Cancer Lunation  ·  First Quarter

by Silvianne K. Delmars | July 6, 2024 |



This astro week began yesterday, Friday, July 5, with a feeling-realm New Moon in Cancer, launching a whole new lunation month. We end our week on Saturday, July 13 with the 2nd Quarter Moon in Libra. Here are the highlights (all specific time references are given in PDT).



Friday, July 5


The Sun and Moon met exactly at 3:57pm at 14 Cancer 23. This is a beautiful New Moon window, full of nurturing potential. At the halfway point between the Solstice Full Moon last month and a second Capricorn Full Moon in the intense last degree of the sign later this month, we are reminded that the wisdom of the grandmothers in deep connection with the living Earth is here to provide a solid grounding as we call on the nurturing Great Mother love that is always there for us.

And Venus, just within 10 degrees of the New Moon point, has been squaring Chiron in Aries late this evening, further inviting us to the journey of deep inner healing, as we uncover and release layers of ancestral trauma now ready to surface. The Moon was at its extreme out-of-bounds position today, reminding us to travel beyond the limits of what we have been taught is possible as we walk the path of unprecedented transformation.

In a beautiful synchronicity, further highlighting the Cancer themes of nurturing, the 15-month Ceres synodic cycle also began this day, as Ceres in Capricorn reached her exact opposition to the New Moon in Cancer. For more info on this deeply resonant event, see my previous article here.


Saturday, July 6


The Moon is with Venus in the Underworld (not visible to us), exact today at 9:27 am. This is the last Moon/Venus transmission before she emerges into the evening sky.

In another interesting synchronicity, echoing yesterday’s Ceres cycle initiation, all three of the other main asteroid goddesses are making exact aspects with planets today. Mars will be opposite Pallas early in the morning, Saturn will be opposite Juno a few hours later, and Mercury will conjunct Vesta later in the evening. I believe the fractured sacred feminine is demanding our attention, asking us to recognize and release the distorted energy we have held in these areas of our being, for both men and women.


Sunday, July 7


The thin waxing crescent Moon will be conjunct Mercury in Leo in the evening sky, potentially visible both yesterday and this evening, very low on the western horizon in the evening twilight. Look for them about 40 minutes after sunset, with the star Regulus above along the ecliptic.


Tuesday, July 9


The waxing Moon, in early degrees of Virgo, will be visible in the western evening sky, just to the left of Regulus, the heart star of the Lion constellation. They will be visible until about an hour before midnight, when the Lion sinks below the horizon.


Thursday, July 11


Venus rises from the Underworld, which she entered near the end of April this year. She will still be rather faint and very close to the horizon. If you can’t spot her yet, keep an eye out over the next days and weeks. Venus re-enters Leo this morning, the sign of her current Overstory, where she began this synodic cycle journey last August. The Sacred Feminine is deeply exploring the mysteries of radical creativity and sovereignty. What does she have to share with us as she emerges from her ordeal of death and rebirth, fragile yet energized, ready to begin her evening star ascent that will continue over the next seven months?


Friday, July 12


The newly emerging evening star Venus in Leo makes a direct opposition to Pluto in Aquarius this morning. Although Pluto is not visible to us, we can certainly tune in as the great composter asks us to see deeply into the shadows of the collective to access the wisdom of a true sense of unity, based in our own unique vision.


Saturday, July 13


The second quarter Moon is exact this afternoon at 3:49 pm at 22 Libra 01, squaring the Sun in Cancer. We have reached the first decision point in this Cancer lunation, as the energies shift and we are asked to commit ourselves more firmly towards the goals we set during the nurturing New Moon last Friday. Are we truly tapping into the support of the archetypal grandmother and mother energies available to us, so we can be more fully present for the love and service we long to share with others?

This quarter Moon can be seen near bright Spica, the prominent star in the constellation of the Virgin Priestess. This constellation has long been seen as a representation of the Great Mother with Spica often equated with some type of grain – the seed of life. A beautiful unfolding of the Cancer New Moon energies, as we reach this decisive moment!

The transmission is amplified by the possible occultation of Spica by the Moon, which will be visible from some parts of North and Central America and the Caribbean islands. The Moon will be high in the sky after sunset, setting around midnight, looking to the southwest. The Moon will start to the west of Spica. For some good information on viewing times from various cities in North America see here.

I’ll leave you with this description of the Chandra degree for Libra 25, the current position of beautiful Spica. The commentary is from John Sandbach, the originator of the Chandra symbols:


In the midst of a forest, a great circular open area.

This is a place to hide, to commune secretly with others, and to be protected as this happens. This degree has the power of touching everyone it meets in an intimate and ineffable way that is often subliminal and unsuspected …

This degree is all about finding a space in which to connect, and has the ability to do this swiftly and instinctively – to just be there where the other person is in intimate rapport, offering escape and relief from the world’s narrow focus. It is through going to this place of deep communion and then returning that we are rejuvenated and hence able to deal with our own world with greater clarity and perspective.”

May we all find our sacred clearing in the forest where we can be restored and renewed, the place where we can find and communicate from the heart with our true tribe as we sojourn together in the creation of New Earth.”

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