Gemini Lunation  ·  New Moon & First Quarter

by Silvianne K. Delmars | June 4, 2024 |



This week’s astro update begins on Thursday, June 6, with a shape-shifting New Moon in Gemini, launching a whole new lunation cycle. We end our week late on Thursday, June 13, with the Second Quarter Moon in Libra.

Here are the highlights (all times in PDT):


Thursday, June 6


The Sun and Moon meet exactly at 5:38am at 16 Gemini 18. This is a highly charged New Moon, with Venus sharing the same degree as Moon and Sun. Mercury is nearby, and Jupiter just beginning its year-long amplification of all things Gemini. Adding an iconoclastic flair, the Moon went out-of-bounds on June 5, where it will wander until it veers back towards the more trodden part of its ecliptic path on Monday.


All this adds up to an especially potent New Moon invitation to seed intentions for what we would like to see unfold in our life over the coming month and beyond. With such potent Gemini energy, new perspectives sourced in a magical connection to nature and a healthy dose of crazy wisdom will be supported. This is not a time to recycle the same old agendas you’ve had for the last 12 new moons or more! Dig deep – or should I say, high and wide? – to seek the counsel of your own inner court jester and be prepared to be surprised at what comes through.

Ensuring that we don’t spin too far out as we follow Pied Piper Gemini into endlessly seductive rabbit holes, Leo Overstory Venus calls to us from the depths of her transformative 2-month journey through the realms below. Lost to our sight on the other side of the Sun and fresh from her exact Sun encounter there on Tuesday, she now meets with the Moon just an hour after its exact New Moon seed point. A cosmic timing pregnant with possibility, should we choose to tune in for whispered conundral wisdom from the realms beyond duality, especially as Venus traverses the area of the sky known as “The Sacred Hoop,” heavenly cauldron of new beginnings!

And as always, if you have clear skies, the New Moon window is great for star gazing without the interference of the Moon’s light.


Friday, June 7


The Moon reaches its extreme out-of-bounds North position for the current period, amping up this Gemini lunation’s natural tendency to cavort outside the bounds of consensus reality. A good time to question the authority of that ‘inner voice’ that loves to keep your imagination safely in check with insidious whispers of ‘that’s crazy, you can’t do that – there must be a reason no one’s ever done it that way before.’ Time to follow the bread crumbs of unreason to a higher wisdom, and create a new blueprint!

The thin crescent of the waxing Moon will be visible in the evening sky tonight and tomorrow near Pollux and Castor, at the feet of the Twins constellation, until around midnight, closest tomorrow night.


Saturday, June 8


Venus squares Saturn today. Although Venus remains invisible to us on the other side of the Sun, look for Saturn as it continues to ascend in the morning sky. With Venus in Gemini being challenged by taskmaster Saturn in Pisces, we have another reminder to show up for ourselves, with diligence and consistency, as we seek creative ways to translate our fresh spiritual perspectives into daily activities.

Time to embrace Saturn as the no-nonsense, caring grandmother she is, the one who shows up to help us get back on track when we stray from the path we set for ourselves before incarnation. We are here at the bottom of the darkest time of the Kali Yuga to anchor our elusive spiritual longings and insights deeply into form. A formidable task, but one we have all been preparing for on the soul level for eons. The time is now.

Later this evening, Gemini synodic overstory Mars enters sensuous, beauty-loving Taurus. Echoing the themes of Venus and Saturn just mentioned, in his journey to wholeness airy Gemini Mars is being initiated into the challenges and the joys of slowing down enough to fully inhabit the body and the senses. Like the protagonist from the children’s story Ferdinand the Bull, the Taurean version of the sacred masculine just wants to “stop and smell the roses.” This would be a good time to foster our own capacity for sacred receivership, and give ourselves time to do just that!


Sunday, June 9


Following in Venus’ footsteps, this morning the Gemini Sun is also squared by Saturn in Pisces. A reminder to take a deeper look at any challenges we may be facing and ask what wisdom Great Mystery wants to impart through the circumstances of our life. To determine what to let go of and what to commit to going forward. Both Gemini and Pisces are in the mutable cross of Service to Spirit, but approached in very different ways. What innovative inner alchemy is being called forth to allow airy, freedom-loving, cosmic road-tripper Gemini and deep feeling, swimmer-in-the-sea-of-love Pisces to work together instead of at cross-purposes? It may be time to find out.


Tuesday, June 11


The waxing crescent Moon will visit with Regulus, the heart star of the Lion constellation, this evening in the western sky, visible until around midnight. I always find it inspirational to admire and tune in to this regal constellation, so steeped in an aura of courage, valor, and open-heartedness throughout the world across time. What messages might it have for you?


Wednesday, June 12


Continuing this week’s Saturn theme, early this morning we have messenger Mercury, in its resonant sign of Gemini, also completing the exact square to boundary-setter Saturn in Pisces. A timely reminder to make sure our connections and communications are steeped in deep Piscean currents of heart-centered communion with All That Is, and not just entertaining – but ultimately futile – mind games.


Thursday, June 13


Our lunation week ends with the 2nd Quarter Moon at 25 Virgo 09 squaring the Sun in Gemini. Time to assess where our path has led us since the New Moon and adjust course accordingly. The Moon is here to help, by invoking Virgo’s ability to feel into the sacred patterning of earth and sky, as we prepare to navigate the winding path through what remains of this fast-moving, super-activated month.

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