Jupiter Enters Taurus, The Taurean Mercury Overstory Begins, and more …

May 15, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

Jupiter Enters Taurus

Jupiter enters Taurus at 10:20am PDT on Tuesday, May 16, remaining there until May 25, 2024. There is no retrograde back into the previous sign, as was the case with Jupiter in Pisces and Aries. Jupiter was last in Taurus from June 4, 2011 – June 11, 2012.

Jupiter has been known as the “year-star”, and in many astrological traditions of India is known as “guru”. In TOTAMS Astrology, it can be conceived of as the planet of our “dharma.” Dharma has been defined in many different ways globally and historically. In this paradigm, it indicates the intended mystery school of individual life purpose as well as what the collective is expecting from you.  It is an important adjunct to the storyline of current life purpose. To learn more about this concept within the TOTAMS Astrological Paradigm, watch our video The Elements and The Modalities – Alchemy and Dharma.

The yearly ingress, viewed collectively on the world stage, indicates the intended world dharma to be explored. Jupiter will amplify and expand wherever the alignments are. The Taurus Mystery School is an earth self-exploration sign, with the instructions to “have the courage to explore the pleasure of physical incarnation for its own sake.” This includes the capacity to savor our experience without guilt or shame and the openness to receiving. Each mystery school of life also has its own “shadow side.” Many of these traits are usually included in the mainstream Sun sign description of Taurus: stubbornness, sloth, inability to change, materialism, and an over-emphasis on security and safety. Another shadow expression is the attitude “eat, drink, and be merry”, without any boundaries or discrimination. These are inversions of the essence of Taurus, which is about the savoring of our life experience; to slow down and smell the roses, and fully enjoy our sensory experience. Watch this to explore the Taurus Mystery School.

The Taurean Mercury Overstory Begins

Meanwhile, the Mercury cycle adds to the Taurean emphasis. Mercury stationed direct on Sunday May 14, 8:16pm PDT, at 5Taurus50. In the Mercury synodic overstory, this signals the birthing of the Taurus overstory, lasting a full 124 days.  I wrote about this in last week’s post. Since May 7, Jupiter in Aries has been within 10 degrees of Mercury, and from its ingress into Taurus on May 16 until May 28, it remains in that orb. This suggests more amplification.

Moon Occults Jupiter

Two further alignments adding to the theme are a rare occultation of the Moon with Jupiter. This occurs at 5:47am PDT on Wednesday May 17, just after the thin waning Moon enters Taurus, a mere twelve hours after Jupiter’s ingress into Taurus. The track is over the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Northern Europe, but occurs during daytime, not easily seen. Nevertheless, it is yet another symbol of Taurean amplification.

Jupiter Square Pluto

Last, but certainly not least, is the exact Jupiter square with Pluto at 6:10pm PDT on the same day. Jupiter is at 00Taurus18 and Pluto at 00Aquarius18. I would expect that many will be holding on tight to their security and their possessions, but Pluto provides the initiatory power to induce surrender of our attachments. We are likely to see the Powers that Should Not Be upping the ante on their control programs. I pray they don’t succeed.

I plan to delve into this more deeply on the TOTAMS Monthly Members Call, Wednesday, May 17, 5:00-6:30pm.

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