Mars Through the Priestess Constellation

Sept 15, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

This highlight on Mars’ movements past the stars of the Priestess constellation has been made available as a document to all participants of the TOTAMS Journey of Inanna Revisioned group, and also been explored in my recent Vlog The Journey of Mars to The Underworld with TOTAMS Astrologer and Council Member Khar Wei Lee.

But I feel it might be of value to the general public too.

Virgo’s stars have been ever given over to the care of Ceres, her namesake, the long-time goddess of the harvest (see Gael Chilson’s live presentation at our Oracle event this past April). Most known renditions of this portion of the sky are feminine and also connected with concepts of virginity, which in ancient times was about a woman being “one unto herself”, only later associated with no sex or pre-sex.

August 27: Mars entered Libra

September 4: Mars conjunct ZANIAH

ZANIAH: eta virginis, 5Libra08, southern shoulder or wing of the Priestess. 3.85 magnitude, 1.22degrees north of Ecliptic. In some stories, Zaniah is known as the “harlot of Babylon; there is also a strong association with the hierodule and sacred sexuality.

September 11-14:

VINDEMIATRIX: epsilon virginis, 10Libra14, northern shoulder or wing of the Priestess, 2.85 magnitude, 16.12degrees north of the Ecliptic. Some say it used to be brighter in ancient times. Known as the “grape gatherer”.  In previous ages this star rose just before the time of the vintage of wine. Connected to nymphs and satyrs. There is an apparent connection to ecstatic rites to produce altered and expanded states of consciousness.

PORRIMA: gamma virginis, 10Libra26, at the waist of the Priestess. 3.40 magnitude, 2.47degrees north of the Ecliptic. The prominent goddess associated with prophecy and childbirth. Connected to the Camenae, a group of priestesses corresponding to the Muses of Greek traditions. Two of these were Antevorta and Postvorta, one looking forward and one looking back. Porrima was also an oracle (sibyl) at the temple of Apollo. Her familiar was the raven or crow that is seen as the constellation of Corvus whose main star Algorab is at 13Libra. Porrima and Algorab are hugely significant stars for the sacred feminine, second only to Spica.

MINELAUVA or AUVA: delta virginis, 11Libra45, on the waist of the Priestess. 3.35 magnitude, 8.37degrees north of the Ecliptic. Given its most important location with reference to Porrima, Zaniah and Vindemiatrix, surprisingly little lore exists about this star.

September 14:

NEW MOON at 6:40pm PDT at 21Virgo59. This location is the star Denebola, the tail of the Lion, and marks the junction point between the Lion and the Priestess, believed by many to have inspired the design of the great sphinx at Giza. The Moon then journeys through the stars of the Priestess over the next 3-4 days.

September 15:

The Moon aligns with Mars at 8:35am PDT at 13Libra08, just 20 degrees from the Sun. This is the all-important 8th and final challenge of Mars as he has been journeying across the evening sky towards his underworld initiation.

September 29-30:

HEZE: zeta virginis, 22Libra26, on the “girdle” of the Priestess and exactly on the celestial equator. 3.35 magnitude, 8.38degrees north of the Ecliptic. There is also very little lore on this star but being right in the vulva area of the Priestess, one can imagine its importance!

SPICA: alpha virginis, 24Libra08, the ear of wheat or corn (or a rice paddy) on the left hand of the Priestess. 0.95 magnitude and the 16th brightest star in the sky, 2.03degrees south of the Ecliptic. Spica is used by a good number of sidereal systems of astrology as the prime fiducial. She is arguably the most important star connected to the Feminine Mysteries, as she has been used as a stellar stand-in for Venus. She has been known as the “abode of Life.”

I believe it to be extremely interesting indeed that she accompanies Mars as he descends into the underworld. In our Journey of Inanna group sessions, we will explore and speculate as to what instructions and teachings are being imparted to Mars during this time. You can still join the Journey here!

Mars will not reach Libra again until August 6, 2025.




In this context, back in 2017 the school presented a summit called “Preparing for 2020” which proved to be both prescient and useful. This year, TOTAMS will be presenting a virtual Council called “Preparing for 2025”. A host of speakers will share practical and spiritual tools for making sense of these next few years while also suggesting navigation strategies.

This is important for so many reasons: the end of Kali Yuga, the Turning of The Ages, the Sixth Sun, the Fourth Turning, the US Chiron return, the rise of a multi-polar world, and so much more.

During this COUNCIL, we will offer knowledge and tools for navigating such turbulent times, a time when most all is up in the air and surrender to Great Mystery is essential!

Stay tuned for more info on the TOTAMS COUNCIL – PREPARING FOR 2025, December 27-29 2023.

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