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Feb 13, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

On my mind and in my awareness this week are the Sun/Saturn Conjunction near the US Moon, at the same time as an extreme Out-of-Bounds Moon, as well as four events on my calendar.

Sun conjunct Saturn

on the US Moon with an extreme Out-of-Bounds Moon.

I have been placing a lot of attention on the Sun-Saturn conjunction of Thursday, February 16, at 8:48am PST, located at 27Aquarius44. Although there are yearly Sun-Saturn conjunctions, this third Sun-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is the closest one to the United States Moon at 27Aquarius12. Last week on February 11 was the only exact Saturn conjunction with the US Moon within the nine month initiatory process that began June 4, 2022. Adding to the importance of this conjunction on Thursday is a maximum out-of-bounds Moon in Capricorn at 27S37, more than four degrees beyond the ecliptic. Meanwhile Mars remains far out-of-bounds at 25N04 declination.

What could this portend? 

In my view, so very many transits and cycles have been giving the United States entity opportunities to reconsider its ways at home, and in the world. I have written on this extensively over the last two years. You can see that collection here: While not being an absolute final referendum determining its fate or destiny, considering the ongoing Pluto Return, the Eclipses to come, and the approaching 5th Chiron Return, this week certainly stands out as an important punctuation point. Be alert, be willing to explore perspectives other than the United States hijacked mainstream media. You would be quite amazed at what a good portion of the rest of the world is seeing and reporting, leaving out Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and many EU/NATO countries. Question everything, then come to your own conclusions.

My Events of The Week

1) TOTAMS Course 1, Understanding Birth Charts, GUIDED GROUP EXPERIENCE for Europe/Asia time zones begins:

With the release of the brand new and updated Course 1: Understanding Birth Charts, I will be leading the Guided Group Experience for students located in Europe and Asia. This happens on Wednesday February 15, at 5:00pm Manila/Malaysia/Bali, 9am UCT, 10am CET. It’s the first of four, possibly five, group guidance sessions for those enrolled in Course 1.

2) Lunar Standstill Seminar Series begins:

Also on February 15, at 5:30pm PST, the free preview of the four-part Lunar Standstill seminar series with Gemini Brett happens. As the Lunar Standstill season rapidly approaches, these seminars are a great way to discover way more than you likely know about the Lunar Standstill, Out-Of-Bounds Moons and planets, and progressed Out-of-Bounds positions. Link: Discounts are available for TOTAMS Members

3) Monthly Member’s Call:

I will be joining Mary Kern for our monthly New Moon Members Call, which takes place on Friday, February 17, at 4:00pm PST. As always, we will preview the upcoming happenings for the next lunation, including the astrology and astronomy. This is one of the great free benefits for members of TOTAMS!

4)  New Moon monthly Video Blog:

This month, Mary Kern and I discuss the upcoming and super important ingress of Saturn into Pisces on March 7. The Pisces Mystery School and the different and evolving views of Saturn will be illuminated, along with natal chart considerations. This video blog will be featured in the upcoming New Moon Newsletter. Sign up for our Newsletter here: and/or subscribe to our YouTube channel


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