Lower or Underworld (Chiron, Eris and Pluto) all operating simultaneously.

Admittedly, with the Jupiter, Uranus, and eclipse accelerants in operation, the emphasis is currently much more Underworld. However, none of this is a mistake or aberration. There are much greater cycles in play than what global humanity can control or is responsible for. Composting (Pluto), the digestion of fracture points (Chiron), and sudden assemblage point breaks and structural breakdown (Uranus), are all part of the natural processes of deathing and birthing.  Authentic grieving is required for praise, art and beauty to emerge anew. Surrender is necessary for spiritual advancement. And out of compost emerges new life!


Rudolf Steiner is known to have said in his final years that the world would need to die in order to resurrect. Jung, near the end of his life, feared that the West was finished if it failed to deal with its shadow. Certainly, the same applies to the United States at this time.

Lastly, the commitment of the Turning of the Ages Mystery School is to assist anyone desiring to align with their life purpose. If that is accomplished, then it really does not matter what may happen. My wife Lynne recently located a great quote in relation to this: Once while St. Francis of Assisi was hoeing his garden, he was asked, “What would you do if you were suddenly to learn that you were to die at sunset today”? He replied, “I would finish hoeing my garden.”

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