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Regularly scheduled online and in person events to stay up to date with the Turning of the Ages.

What is the Turning of the Ages?

TOTAMS recognizes that Global Humanity is experiencing a great turning point in the largest known cycles of history with at least six historic timelines currently converging.

This extremely rare and important time is known as the “Turning of the Ages” and it is happening NOW.

As with any Turning of the Ages, we are akin to the Merlin, the Magi, or the priestesses of Avalon, and all who knew, like now, when there was such a great turning.

Online Courses

Learn TOTAMS astrology for personal growth, to be of service to others, and to become an astrologer.

Course 0: Basics of Astrology

Learn to understand the language and basic concepts of astrology and the foundational elements of what makes TOTAMS astrology uniquely useful

Course 1: Understanding Birth Charts

Learn to read the signs and symbols on an astrological birth chart for yourself and others to better understand life intent and the journey of the soul.

Course 2: Tracking Transits

Tune in to the seasons and cycles of life by understanding the planetary transits on a birth chart, and how to use this knowledge to promote growth, and transformation

Course 3: Relationships

Learn to compare charts to open greater potential for powerful, loving relationship with yourself and others, and to assist in the development of inner wholeness. 

Course 4: Cosmology

Learn to navigate the night sky with your naked eyes, and gain a full understanding of the larger cycles and the nature and implications of the Turning of the Ages.

Course 5: The Overstory

Connect your personal chart to a bigger story in relation to the cycles of Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the Moon – and to the myths and stories of the ancients.

TOTAMS uses and teaches a completely unique astrological paradigm,
first sourced by Daniel Giamario.

Giamario has been an astrologer since 1969. After establishing his practice on a Rudhyarian foundation, he received a vision for this unique paradigm on a vision quest at Mount Shasta in 1981. The founding of TOTAMS is the natural evolution from the Harbingers of the Turning of the Ages and the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.

The paradigm includes mythic, psychological, and spiritual elements inspired by numerous global traditions, synthesizing the most important ingredients that are applicable to contemporary global humanity.

This astrological system uses a Three Worlds Approach, inspired by global Shamanic traditions, offering techniques to navigate the Upper, Middle, and Lower Worlds. And above all, there is a strong emphasis on the experience and knowledge of the night sky.

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Our Mission

TOTAMS aspires to locate and cultivate “Seed People” who embody the past wisdom of global humanity, an open-minded awareness of the challenges of the present times, and with the willingness to help create a new world, a veritable renaissance; and to dream the vision onward.

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