Mars and Gemini

May 26, 2024 | by Daniel Giamario |

With the Sun’s ingress into Gemini on May 20, Venus having moved into Gemini on May 23, Jupiter on May 25, Mercury following on June 2, and the Gemini New Moon on June 6, emphasizing Gemini would seem an obvious choice to focus on. The Jupiter Gemini amplification is featured in our seminar here.

But for now, I desire to explore a most unique and remarkable relationship of Mars and Gemini.




On Wednesday, May 29 at 10:08am PDT, Mars aligns with Chiron at 22Aries09. This is remarkably close to the U.S. Chiron of 20Aries08. The United States is still in the greatest intensity of its 5th Chiron Return. Mars met the April Solar Eclipse degree (19Aries24) just yesterday, Saturday, May 25, and will align with Eris at 25Aries31 very soon, on June 2. The April events continue to be activated!

The current Mars Synodic Overstory that began in December 2022 is emphasizing the Gemini Mystery School. Back then, Mars was in Gemini for over seven months. One of the most interesting and important transitions in this 25+ month Gemini Overstory is when Mars re-enters Gemini on July 20. It’s important to realize that within the entirety of the overstory, all the signs that Mars goes through are a sub-set of Gemini. Mars, having recently had his Underworld initiation, is now slowly rising in the morning sky in the Rebirth and Growth of Wisdom Phase. You can download a PDF of my classic 1997 article reflecting key principles of the synodic cycle of Mars from the perspective of Shamanic Astrology.

The United States Mars is at 21Gemini22 with a square to Neptune at 22Virgo25. This, in my view, is one of the three most important shadows of the U.S. Chart. It symbolizes the addiction to a two-party state – warned about by the founding “fathers”. Red vs. Blue, White Hats vs. Black Hats, and as the song says, “The Parting on the Left is Now Parting on the Right” (The Who, Won’t Get Fooled Again) … This all is indicative of the natal Neptune square to the twin-ness of Gemini. It is worth remembering that the Federalist Abraham Lincoln was a Republican!

Mars aligns with the U.S. Mars on August 21, 2024. A remarkable Jupiter-Mars conjunction happens August 14 at 16Gemini40, nearly conjunct to where the Overstory began on December 7 2022 at 16Gemini05!


Putting It All Together


Whatever Jupiter aligns with gets activated, amplified and expands. Jupiter has been activating Uranus, of course, for the first time in Taurus in 83 years! Now, the entire sign of Gemini is being amplified, currently including the Sun, Venus, Mercury and soon also Mars. The Mars Gemini Synodic Overstory has not happened since 1975. His next Synodic Overstory, commencing in 2025, will feature the sign of Cancer, while Jupiter’s destination in 2025 is also Cancer.

The Mars alignments with Chiron and Eris contain much danger (and possibilities)! I have variously written and spoken about the need to re-vision a non-Hellenistic, non-patriarchal Mars and Aries. See for instance:

Mars and Jupiter in Aries Have Arrived

This Mars passage signifies this necessity as much as the April Solar Eclipse did. In addition, the alignment with Eris brings in a wildcard. Eris, whether invited or as an intentional agent of chaos, provides an opportunity to move the assemblage point, also amplified by Uranus. She better be invited. My hope is that the “better angels” guiding the U.S. will listen and respond!


Steiner Prayer


Following is a Rudolf Steiner prayer that suggests a way to navigate:

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