All Planets Direct and Pluto Conjunct The Sun This Week

Jan 16, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

With Mars going direct this past January 12, Mercury also turning direct Wednesday, January 18 at 5:12am PST, and Uranus on January 22, a rather unusual situation arises. All planets – plus Chiron – will be in direct motion!

This year, the phenomenon lasts from January 22 until April 21, when Mercury next becomes retrograde – about 89 days in total. Last year the phase was almost as long, about 83 days. Many years this never happens at all!

What can this mean?

I myself only became aware of this about 20 years ago through the work of a past student of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, Wave Rayne. And still, I have not yet come to any clarity about the implications. Aside from a sense of “full speed ahead” and “out in the open”, what I am certain about is that it isn’t “good” per se, just like many of you can easily feel that retrogrades as such aren’t “bad”. Our school has always emphasized going beyond the good/bad dualism. There are a great number of advantages to Mercury, Venus and Mars retrograde, written about elsewhere. So often they are blamed for so much! Likewise, all planets direct isn’t “good”, but it can reveal a lot, as everything can be seen just as it is. However, we are still gathering data about this fascinating phenomenon.

Sun/Pluto conjunct

The other major event in my view, is the yearly Sun/Pluto conjunction, also on Wednesday, January 18, 6:44am PST, at 28Capricorn13. This is the closest Sun/Pluto conjunction within the United States Pluto (27Capricorn32) return time-frame. The initiatory Pluto return window ends October 11, 2023. You can always access my US chart research here: and take a look at the YouTube playlist

This subject, as well as Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius, will feature prominently during our upcoming in-person All School Gathering, April 11-17, 2023 in Oracle/AZ, just north of Tucson/AZ. See details here: There are still so very few residential in-person astrology events/retreats these days. And both the venue, pricing, as well as our presentations and community of dedicated Seed People are outstanding. So please consider joining us!

Out-of-bounds Moon

A significant punctuation to the aforementioned configurations is an extreme out-of-bounds Moon with the late Sagittarius / early Capricorn Moon positioned as much as four degrees South of the Ecliptic. This will last from Wednesday-Friday this week. Concerning the upcoming out-of-bounds Moons and the rapidly approaching Lunar Standstill season of 2024-2025, I will be doing a series of seminars with our friend and colleague Gemini Brett. Beginning February 15, I highly recommend this series too. Details will shortly emerge here:

As a final thought, it is worth noting that the global “elite” are meeting in Davos at this time, and the WHO global pandemic treaty marches on. These are ways the configurations covered here are being reflected in the outer world. Much appears to be coming out into the open now, and many more people are able to discern what has been and is happening!

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