Moon Conjuncts Venus and Mars: The Great Saga Overstory Takes Off

May 21, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario

Two visually stunning and astrologically significant events happen on Tuesday and Wednesday this week:

  • At 5:45am PDT, Tuesday, May 23, the Moon conjoins Venus at 17Cancer01.
  • Next day at 12:21pm PDT, the Moon conjoins Mars at 2Leo22. 

Both are quite significant in the larger synodic overstories of these two planets. Of even greater significance is what these conjunctions presage in the upcoming union of Venus and Mars in the evening sky.


For Venus, this signifies the opening of the SIXTH gate/portal in the evening star phase of the Capricorn overstory. The evening star sixth gate happens post underworld initiation and represents the possibility of the obscurations, blocks and fears around a 6th chakra opening dropping away. The pineal gland opens, and clarity of spiritual vision can ensue. In the Capricorn overstory, and with the conjunction in the sign of Cancer, there is strong assistance for remaining grounded and in the feeling function, thus avoiding light-polarization and spiritual bypassing. Venus is now approaching the end of the evening star phase. On August 6, she will enter the interior underworld. Subsequently, her heliacal rise on August 19 completes her metamorphosis into the Leo archetype. 

In the Americas, the conjunction of Moon to Venus can be experienced both Monday and Tuesday night. The Moon will be wildly out of bounds at the time of the conjunction (27N46). Venus is also OOB at 25N10 declination. Really unique kinds of transmissions and insights, beyond previous boundaries, can be expected.


For Mars, this signifies the FOURTH challenge in the second phase of the 25-month Gemini Mars overstory. This is where Mars, travelling across the evening sky, encounters a wide variety of tasks or labors. This challenge, occurring in the sign of Leo, involves self-love, the test being about egoic aggrandizement. Mars must face eight challenges in all on his way to the exterior underworld. which he enters on September 30, remaining there until January 8, 2024.

The Great Saga

But of even greater interest is the visible dance of Venus and Mars together. In the TOTAMS paradigm this is known as the Great Saga. It is one of three distinct patterns of the engagement of Venus and Mars with each other, each occurring about every six and a half years. The Great Saga is where Venus and Mars meet up for more than one lunation in the evening sky, and then meet up again for a short time in the morning sky. The morning meet-up will be from February 1 – March 14, 2024, with an exact conjunction on February 21 at 6Aquarius57.

In the current evening star phase, Venus and Mars will be within 10 degrees of each other from June 1 – July 24. Although there is no exact conjunction, according to the way the ancients understood this, it is a conjunction when within 10-degrees.

In the TOTAMS paradigm, the Great Saga can be considered one of the most auspicious times for the successful and fulfilling union of Venus and Mars: the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in both women and men, in the Inner Sacred Marriage process. See TOTAMS Course 3: Relationships – Chart Comparison and Inner Wholeness

Stay tuned for upcoming seminars and video blogs on this intriguing subject.

Also, TOTAMS has an entire highly specialized online course on the overstories: The Overstory – Cycles of Inner Planets

Image: May 20 2023, bright shining Venus in the Twins constellation, coming together with Mars (top left).

Photo credit: Naraya Naserian

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