Invocation and Expanded Mission


Turning of the Ages Mystery School Invocation

We honor our ancestors, predecessors, and the prior lineages of the Turning of the Ages Mystery School including, but not limited to:

The Ancient Ones; the Greater Shamanic Council of Light, Hermes Thoth Trismegistus, Seshat of the measuring cord and the Emerald Tablets;
The traditions of Avalon, the Merlin and King Arthur and the Round Table;
The Magi, the Great Shining Ones, and the Calendric Wizardry of the Maya;
The ways of life of the Neolithic peoples around the World organizing their lives and culture honoring the sacred connection between Land and Sky;
Our gylanic and matrilineal ancestors;
Our inheritance and inspiration from the Megalithic Golden Age;
Jupiter teachings from China, Venus teachings from Meso-America and Sumeria, the Vedic Lunar Mansion traditions, the Babylonian and Sumerian Sidereal Zodiacs, and the brilliance of the Hellenistic invention of the seasonal Zodiac;
The ancient Way Finders of the oceans and deserts navigating by the stars.
And more recently, the Spirituality of Sri Aurobindo, the Astrosophy of Rudolph Steiner, the cosmology of Dane Rudhyar, the archetypal vision of C. G. Jung, and the Esoteric Astrology of DK and the Tibetan.

For these and more, we give thanks.

Chart of the release of TOTAMS


Expanded Mission Statement of the Turning of the Ages Mystery School

  • To offer transformational education in a unique astrological paradigm that emphasizes the night sky and the natal chart as a set of instructions for the archetypal journey of the soul.
  • To uncover through myth, prophesy, inherited wisdom, and direct transmission the significance of the larger planetary and cosmic cycles at play.
  • To provide a community with resources to make available and carry forward the wisdom of the past so that human to human and human to Earth connections remain strong and regarded as of utmost importance for future generations to come
  • To resolve to remove separation and hierarchy by acknowledging both light and shadow in all things and to always acknowledge the value and validity of each person’s dharma and all places on the wheel of life.
  • To seek to uncover the pure essence of the zodiac archetypes so that they can be seen outside of the narrow context of any cultural overlay
  • To provide research and uphold an alternative view to the mainstream understanding of history and assist individuals in cultivating a world-view that differs from the 5000 year old mindset bestowed by the “quadruple aberration”: hierarchical patriarchy, patrilineal family descent, monotheistic fundamentalism, and a society where rulership and elite status are based on power and money instead of wisdom and spiritual initiation.
  • To do our part to assist those of global humanity in discovering their soul’s purpose and living a life in alignment with their original intent
  • To establish ourselves as a modern mystery school, committed to the path and process of initiation while making available wisdom that has historically been reserved for an elite class of priests/priestesses.  Read more about What is a Mystery School >
  • To locate and cultivate seed people who will be able to share and disseminate the knowledge and wisdom of the past, lest it be lost forever.  Read more about Seed People >
  • To be part of a renaissance that is inspired by the wisdom of the ancestors, where we remain as conscious as possible of the current global situation, while actively participating in dreaming the vision onward into a new epoch at this great Turning of the Ages