Saturn and Mercury Meet The Sun in The Underworld

Feb 26, 2024 | by Daniel Giamario |

A major planetary gathering is happening on February 28, in the Celestial Exterior Underworld, on the other side of the Sun. Once a year, the Sun aligns with Saturn. Mercury conjuncts the Sun on the exterior side about three times a year. And a number of times each year Mercury and Saturn come together as well. However, all three conjoining on the same day is a much rarer event!

What may this intend and what to expect? Especially as all this is happening immediately following a most powerful Virgo-Pisces Full Moon at 5Virgo23.


What Is The Celestial Exterior Underworld?


In ancient pre-technological times, when a planet was seen to seemingly disappear below the horizon, it was interpreted as that planet having entered the Underworld.  All planets, except Venus and Mercury, on their journey to what astronomers call the “superior” conjunction with the Sun, enter the Underworld that is on the other side of the Sun. Inspired by the branch of astrology called Astrosophy, I have always preferred the alternative and more evocative term, “exterior”.

Venus and Mercury, being between Earth and Sun, can also experience an “interior” (called “inferior” by astronomers) conjunction with the Sun, which can be thought of to be a metamorphic Underworld where the planet transforms into an entirely different archetype.


The Exterior Underworld clearly has a celestial connotation, as the respective planet is off the world stage, and receiving input from the entirety of the stellar regions behind the Sun. From this perspective, the “Underworld” is also where the planet in “Blinded by Light” in the eyes of those of us on Earth. In actuality though, it is receiving unfathomable and important transmissions during this time.

Every once in a while, two or more planetary bodies can meet up behind the Sun, as on February 28.


Let’s examine more closely!


Sun Conjunct Mercury, 12:43am PST, 9Pisces14

From February 14 – March 9 Mercury is behind the Sun in this exterior underworld. This is the Psychopomp phase, when Mercury is a guide for souls who need guidance in their underworld sojourns. The solar conjunction is the center-point of this phase.  The compassion and sensitivity of Pisces strongly animates Mercury’s capacity to be a guide.


Mercury Conjunct Saturn, 7:08am PST, 9Pisces44

Saturn spends about a month every year in the Celestial Underworld and is now receiving input and teachings regarding compassion and opening to an expanded capacity for grief and empathy from the greater galactic. Mercury and Saturn are in counsel about this. It could be that Mercury is helping guide Saturn in its necessary process of surrender at this stage of the yearly journey.


Sun Conjunct Saturn, 1:25pm PST, 9Pisces46

This is the yearly conjunction, bringing great focus to the astrological degree that is the context for all three events. The Sun represents Great Mystery itself, here in its Piscean expression.


Sabian Symbol


Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbol for this degree:


KEYNOTE: Man’s ability to develop powers and skills which by transcending natural limitations allow him to operate in mental-spiritual realms.

This symbol in a sense synthesizes the implications of the four preceding ones: the dedication to the community of men (present and future), self-assertion and the ambition to reach a social goal. Man is seen mastering difficulties implied in a type of operation transcending his organic limitations and the narrow boundaries of a localized “living space.” He does so as an individual in command of powerful energies, but also as heir to the industry of countless innovators and managers.

This is the last symbol of the sixty-eighth five-fold sequence of evolving stages of consciousness and human activity. It evokes the achievement of MASTERY.”


Take the Time!


My suggestion is to take time this Wednesday to be open to what Sun, Saturn and Mercury are in counsel about, and to be receptive with open hearts to what is required of human beings at this critical turning point on the incline to the dramatic events of April 2024!

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