Happy bEarthDay – Celebrating Gael Chilson!

Oct 14, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario and Naraya Naserian |


Gael Chilson, born October 14, 1948, was the third person ever to be certified as a Shamanic Astrologer by Daniel Giamario and what has now become the Turning of The Ages Mystery School. Gael became acquainted with Daniel in 1989 when she heard him speak, first at ASA, then for the Tucson Astrologers’ Guild (in which she is still very active!)

Attending Daniel’s astrological vision quest camps and night sky talks became an obsession she indulged in whenever possible. “My dad introduced me to the stars with knowledge and a telescope when I was five. Daniel connected me to the night sky in such a way that I felt at home with it.”

Born only four days apart, their lives have corresponded in interesting ways. Gael picked up her first book on astrology the same year as Daniel – and it was the same book by Dane Rudhyar! Gael has practiced astrology professionally since the early 1970s, but only as one of several businesses. “Daniel’s method of reading the astrology chart resonated with me and I have been using it ever since I leaned it.”

Gael lives on her family home she grew up on south of Tucson/AZ. She has hosted many of the school’s events (5-day intensives) since 2003. On one of the hilltops of this family property, Gael erected a rudimentary stone circle. This is where the second wave of our school as Shamanic Astrology Mystery School was given birth on December 23, 2007, as Jupiter with the Sun set in the West and Mars rose with the Full Moon in the East.

Gael has been the editor in chief for Daniel’s second book The Origins of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm. She also has a special affinity with and conducted extensive research into the Ceres celestial body. Click to watch Gael’s presentation on Ceres at the TOTAMS 2023 Annual Gathering in Oracle/AZ!

Visit Gael’s website: www.athomewiththestarsastrology.com


From Daniel Giamario

“I first met Gael back in 1989 when our school was in its first phase, then known as the Harbingers of the Turning of the Ages. At that time, I was a touring astrologer, living in Hawaii half the year, and the other half of the year criss-crossing mainland US, speaking and giving workshops in about twenty different locations.

Gael has been the foundational element for the Tucson Astrologers Guild for maybe four decades and in 1989 she invited me to give my first presentation in Tucson. Since then, I haven’t missed many years speaking at TAG.

Soon after 1989, I moved to Tucson, and later to Sahuarita, close to where Gael lives. She has been my closest friend and confidant throughout all these years. Born just four days after me, I think of her as my sister from another mother! 

For years, Gael hosted numerous Shamanic Astrology Mystery School’s (second wave) in-person classes at her most comfortable hacienda. When the school initiated a certification program, Gael was the third person to be fully certified.

Gael’s sanctuary is the closest thing that the school has ever had for a home-base, and it is my home away from home when in the United States. She has always heartfully welcomed myself as well as our students and council to her home and land, as well as guiding us to her magical stone circle. Her feedback and council to me personally has been incredibly beneficial. Gael also has excellent editing skills and applied these to my second book: “Origins of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm”, as well as editing media posts and articles.


Grandmother Saguaro, an astounding Presence on Gael’s land.

Gael, your ongoing support and

alignment with the aims of the school

and our astrological paradigm are so

very much valued! I and the school

have so much gratitude. May we have

many more years to dream the vision

forward together!


In celebration of Gael Chilson!”

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