Heads Up On The United States Chart, OOB Moons, and Full Moon Uranian Intensity

Feb 1, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

I have been writing and videoing quite a lot these past few years about the United States horoscope. You can see the whole collection here:



This update/article can now be added to the collection.

I use the July 4, 1776, chart as rectified by Dane Rudhyar. Important events are upcoming in February: the final Saturn transit to the US Moon on February 12, 2023, and the yearly Sun-Saturn conjunction on February 16, nearly conjunct the US Moon.  Also in February is the final Mars transit to the US Descendant. I will stick to February with this article, but still to come are lots more:  the final Mars transit to the US Mars on March 6, Jupiter conjunct the US Chiron (quite close to Jupiter conjunct Chiron), the start of the US Chiron Return in September 2023, and the closing of the Pluto Return initiatory window on October 11, 2023.

Saturn Conjunct US Moon

The nine month initiatory time-frame of the every 29-30 year’s conjunction of Saturn to the US Moon, located at 27Aquarius12, started June 4, 2022. Saturn reaches that degree (the only exact conjunction) on February 11, 2023.  What is the intent of such a conjunction? In our paradigm, the Moon represents lineage or what a person or country has brought into the incarnation. The United States had the Sagittarius job in the Aquarius tribe. Say what you may about the shadow of the Founders (slave holders, stealing the best land from the Native Americans, members of secret societies etc.), nevertheless their intention was aligned with the best ideals of the Enlightenment: freedom and liberty, and freedom from kings, the Pope and other theocrats. These ideals have been repeatedly compromised and subverted, and quite early on.

Every time Saturn conjuncts the US Moon, an intense dynamic ensues. On one hand, the Saturn of patriarchal and materialistic times tries to limit the spiritual and idealistic tendencies of the US lineage, on the other hand, what can arise is the longing for that which has been, and remains missing. It can be really intense and polarizing. Looking back on US history, these original ideals have been rather successfully subverted, and almost entirely obscured, and been replaced by the Cancerian shadow of alleged American exceptionalism, jingoism, and a denial about what a large parts of the world see the United States as: a hegemonic bully, imposing a hypocritical and inverted view of freedom and democracy. I see this last Saturn conjunction as a final referendum on America’s capacity to remember the initial vision of the Founders.

The close of the initiatory window could well be extended until February 16, 2023 due to the astonishing features of the yearly Sun-Saturn conjunction, at 8:48am PST, located at 27Aquarius44. Not only is it so very close to the US Moon, but also on the same day is an extreme Out-Of-Bounds Moon of 27S37, more than 4 degrees out-of-bounds in early Capricorn. Maybe there is a possibility for remembrance of an idealistic past and an impetus for change as the Capricorn OOB Moon offers a way to see beyond the boundaries of patriarchal Capricorn and Saturn – a chance to wake up!

The yearly Sun-Saturn conjunction, in its synodic cycle, happening on the other side of the Sun, is in its underworld phase, which this year is from January 30 – March 5. This is both a seed point and brings transmissions from the underworld shadow as well as the celestial world. This is the third and final seed point for Saturn before the ingress into Pisces in March. It can also be seen as a referendum (final examination) on the Saturn passage through Aquarius as well as the conjunction with the US Moon.

The Full Moon, Uranus, and More

The Full Moon on Sunday, February 5, at 10:29am PST, has some remarkable features. A close T-square is created to Uranus at 15Taurus01. The Leo Full Moon is at 16Leo40, with the Sun at 16Aquarius40.

Just prior to the Full Moon, the exact waning square of the Sun to Uranus at 15Aquarius00/15Taurus00 on Friday, February 3, is a powerful precursor and amplifier. This is also the exact astrological cross-quarter, known variously as Imbolc, Candlemas, and Brigantia, a day sacred to the Goddess Brigit. A secular remnant of this is Groundhog Day. In ancient times, roughly 5000 years ago, it was the Full Moon with the star Spica that also marked this seasonal time. Due to the action of precession, the Spica Full Moon now happens a few months later. With regards to the Sacred Feminine, The Spica Full Moon was the celestial antipode to Spica conjunct the Sun in the Underworld, which now occurs around Samhain in early November.

I perceive that there is usually a good three day window of Uranian intensity surrounding a square, conjunction or opposition of the Sun to an outer planet. In this case, expect an amplification of the unexpected, the unpredictable, and even events of extreme novelty, adding to the expanded energies of the Full Moon. This Uranus amplification reminds of the Saturn square Uranus alignments that so dominated 2021 and 2022.

As a reminder, the three exact squares and the nearly exact square in 2022 were:

  • February 17, 2021,    8Taurus/8Aquarius    
  • June 14, 2021,    14Taurus/14Aquarius
  • December 24, 2021,     12Taurus/12Aquarius
  • October 1-6, 2022,     19Taurus/19Aquariu
  • (Always rounding up the degree when using Sabian symbols.)

We can also recall the Mars, Uranus and North Node extremely rare conjunction on August 1, 2022, at 19Taurus. From January 20, 2022, onwards throughout 2022, the North Node travelled through Taurus, remaining there until July 17, 2023. The North Node was at 15/16 degrees Taurus from August 27, 2022, through September 24, 2022.

I am calling attention to this also with regards to the star Aldebaran and the Imbolc Cross quarter. The Uranus square before the Full Moon and the Full Moon T-square to Uranus at 15/16degrees very much reminds us of the Cross Quarter times, with the Uranus square exactly at 15degrees. Astrological Imbolc is at 15degrees Aquarius, Beltaine 15degrees Taurus, Lammas 15degrees Leo, and Samhain 15degrees Scorpio. But these are sign based longitudinal degrees, and the stars are not in the locations that you might think. 

This yet again recalls the significance of the Festival of the Red Swords; the three Red Swords being Antares, Aldebaran and Mars.

Read about it here: https://turningoftheages.com/the-festival-of-the-red-swords/

and watch the video here: https://youtu.be/wVfdGPAyP1w

The December 7, 2022, and January 30, 2023, Moon occultations of Mars highlight this often misunderstood situation. Due to precession, Mars has been near the star Aldebaran, the Bulls-Eye star, which 5000-6000 years ago aligned with the Vernal Equinox, and in Babylonian times was exactly 15degrees of the Bull Constellation when the sidereal zodiac was created. But the longitudinal placement of Aldebaran in now 10Gemini05! This is where Mars is by that sign and degree now! The Lunar occultations of Mars are pointing us to Aldebaran, and the Uranus square together with the Imbolc Full Moon is calling our attention to the cross-quarters, and the ancient festivals, only barely remembered by way of Ground Hog Day, May Day, and Halloween. 

Saturn has now moved beyond its close alignments with Uranus, and soon to move into Pisces in March. The Taurus/Scorpio Nodal axis, having for so long been connected with the Saturn-Uranus square, has now moved on to soon enter the Aries/Libra axis. Sun square Uranus on February 3, closely followed by the Uranian trigger of the Leo Full Moon, can be seen as the last major amplification of the 2021-2022 events.

There have been many rare and extraordinary astrological and astronomical events over the last five years, with many more to come in 2023 and beyond. I think the close connection described here of the Mars occultations with Aldebaran, the events surrounding the finality of the Saturn transit to the United States Moon, and the Uranian events, send some clear messages from Great Mystery, if only they can be recognized, received and understood.

Implications, Questions and Considerations

So many clues are being presented, referencing the following themes:

1) There is the tremendous focus on the United States natal Moon with the final conjunction on February 11, soon followed by the remarkably close Sun-Saturn conjunction still at the same degree on February 16. 

2) Insights can hopefully be gained through the final powerful chapter of the Saturn square Uranus process with the Sun square Uranus and the Uranus T-Square trigger at the Leo-Aquarius Full Moon.

  • What has been Saturn’s transmission to Uranus?
  • Has it been to keep it all tied down and constrained? 
  • Has this also added to the shadow of Aquarius itself, with Pluto’s imminent ingress into Aquarius?
  • How does this increase the pressure of the US Pluto return? 

OR, will Uranus show itself as the greater power? I have seen with my personal clients that Uranus has been “winning”. The jury is still out on the collective, however. Even if it’s a combination of many possible events, with a clash of these planetary giants, the unexpected and the unknowable can be expected, as well as dramatic and even catastrophic events. The intent is to shatter outmoded structures so that a re-assemblage can happen at a different level.

3) There can be an increased awareness of the sacred cross-quarter festivals with the Full Moon at Imbolc (15 Aquarius), Uranus near Beltaine (15 Taurus), and the Sun near Lammas (15Leo). Even the South Node is not far from Samhain (15 Scorpio). Many ideas for ceremony are possible here, as well as deep consideration.

4) The star Aldebaran, new creation at the Silver Gate, and the focus on the preeminent calendric star. Esoterically, Aldebaran has been connected with Archangel Michael, chief agent of the return of the etheric Christos-Sophia energies. As a Behenian star, he was the watcher of the East and the Spring Equinox. Through the aforementioned occultations of Mars, we can also gain great knowledge of the precession, and how signs and constellations are different. A journey back in time and forward into the future can be inspired by this knowledge of the sky.  See my article: https://turningoftheages.com/why-we-use-signs-and-also-love-the-constellations/

Sabian Symbol for 28Aquarius

Finally, I offer the Dane Rudhyar Sabian symbol for the all-important 28th degree of Aquarius. I feel it offers clues as to how to approach these next few weeks:


KEYNOTE: Knowledge and skill used in its natural surroundings for the satisfaction of vital basic needs.

This symbol combines, as it were, the implications represented in the two preceding ones. It relates to natural living, the human capacity to prepare for the future, and to use both physical strength and mental ingenuity. In meeting the hardships inherent in an existence close to nature, strength, efficiency and intelligence are needed, but they are incorporated in a life in which every act can be part of a harmonic and beautiful ritual permeated with deep significance.     

This is the third in the sixty-sixth five-fold series of symbols. It refers to the efficient use of natural resources for ensuring man’s well-being. Such a use is based on INTELLIGENT FORESIGHT.

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