Inanna – Venus in the Underworld, Part II: We Are In This Together!

by Silvianne K. Delmars | June 3, 2024 |


On Saturday, April 27, Venus came within 10 degrees of the Sun, disappearing from the morning sky. This marked the end of her Morning Star phase, and the start of the Inanna Underworld passage in the current 19-month Venus Leo Overstory Synodic cycle.

We are now almost halfway along in our passage through the darkness, as Venus traces her path on the other side of the Sun. The Sacred Feminine must succumb to the ultimate stage of her long journey of descent, begun last August when she rose in the eastern sky in the sovereign sign of Leo. As the Great Goddess Inanna in the ancient Sumerian myth was killed and her body hung up to rot when she reaches the depths, we too are being offered an opportunity to deepen into the death of some old version of ourselves. Dying, perhaps, to old habits and beliefs that are preventing us from more fully inhabiting and expressing our innate enthusiasm and creativity.

The underworld passage of this particular synodic cycle is replete with potentially transformative encounters to assist us in this task, as Venus continues to meet-up with other planets in their own journey around the far side of the Sun. This halfway point might be a good time to stop and ponder what has come through for us so far, and what might be coming next to guide us on our journey forward. While we take a look at the Sabian and Chandra symbols for some of these encounters, you are invited to join our June 7 Venus in The Underworld Free Bonus Class. Watch the invite video here!


The Venus-Uranus Meetup


On May 18, Venus met with unpredictable Uranus just a few hours before the Sun caught up with Jupiter, all in the voluptuous earth sign of Taurus. The synchronicity of this timing emphasizes the power of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that was exact on April 20, and is definitely still being felt in our individual and collective psyche. Another powerful indicator that our world is indeed being shaken to the core in these last months of the dark passage through the Kali Yuga.

The Sabian Symbol for the Venus-Uranus meetup at Taurus 24 is:

An Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt. Dane Rudhyar’s keynote: The aggressiveness of human instincts when fighting for their earthly base of operation. VIOLENCE FOR SURVIVAL. – Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases

The Chandra Symbol for this same degree:

A man with no mouth. “We can express ourselves in many different ways. If we are in tune with the life current, we may be able to tap its meaning so directly that there is no secondary process involved. Then we become these sharp, intensive, wildly insistent beings who bear a presence and a weight, an authority and a conviction, unable to be missed…. We uphold what we know utterly.” – Ellias Lonsdale, Star Sparks: 360 Windows into the Heart of the Zodiac

When we find ourselves in the underworld, stripped of our defenses and the safety net of cherished notions of who we are, there is a natural tendency to resort to our fiercest instincts. Although volatile and uncomfortable to our more “civilized” personas, there is a rawness and power – and a direct perception – inherent to the experience that can serve us well as we eventually emerge from the depths and begin to craft a renewed life on the foundation of these more elemental ways of seeing and being.

Time to ask ourselves some intriguing questions: How has this process been felt in my own life over the last month or so? What unpredictable, unplanned for, uncategorizable experiences may have been calling to me from the great beyond? Am I listening? Do I have the courage to truly surrender to the path of dissolution they are beckoning me to follow?


Venus and Jupiter


On May 23, Venus’ journey through the dark was amplified by her exuberant encounter with Jupiter in the last degree of Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for Taurus 30 is A peacock parades on the terrace of an old castle. Rudhyar’s keynote: The personal display of inherited gifts. Consummation supported by the ancestors. James Burgess distills the essence as, “embellishing our life expression.”

I have been called to a fuller investigation of my own ancestral history, both genetic and/or spiritual, over these past few months. One of the unexpected revelations of this process, as I let go of a lifetime of internalized ancestral judgments, was to viscerally feel the overwhelming love and approval of those stoic, pragmatic pioneers.

That they were constantly judging me because I made such different, seemingly not so practical, life choices was the old story. The new story is that on the level of Spirit, they lived and died so that I could be here to make different, more expansive choices at this unprecedented time of great change on Mother Gaia.

And I have noticed that I am not alone in this process. Perhaps there is an accelerated perception in the collective consciousness of the vital need to finally put the past to rest. To heal the hurts, to let go of the twisted, outmoded, mostly unconscious programming – but also to celebrate and express gratitude for the gifts our ancestors have brought through for us. As Dane Rudhyar reminds us in his commentary on this degree, “a great person able to display a multitude of gifts is always, at one level or another, the consummation of a long past of efforts and victories … it indicates a consummation of individual efforts; and it suggests that such a confirmation is hardly possible except when a line of ‘ancestors’ – biological or spiritual – form its base.”

I also love the Chandra Symbol for this Taurus 30 degree: Snakes at rest on a rock in the sun.

An excerpt from Lonsdale’s commentary invokes a deep sense of this reunion with a more ancient wisdom to be used in service to all that is. “The dream is a nightmare, a passage, an infinite opening. We can go within it and follow the snake path were it leads in the inner worlds. It will take us all the way through. It seems outwardly to be dormant and somehow harmless, but looks are deceptive … Being taught the deeper, more ancient, less humanly absorbed, subtle, timeless tracks. Being initiated into what will serve the whole. Being stripped of all worldly pretense and finding what was missing in blessed reunion.”

What amplified messages of inspiration or hope might your ancestors want to transmit to you via the power of this Venus-Jupiter encounter, sourced in the wisdom of the very last degree of earthy Taurus? How will it inform your future, as Jupiter continues on its year-long adventure through Gemini, initiated just a few days later on May 25?


Venus Conjunct The Sun


On June 4, Venus will reach the furthest point in this transformational phase of her journey, as she reaches exterior conjunction with the Sun. The Sabian Symbol for this Gemini 15 degree is, “Two Dutch children talking to each other, exchanging their knowledge.” This is a beautiful evocation of the potential for clarity and a cleansing objectivity, as we open ourselves to transmissions received from Galactic Center, beamed in through the wisdom of our Sun.

The promise of potent nuggets of information arriving to fuel our soul’s journey is underscored by other alignments happening on the same day. Messenger Mercury in Gemini is trining retrograde Pluto in Aquarius very late the night before and then meeting up with expansive Jupiter just a few hours later in the wee hours. Meanwhile, provocateur Uranus refuses to be left out of the party, as the Moon makes its monthly pass in the late afternoon, and then asteroid Pallas Athene opposes it from Scorpio a few hours later. A combo that just begs us to sit in communion with the night sky, asking for an infusion of crazy wisdom as we look ahead to the end of our underworld passage, and Venus’ eventual ascent journey, set to begin in July.

The Chandra symbol for this same Gemini 15 degree, “people gathering salt from the ocean,” beautifully weaves together so many of the themes invoked during this Venus underworld journey. Here is an excerpt from Lonsdale’s commentary:

“All of us are in this together. We have far more in common with each other than we have differences. There are those who carry what we all have in common, and who are called to bear this so far out there that it brings us to a far shore together … When we awaken within this frequency, we find that all the old proportions vanish. It is the ordinary that is so extraordinary. It is the popular common chord which touches infinity. It is the x-factor we overlook which sparks our greatest departures.”


Innovative Opportunities To Work Together


May we all find new, innovative opportunities to work together with like-minded companions in a different frequency, unbounded by outmoded constraints. A frequency sourced in a deeper knowledge and appreciation of our own unique soul signature and its connection to All That Is, as together we joyfully plant the seeds for a New Earth to come.

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