Mars Square Uranus – Reminding Us Of What’s To come!

June 26, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

On Monday, June 26, at 2:23am PDT – less than two hours after the First Quarter Moon at 4Libra29 – Mars at 21Leo29 squares Uranus at 21Taurus29.

Surely, by now many of you will have paid attention to the impressive Venus-Mars evening star dance in Leo. See last week’s post!

Meanwhile, one of our recent June Solstice Seminars was specifically about the entrance of Jupiter into Taurus, with special emphasis on the upcoming Jupiter – Uranus conjunction. Here is the link to the recording.  You will be redirected after signing in to or up for our free, private and secure TOTAMS Community Forum.

Using the window of initiation defined by TOTAMS, the most potent Jupiter-Uranus alignment is from Sept. 4, 2023, to May 25, 2024, when Jupiter enters Gemini. The remarkable thing here is to remember that the exact Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20/21, 2024, will be at 21Taurus 49! That’s certainly close enough for jazz, as they say, or probably even classical! On July 3, 2023, Uranus will be exactly at this conjunction degree. It is therefore hard to ignore this Mars-Uranus square, and how it may be woven into the larger planetary scenario.

Crisis in Action

In the reckoning of Dane Rudhyar, squares are “crisis in action.” The person or collective is at the “effect” of the event. In this case, Mars is the antagonist, the agent of the crisis. Throughout the history of the current, almost exclusively patriarchal, views about astrology and the planets, Mars is often being related to war and aggressive actions. TOTAMS astrology creates a different framework though. The synodic cycles and seasons of Mars, known as overstories, describe the ongoing evolution and involution of the archetypal expressions of Mars for both men and women. Another alternative view can be found in James Hillman’s important book: “A Terrible Love of War.”

Who’s writing the script?

The current Mars overstory features the sign of Gemini as the dominant archetype. Venus and Mars in Leo are approaching the Lion constellation.  Uranus is in Taurus for the first time since 1940. The intent of Uranus’ contribution to each sign is to effect change through unexpected, unpredictable, and synchronous events of extreme novelty. There is a great deal of shapeshifting going on, with many actors on the world stage within the fog of war. Who’s writing the script? There are unfolding productions taking place from all three worlds: Upper, Middle, and Lower. All must be faced head on, without light-washing and spiritual bypass. Surrender to the Great Mystery of not knowing! If you are fortunate to know your Sacred Purpose, fully embrace it with courage and conviction.

The unfolding planetary scenario that this Mars-Uranus square can awaken us into for these upcoming months also includes many other factors other than the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which amplifies it all.  It can seem complicated and multifaceted, and it is.

I will suggest this: What will actually happen cannot be known. War is likely to be involved. The U.S. is likely to be deeply impacted. And many unexpected events will be take place.

The Key to A More Enlightened Outcome

The key to a more enlightened outcome rests with the evolution of the Mars in Gemini and Venus in Capricorn overstories, and their dance together in Leo, beyond the vice-grip of hierarchal patriarchy. Couple that with the high magic that can emerge from amplified Taurus, so the original essence of that Mystery School of Life can again be the Garden of Eden – but without the fall!

I will be presenting a seminar on the current Venus-Mars alignments, known as the Great Saga, on July 19, 2023.

Stay tuned for details!

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