Retrograde Mercury and The Sagittarius New Moon

Dec 8, 2023 | Ramblings, Reflections and Ruminations of Daniel Giamario |

The combination of a wildly out-of-bounds Sagittarian New Moon near Galactic Center with the station retrograde of Mercury less than eight hours later provides a great opportunity for deep exploration.

Let’s go!


The Nature and Intent of a Mercury Retrograde


Mercury is stationary retrograde at 11:09pm PST on Tuesday, December 12. At 8Capricorn29, Mercury begins its final major phase in the Virgo synodic overstory, from retrograde to stationary direct on January 1, 2024 at 22Sagittarius11.

Then will begin the Sagittarius overstory, the first of four Mercury synods in the element of Fire. Following the ancient Babylonian tradition, based on observable phenomena, TOTAMS begins any synodic overstory with the station direct. This differs from most other schools of astrology which use the exact Sun-Mercury conjunction as the starting point. In this case, that would be December 22 at 0Capricorn39Rx.


Important Factoids About Mercury Retrograde


When retrograde Mercury is on the inside track between Earth and Sun – which is quite different than the exterior conjunction on the other side of the Sun – Mercury will stay a longer period in one sign than during any other phase of its synodic cycle. In this case, Mercury will have been in Sagittarius for 44 days (November 9, 2023, to January 13, 2024, including a brief ingress into Capricorn from December 1 to December 12), roughly a third of an entire synodic story.

When retrograde, usually about 20 days in each synod, Mercury is also closest to the Earth, though being off the world stage, not seen by Earth dwellers. This transit of Mercury includes conjunctions with Galactic Center on November 29, December 25, and January 11, 2024. This is yet another reason to ascribe a Sagittarian overstory.


The TOTAMS Interpretation of Mercury Retrograde Intent


Yet again, the view of our school differs from mainstream views held by many. Typically, these mainstream views contribute to unease and even fear with regards to the thrice yearly Mercury retrogrades.

In an attempt to discern the cosmic intent of these retrograde times, a variety of factors need to be taken into account:

  • The sign and element of the synodic overstory (Virgo)
  • The current historical time period
  • The assumptions of consensus reality
  • The need to eliminate the black and white judgments of “good” or “bad”

The Virgo Mercury archetype is a version of perception, cognition and communication that is Earth, analytical, discriminating, and left-brain, but also archetypally feminine – the veritable left-brain of the Sacred Feminine – hooked into Pattern-recognition. That is her assumption and skill set.

The current epoch of history assumes that logical left brain and linear reality is all there is. That is a fairly recent prejudice and has not always been true. Our ordinary ways of organizing our lives and conducting business do assume this. But it hasn’t been that long ago when people had “bad trips” after ingesting coffee or coca leaves – which lined up linear thinking, overturning a more magical and subjective engagement with the natural world. These were the drugs that inspired the European “Age of Enlightenment!”

There are many judgments for or against “right brain” versus “left brain.” TOTAMS’ view is that both are reciprocal and necessary, though some archetypal expressions are more oriented to one or the other. Consensus mainstream though has its mind pretty well made up. The prevalent judgments about and excuse-making regarding Mercury retrogrades reside here!

I also note here that Mercury is in an out-of-bounds condition, as is the Moon. This certainly adds to the non-ordinary nature of this Mercury retrograde.


An Alternative View


When Mercury is retrograding, it is undergoing a radical alchemical shapeshift into an entirely new archetype, a new way of perceiving, cognizing and communicating about Great Mystery.

At this time in history, Earth and Air signs are undergoing the greatest challenges, since commonly held logical, rational and intellectual assumptions are being compromised. Of course, technology is unreliable, and logical business agreements are at risk! This is the intent!

My own experience over the years is that Mercury retrogrades are the best times of all for inner work, off the mainstream stage. I have also noticed that it is very conducive for sessions, counselling and workshops.

An interesting possibility here is that, if you are clear about your intent and with no malice implied, it’s a marvelous time to make inroads while others are confused or upset. Full disclosure: I have Mercury in Scorpio retrograde AND my wife, her mother, and all of her brothers have Mercury retrograde too!


A Shift is Happening


The next Mercury synodic overstory is Sagittarius, which is substantially different from the Earth Mercury overstories of the past year. It is Fire, right brain, and archetypally masculine. Its nature is The Love of Truth, oriented towards the Cosmic logos. Given its triple conjunction with Galactic Center, I think it will have a far better time being comfortable going beyond logical consensus reality, as long as it remembers that Truth is a moving target and not subject to dogma.

The following Mercury retrograde in April of 2024 should be extremely interesting, as the next overstory is featuring Aries – amidst all the other intensities of April 2024!


The Out-of-Bounds Sagittarian New Moon


The New Moon at 20Sagittarius40 happens on Tuesday, December 12, at 3:32pm PST. As we approach the 2024-2025 Lunar Standstill extreme, at the time of the New Moon, its Southern Declination is 27S22, approaching the extremes of the year over the next few days beyond 28 South. These extremes are always found when the Moon is near the Solstice points in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Gemini and Cancer.

The Sagittarian New Moon is also close to Galactic Center, which currently resides at 27Sagittarius11. 00degrees Capricorn, the actual December placement, is also hugely important at this time of a great Turning of the Ages, because it is now right where the galactic plane and the ecliptic (plane of our solar system) intersect in one of two cosmic crosses, the other being between the Bull and Twins constellations at 00degrees of Cancer. Full and New Moons near the Solstices become even more significant in combination with extreme OOB Moons.

The New Moon in Sagittarius can be thought of as the yearly seed-point for the Sagittarian Mystery School, which we explored above. As right-brain, intuitive Fire, it intends adventure, exploration, and philosophy. Above all, it’s about a quest for meaning and purpose, and the love of Truth.


The Mars-Moon Amplification


Adding to the multi-faceted nature of this New Moon is a Moon-Mars conjunction at 12Sagittarius56, just hours before the New Moon on the same day at 2:05am PST. With Mars being on the other side of the Sun, undergoing his Underworld initiation, this won’t be visible though. Significantly, it happens close to the red Royal Star Antares, the heart of the Scorpion constellation (now at 10Sagittarius01). Venus too will pass by Antares in early January, 2024.

Antares is the key to the Golden Gate, a term often used to designate Galactic Center. Galactic Center is where composting and endings happen, as well as the completion of the Soul’s journey. That could be Ascension, into the Bardo states between births, another timeline, or another Universe entirely.


Summary and Synthesis


In light of all of the above, one view could be that this is truly “a time outside of time”, and in so many ways a time outside of any kind of consensus reality or normality. And yet, such times as these are to be well expected at the bottom of Kali Yuga, and can be considered major flash points in the great Turning of The Ages (1962-2034).

Use these days as well as you can to plant seeds for your vision of the world you truly want to live in, be it here or elsewhere. Composting is happening big-time as light-washing and spiritual bypassing are being exposed along with the nefarious plans of the “powers that shouldn’t be.” 

Maintain a three-worlds approach as best you can. And against all odds, step out of the brainwash of recent consensus reality, exercising your divinely given Free Will to choose to align with your Life Purpose and to Know Yourself. 

These alignments are a tremendous opportunity, don’t let it pass you by!


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