Far Out-Of-Bounds Gemini New Moon at The Galactic Edge and A Fun Survey

June 14, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

The New Moon at 26Gemini43 is Saturday, June 17, 2023, at 9:37pm PDT. This New Moon configuration has many interesting facets, but we will focus on the two primary ones here.


New Moon at the Galactic Edge


What TOTAMS currently refers to as the Galactic Edge is 27Gemini10 by longitude. However, astronomers and many others rather inelegantly call this the Galactic Anti-Center. In the sky, it is located between the Bull and the Twins constellations, in the center of the Lakota named “Sacred Hoop”. In the greater Milky Way Galaxy, from Earth’s perspective, it points towards outside and beyond our solar system, our solar system being a galactic outlier. Opposite this place, exactly on the other side of the sky, is the Galactic Center, currently situated at 27Sagittarius10, between the Scorpion and the Archer.

The Galactic Edge has been called the Silver Gate and often been seen as a place of origin. It is said to be the entrance point for incarnating souls, immediately passing under and through the gates of duality, then through the Genesis Gate – represented by the triangle of Sirius, Procyon and Betelgeuse – and on up the galactic plane. In this cosmology, Galactic Center is the Golden Gate, the end of the soul’s incarnate journey, seen variously as ascension or composting!

When ceremonially working with this New Moon at sunrise or sunset, when looking at the Sun (and the dark Moon), you are looking at the Galactic Edge, with the Galactic Center behind you. As you do so, imagine the possibilities of new creation. This can include the intentions for a new world – a world infused with curiosity, play and magic, devoid of judgment. Allow for the innocence that makes way for the awe and wonder arising from the free flow of imagination and delightful surprise!

Not to be overlooked is that the June Solstice is less than four days away from this New Moon, on Wednesday, June 21, at 7:58am PDT. Though at that time, the Moon is no longer out-of-bounds, the Sun at 0Cancer00 is exactly on the Galactic Edge cross, the place in the sky where the galactic plane intersects the ecliptic, in the center of the Sacred Hoop. Since at Solstice time, the Sun essentially remains in the same place for three days (Solstice means “Sun standstill”), the same phenomenon happens with the Moon near the Solstice degrees. This is even more pronounced with far out-of-bounds moons. In short, there is a potent Galactic Edge initiatory window from June 16-23.
More on these topics in our free annual June Solstice Seminars on June 20/21.

Far Out-Of-Bounds Moon

The Gemini New Moon is extremely far OOB at 27N30 declination, more than 4 degrees beyond the ecliptic. This OOB period lasts from June 16-20, growing longer and the distance from the ecliptic larger leading up to the 19-year peak of 2024-2025.

I have been writing quite a lot about the Out-of-Bounds Moon ever since we have been approaching the 19-year peak. You can learn a lot about it from my recent seminars with Gemini Brett!

The OOB Moon in Gemini allows one to see beyond the usual understanding of Gemini. Rather than being subject to or trapped in mental duality, the higher intention of the Gemini Mystery School becomes available. In the perspective of TOTAMS, this means freedom beyond duality and polarity. We often think of this as “crazy wisdom”, inspired by what is otherwise illogical and non-rational. This is the way of the heyokah, the holy fool. The motive is never to be of self-interest, but always in service to spirit.
The OOB phenomenon is a tremendous amplifier of the Galactic Edge New Moon. Equally, Mercury’s recent ingress into Gemini is also an amplifier.

The Out-of-Bounder Survey

For those following my work, you will know how much I am fascinated by the Out-of-Bounds phenomenon, and not just that of the Moon, but also including other natal and progressed planets. Out of that fascination, I have recently created a fun survey form which I first experimented with at our recent Annual Gathering in Oracle/AZ.
To illustrate this further, I am using words like outlander, outsider, “out-of-bounder”. I am also noticing and emphasizing that out-of-bounders tend to resist being assimilated into the mainstream collective while fiercely remaining committed to their autonomy, uniqueness and freedom. Keywords and phrases are:
• unique and different
• not normal (defined as average)
• eccentric in the best sense of the word
• averse to assimilation
• leading edge
• an outsider/outlander
• seeing beyond the usual boundaries of the sign and planet involved.
This goes above and beyond the generally understood view that an OOB Moon or planet allows one to see beyond the boundaries of the usual view of the sign or planet where it occurs. In addition, I notice that retrograde inner planets and a few other unusual planetary signatures contribute to the overall picture. Last but not least, based on my independent research, I have also added a few non- astrological factors.

Here is the survey. I hope you enjoy taking a look!
Add up your score! This is a work in progress.
Let me know your results.


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