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TOTAMS Annual Gathering 2024, Callanish Lunar Standstill

June 19 - June 26

For this year’s TOTAMS Annual Gathering,

we have reserved an entire hotel 
close to the powerful Callanish Standing Stones!

The stones at Callanish are at least 6000 years old and comprise the world’s largest ceremonial site dedicated to the Lunar Standstill phenomenon. This will be the final Lunar Standstill within the 1962-2034 unfolding Great Turning of The Ages.

 Please Email Shiva@turningoftheages.com To Reserve Your Spot. 
Very Limited availability!

To learn more about the Lunar Standstill, check out the 4-part Lunar Standstill Seminars

with Daniel Giamario and Gemini Brett.

A few quick updates from Daniel Giamario about this event:
The full event cost for this trip, including the transportation from and to Glasgow or Stornoway airport, along with all other local adventures :
*Main Venue:
2 daily meals included. The hotel has its own kitchen available and some lunches will be out during site visits and adventures.
Private :  $ 2900
Couples: $ 3700
Shared :  $ 2200
*Second Venue:
Self catering, no meals included.
Private:  $ 2300
Shared:  $ 1800
* Premium members receive a 20% discount on this event.

The event starts on June 19th, but there will be airport pick up available from Glasgow on both June 18th and 19th at 9:30 am local time.

Should you wish to arrive a day early you have the option of being picked up at Glasgow airport. Please arrange your extra night of stay directly with the hotel, preferably beforehand.Hotel website: https://www.doune-braes.co.uk/

After you have provided us with your flight info, you will be put in contact with your driver through a WhatsApp group.

The minibus ride from Glasgow airport to Ullapool ferry terminal is about 4.5-5 hours, followed by a 2.5-hour ferry trip to Stornoway.
If you wish to travel via land/sea, you can purchase your ferry ticket using the link below. On both June 18th and 19th our minibuses will take the 17:30pm ferry to the island.Return Stornoway-Ullapool is on the ferry departing Stornoway at 14:00pm on June 26.

Ferry timetable:

The other option, perhaps faster, for arriving in Stornoway is by direct flight with Loganair from Glasgow, Inverness or Edinburgh.
Check https://www.loganair.co.uk/
Should you wish to choose this travel option, there could be the possibility of transportation from Stornoway airport to our venue , based on your arrival time and driver availability.

Other options for getting to the Isle of Lewis:

by connecting flight from London Heathrow
 or  by coach from major cities to Ullapool, then Ferry Ullapool-Stornoway

Return journey:
Both minibusses with passengers who wish to take the journey back to Glasgow via land/sea, will leave the venue no later than noon on the last day, June 26th, catch the ferry at 14:00pm which arrives in Ullapool at 16:15pm, and then embark on the road trip back to Glasgow where you can catch your international flights.

We have been waiting nineteen (!) years for this next opportunity to be in this magical place Where The Moon Walks On The Land and are so looking forward to gathering in community for this adventure!



of The Callanish Lunar Standstill

TOTAMS 2024 Annual Gathering

June 19-26, 2024

Arrive by afternoon of Wednesday, June 19!


THE PLANETS from June 19, 7:00pm, to June 25, 7:00pm

Sun                28Gemini58 – 04Cancer41

Moon            01Sagittarius19 – 23Aquarius25

Mercury       05Cancer12 – 17Cancer32

Venus            03Cancer06 – 10Cancer28

Mars              07Taurus49 – 12Taurus11

Jupiter          05Gemini44 – 07Gemini04

Saturn           19Pisces20 – 19Pisces24

Uranus          25Taurus10 – 25Taurus28

Neptune      29Pisces53 – 29Pisces55

Pluto            01Aquarius36Rx – 01Aquarius29Rx

Chiron           22Aries57 – 23Aries07

N.Node        12Aries37 – 11Aries37

S.Node         12Libra37 – 11Libra37

Vesta             29Cancer56 – 02Leo32

Ceres             17Capricorn51Rx – 16Capricorn39Rx

Pallas           21Scorpio21Rx – 20Scorpio33Rx

Juno              14Virgo48 -16Virgo21


Sun: The June Solstice happens on Thursday night, June 20, at 8:52pm. The Sun squares Neptune, also on June 20.

Moon: The main event! The Moon is out-of-bounds all the way until June 24, waxing up to the 1Capricorn07. Full Moon on Saturday, June 22, 2024 at 2:10am.

Mercury: Off the world stage, on the other side of the Sun in the exterior Underworld. Conjoined the Sun on June 14 and may rise in the West as we wrap up the event. This is the psychopomp phase of the Mercury Aries Synodic Overstory.

Venus: Also off the world stage, on the other side of the Sun in the exterior Underworld. Conjoined the Sun on June 4. This is the Inanna Underworld phase of the Leo synodic Overstory.

Mercury and Venus were conjunct in the Underworld on June 17.

Mars: A slowly brightening Mars is in the morning sky from 51degrees to 53degrees from the Sun. He can be found among the stars of the Ram constellation just passing by Hamal and Sheratan. Mars is likely to be quite hard to see due to the brightness of the Moon. Mars is in Phase Four of his Gemini synodic Overstory, known as the “Rebirth and Growth of Wisdom.”

Jupiter: A morning star slowly rising from only 23degrees to 27degrees from the Sun. Jupiter, in the Bull Constellation, and now inside the Sacred Hoop, is fast approaching the Royal red star Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull.

Saturn: Also a morning star, ranging from 99degrees to 105degrees ahead of the Sun, is now in the watery area of the sky amongst the water streams of the Water Bearer and the Fish constellations.

The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are all now within the Sacred Hoop surrounding the Galactic Edge. Meanwhile the Moon is traversing the Galactic Center regions.

Interestingly, with the Underworld positions of Venus and Mercury, and Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in the morning sky, dominated by the fullness of the Moon, without question, the Solstice and “The Moon Walking on The Land” is THE main event and not overshadowed by anything else.


Day One: Arrive by afternoon to check in; dinner and opening circle. Our bus can either pick you up at Stornoway airport or the ferry dock.

GENERAL PLAN: Each day will have a general flow of a morning class/sharing, followed by a meal break. Each afternoon as well as and the Lunar Standstill evenings will be outings. A few of these will be late evenings and early mornings, including possibly all night. On such nights there will be no morning meeting the next day and no outing that afternoon. The schedule is also contingent on the weather. There are a lot of different Callanish sites to visit, as well as the main site. There is also a magical beach where we will facilitate ceremony to the ancestors. The final evening always includes a Sacred Marriage Ceremony at Callanish III.


Moonrise and Moonset data:

Wed, June 19 (arrival)       rise 8:33pm – set 2:21am (next day)

Thu, June 20                        rise 10:06pm – set 2:42am (next day)

Fri, June 21                          rise 11:25pm – set 3:26am (next day)

Sat, June 22                         no moonrise or moonset on this day

Sun, June 23                        rise 12:15am – set 4:42am

Mon, June 24                      rise 12:39am – 6:21am set

Tue, June 25                        rise 12:52am – 8:06am set

Wed, June 26                      rise 12:58am – 9:49am set

Sunrises are around 4:00am, Sunsets 9:30-10:00pm.


June is one of the better months. Based on averages (who can trust those these days!), the average temperature is 63F/17C for the high and 49F/15C for the low.  Very often there is wind. There is an average of 11 days in June with measurable rain.

Essential to bring clothing that can be layered. Rain gear and rain hat is important, as well as galoshes or other waterproof footgear. So-called “Wellies”, which are local rubber boots, can be purchased in Stornoway.


*TOTAMS Cancellation Policy:

This policy refers to cancellation for any reason (Includes Covid19 related cancellations)

Please note: all cancellations, including deposits, incur an administration fee of $100.

Cancellation on or before April19, 2024: Full refund will be issued*

Cancellation between April 19th and June 18th: 50% refund*

Cancellation on or after June 18th: No refund *(Tuition Transfer option still applies, see below)

*Tuition Transfer: Instead of a refund, you may instead choose to transfer the full amount paid to another participant or have the option to receive partial credit to be used towards a future event or online course hosted by the school.

In the unlikely event the school postpones or cancels this event for any reason, participants will be issued a full refund (minus administrative fee) or have the option to receive the full amount paid as credit to be used towards a future event or online course hosted by the school.


June 19
June 26