Spotlight on Venus – with Jupiterian Amplification

Aug 21, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |


Venus Heliacal Rise at 16Leo38


On Saturday, August 19, using the “textbook” 10degree separation from the Sun, Venus made her first morning appearance. The first visible morning star rise of Venus may vary depending on your latitude and whether you’re having a low, unobstructed horizon. It is this heliacal rise of Venus that begins her new 584-day synodic cycle, establishing the sign she rises in as her Overstory for the entire length of the synod.

Many modern astrologers tend to use the Venus/Sun interior conjunction to begin the cycle, referring to that as the so-called Venus star-point. However, following the traditions of the ancients (Babylonians, Sumerians, Mayan, etc.) who most valued the visible experience of Venus’ birth, TOTAMS (formerly the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School) has always used the heliacal rise as this star-point. I have generally called it “the horn of the Venus pentacle” (or pentagram).

In this instance, Venus remains in Leo for an astonishing 125 days: June 5 – October 8.


Leo Venus Morning Star – Shadow of The Archetype?


Contrary to how the Venus cycle is often used, Venus as the symbol of the archetypal feminine is not just for or about women. It reveals a teaching equally applicable to women and men.

I have also noticed that this rise of the Leo Venus is often glamourized, and has much New Age hopium and light-washing associated with it. The feminine archetype of Leo is the Amazon Queen, where “Amazon” means creatively active (yang) and independent, based on accomplishment and freedom. Her spiritual essence is sovereignty. This is true for both women and men. That all sounds great, but we must remember that morning star Venus is the youthful and impetuous aspect of Venus. The Mayans even saw morning star Venus as a “war goddess”, and I own a document from them called “Venus Regulated Warfare”.

Often in the morning star journey of Venus to the underworld, it is actually the shadow of the archetype that requires the greatest attention. For Leo, this includes vanity, pride, premature assumption of power, entitlement, the embrace of false class and hierarchy, and the often-seen belief that women are spiritually superior to men. They certainly can be – but overthrowing the patriarch all too often involves the strong yang women simply employing the very same techniques and patriarchal consciousness they are ostensibly trying to replace. I could collate a very long list of women who have gained political power who are even more patriarchal than the men!

Boadicea and Her Daughters (Queen Boudicca), bronze sculpture by Thomas Thornycroft, London




The point here is that it’s not really about biological women or men, but about the birthing of yet another chance to have leadership and creatorship be heart-centered and not further contributing to the bi-furcation and separation so much promoted by the powers that shouldn’t be.



The Lahaina Fire


The Lahaina fire attack happened with Venus retrograde in Leo at 23Leo21, Ascendant 22Leo35!  Many other fires are happening now, in Canada, Canary Islands, Greece, and Siberia. It’s hard to keep track.

Of equal interest is that the Sun was 15Leo53 on 8/8, the so-called Lions Gate. I wrote about it here. 

Difficult to know how all this will unfold! Personally, I hold the vision – not the hopium – that with a heart-centered attitude, and directed by spiritual will, these fire events may serve to awaken many more people, women and men, to assert our God/Goddess sovereignty and to create something other than global WEF directed tyranny.


Venus/Jupiter Square Amplification


On Tuesday, August 22, at 5:16am PDT, Venus at 15Leo18 squares Jupiter at 15Taurus18. Notice anything here? The Pattern! The same degree the sun was at the 8/8 attack. This is clearly an amplification of 8/8. It will be interesting to see how the Baja/Southern California hurricane plays into all this.


The Journey of Inanna – New TOTAMS Offering


As we speak, TOTAMS is creating a group to collectively ceremonialize the new Venus cycle.

This group is for both women and men, and for the first time includes the concurrent Mars cycle.

Find details here!

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