Intensely Interesting Events to Be Aware of This Week

Oct 9, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |



In addition to the Annular Solar Eclipse on October 14 and the opening of the second Venus descending portal with her conjunction with the Moon on October 10 (both covered elsewhere in our posts and newsletters), three other events to note are detailed here.



Pluto Stationary Direct


On Tuesday, October 10, 6:10pm PDT, Pluto stations at 27Capricorn53. At least three days of intensity surround these stations. Of particular importance is that this marks the end of the United States Pluto Return! Although with the onset of the U.S. fifth Chiron Return, these two initiatory windows likely blend together. I have written extensively about the Pluto return. Start here!

In light of the recent Middle East events, I advise checking out the chart of Israel, now in their third Saturn Opposition and fourth Nodal Return. The fracture points of the past are torn open and deep secrets can be revealed if one is willing to look deeply. While Pluto does re-enter Aquarius on January 21, 2024, Pluto is not even then be done with Capricorn, as there will be yet another brief retrograde back into Capricorn later in 2024.


Sun Opposes Chiron


Also on October 10, at 11:24pm PDT, Chiron has its yearly opposition with the Sun at 17Aries40/17Libra40. This also entails a three-day window of Chironic intensity.  Within the TOTAMS astrological paradigm, both Pluto and Chiron are allocated to the Underworld portion of our Three Worlds Approach.

As with the Pluto station and the Solar Eclipse crossing the United States, this country is truly being highlighted with the two planetary return initiatory processes and the eclipse. The United States Chiron is 20Aries08. The April 8, 2024 eclipse is even closer.


Mars Enters Scorpio in The Underworld


Mars enters Scorpio on Wednesday, October 11, 9:04pm PDT, while off the world stage in the Underworld. Mars has not been in Scorpio since October 30 -December 13, 2021. Mars is now in his most resonant sign, and quite appropriately in the Underworld. With the recent input delivered to him by the stars of the Priestess constellation, he will have a chance to surrender deeply into the shadow of patriarchal toxic masculinity and reclaim a true source of power to best serve the people.


Suggested Strategies


With the exception of the opening of the second descending gate of Perception for Venus, the events listed here all have challenging connotations. It is essential to be aware of this. Be prepared and alert to all possibilities. Neither Pluto nor Chiron or Mars are fond of denial or light-washing!

  • Imagine the gift of Pluto as physical and emotional empowerment.
  • Use the Chiron alignment to digest personal and collective fracture points.
  • And Mars in the Underworld suggests developing the courage and strength to truly own the possibility that there are worse things possible in life than death.

Surely, these weeks are a deep test and a turbulent passage for the United States and the rest of the world that is at the effect of its actions. Hope is a great thing, when it is not “hopium” or spiritual bypass, but the focused intention of a sovereign will co-creating a world that facilitates global humanity in achieving its purpose in alignment with Great Mystery.



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