Is The United States and The World at a Tipping Point?

Spotlight on Mars and Saturn

Feb 6, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

There have been many rare and extraordinary astrological and astronomical events over the last 5 years, with many more to come in 2023 and the following years. I think the close connection described here of the Mars occultations with Aldebaran, the events surrounding the finality of the Saturn transit to the United States Moon, and the Uranian events, send some clear messages from Great Mystery, if only they can be recognized, received and understood. So many clues are being presented, referencing the following themes:

1) There is the tremendous focus on the United States Natal Moon with the final conjunction on February 12, soon followed by the remarkably close Sun-Saturn conjunction still at the same degree on February 16. The focus is on 27-28 degrees of Aquarius. See my detailed RECENT RAMBLINGS ARTICLE: . Mars crosses the US Descendant on Saturday, February 11, and also reaches the US Mars on March 6. These have been triple conjunctions, major features of this long seven month passage of Mars in Gemini.

2) Insights can hopefully be gained through the final powerful chapter of the Saturn square Uranus process with the Sun square Uranus and the Uranus T-Square trigger at the Leo-Aquarius Full Moon. What has been Saturn’s transmission to Uranus? Has it been to keep it all tied down and constrained? Has this also added to the shadow of Aquarius itself, with Pluto’s imminent ingress into Aquarius? How does this increase the pressure of the US Pluto return? OR, will Uranus show itself as the greater power? 

I have seen with my personal clients that Uranus has been “winning”. The jury is still out on the collective. Even if it’s a combination of many possible events, with a clash of these planetary giants, the unexpected and the unknowable can be expected, as well as dramatic and even catastrophic events. The intent is to shatter outmoded structures so that a re-assemblage can happen at a different level.

3) There can be an increased awareness of the sacred cross-quarter festivals with the Leo Full Moon near Imbolc/Candlemas (15 Aquarius), Uranus near Beltaine (15 Taurus), and the Sun near Lammas (15Leo). Even the South Node is not far from Samhain (15 Scorpio). Many ideas for ceremony are here, as well as deep consideration.

I recently heard the wonderful news that Ireland has created a national holiday to honor Brigit, the goddess most associated with Imbolc!

4) Mars remains close to the red star Aldebaran, harbinger of new creation at the Silver Gate at the Galactic Edge, with this focus on the preeminent calendric star of this past quarter turn of the Great Year. Esoterically, Aldebaran has been connected with Archangel Michael, chief agent of the return of the etheric Christos-Sophia energies. As a Behenian star, he was the watcher of the East and the Spring Equinox. Through the occultations of Mars, we can also gain a great knowledge of the precession, and how signs and constellations are different. A journey back in time and forward into the future can be inspired by this knowledge of the sky. 

See my article:

Finally, I offer the Dane Rudhyar Sabian symbol for the all-important 28th degree of Aquarius. I feel it offers clues as to how to approach these next few weeks:


KEYNOTE: Knowledge and skill used in its natural surroundings for the satisfaction of vital basic needs.

This symbol combines, as it were, the implications represented in the two preceding ones. It relates to natural living, the human capacity to prepare for the future, and to use both physical strength and mental ingenuity. In meeting the hardships inherent in an existence close to nature, strength, efficiency and intelligence are needed, but they are incorporated in a life in which every act can be part of a harmonic and beautiful ritual permeated with deep significance.     

This is the third in the sixty-sixth five-fold series of symbols. It refers to the efficient use of natural resources for insuring man’s well-being. Such a use is based on INTELLIGENT FORESIGHT

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