June Solstice / Galactic Edge Venus and Mars Portals Opening

June 20, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

The exact June Solstice is Wednesday, June 21, at 7:57am PDT / 2:57pm UT.  Last week I wrote about how the Out-of-Bounds Gemini New Moon and the three-day Solstice window both emphasize the Galactic Edge and its significance for the time period June 16-24. Click here to read!

Two other things of note:

1) Should you do sunrise or sunset ceremonies but miss June 21, the few days before or after will work just fine as the Sun barely moves at all by declination.

2) In the yearly Solar calendar, the June/Cancer Solstice is the maximum time of the year for energies of the archetypal feminine in women and men. Keep that in mind for ceremonials.

image credit: skyandtelescope.org

Venus and Mars, the GREAT SAGA

Within the flashpoint of the currently unfolding planetary dance of Venus and Mars in their Great Saga, Solstice day holds a really special treat, especially for those of us who emphasize our naked-eye connection to the planets. Venus and Mars are within 10degrees of each other from June 1 – July 24.  June 21 offers us something quite spectacular:

Moon-Venus Conjunction

At 8:08pm PDT on Wednesday, June 21, the thin crescent Moon aligns with Venus at 14Leo27. Within her Capricorn synodic overstory, this opens the Seventh Gate/Portal of Venus’ evening star journey. This gate is associated with the seventh chakra, generally seen as the “crown” chakra. When Venus is in her evening star phase, this is after her underworld journey, and provides the opportunity for the unobstructed opening of a clear connection with Spirit and our higher Self. Until the Moon-Venus Eighth Gate on July 21, prioritize this clear channel! Unlike in some other cycles, the transmissions and insights received here are worth trusting and following, particularly if you have clearly asked for them. Connections with your guardian angel, Archangel Michael, and the etheric Christos/Sophia can be particularly available. Venus is entering the Lion constellation on her way to the Lion’s heart star Regulus, providing the additional boon of radiant and radical self-love and sovereignty.

Moon-Mars Conjunction

At 5:41am PDT the following morning, June 22, the Moon aligns with Mars at 19Leo11. Within his Gemini synodic overstory, this opens the portal for the fifth primary challenge/quest of evening star Mars on his way to the underworld. There remain three more challenges prior to his descent on September 30, 2023. With this challenge, Mars, in the sign of Leo and just beginning to enter the Lion constellation, is on his way to Regulus, the heart star of the Lion. This is the point when Mars, in both men and women, gains the strength of the Lion, and subsequently is faced with keeping the heart open while maintaining essential sovereignty and self-love – no easy task!

Venus and Mars Together in The Great Saga

When this double evening star / Moon conjunction happens, which is the best and most fruitful visible Venus/Mars conjunction possible and appears only every 6.5 years, in many ways it is the best time not only for inner sacred marriage work, but also for our actual external relationships.

Additional Note for Sky Watchers

Conditions for seeing this in its closest configuration are perfect for North America, though not as great for other parts of the world. For the rest of you, the evening of Wednesday is best. But even the previous evening will be excellent, just not as exact. Nevertheless, the portal is opening and worth checking out with awareness and wonder.

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