Sun Conjunct Neptune Highlighting Pisces

March 17, 2024 | by Daniel Giamario |


Sun Conjunct Neptune


On Sunday, March 17, at 4:22am PDT, the Sun joined Neptune for its yearly conjunction. Located at 27Pisces21, it adds to a Piscean emphasis, with Venus approaching a conjunction with Saturn at 12Pisces26 on Thursday, March 21, at 4:09pm PDT. Mars will enter Pisces the next day.

For solar conjunctions, squares and oppositions with outer planets I usually reckon a good three- to four-day window of activation. This Neptunian seed-point for the year will extend up to the Equinox. This whole month leading up to the Equinox suggests an inquiry into the twilight zone of change from Pisces to Aries. It feels quite helpful that a Neptunian Celestial World transmission happens prior to the greater emphasis on Aries, leading up to the incredible intensities of April 2024, with the Solar Eclipse, Venus descending into the Underworld, and the long anticipated Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Be sure to tune in to our Equinox Seminar “Astonishing April Astro Events” on March 18, 5:00-6:30pm PDT! 


Cancer Out-of-Bounds Moon Peaks Sunday


Also on Sunday, just a few hours after the exact Sun-Neptune conjunction, we will experience another out-of-bounds Cancer Moon, with a maximum of 28N32 declination around 9am PDT. I would expect this to strongly emphasize the dream-time qualities of this particular day, supporting increased access to expanded states of consciousness. Do not expect your affairs to be logical, rational, or linear! This Out-of-Boundness as well will last all the way to the Equinox, with the Moon then having just entered Leo.


Aries Equinox


The Equinox happens on Tuesday, March 19, at 8:07pm PDT. In the Americas, the closest sunset is Tuesday evening, and the closest sunrise is Wednesday morning. The Sun appears to move much faster at Equinoxes than at Solstices. Therefore, if you desire to experience sunrise or sunset due East or West, it is essential to work with these two. The Aries Equinox symbolizes the mysteries of Personal Identity and presents the strong possibility of discarding old and outmoded identities while envisioning and actively creating new ones which are in alignment with Life Purpose!


The Pisces-Aries Inquiry


  • The Sun-Neptune in Pisces seed-point extends all the way to the Solar Aries seed-point.
  • The North Node in Aries recently joined Chiron and Eris.
  • The Solar Eclipse is at 19Aries24 with Chiron at the same degree and minute, as well as being a North Node eclipse, a super New Moon.
  • Mercury and Venus will also be in Aries at that time.
  • The Aries Moon occults Venus the day before the eclipse.


I suggest that the Piscean placements are preparing us for the Aries activations as well as the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Without Piscean compassion and celestial Ananda-Love, Aries can be ruthless and without empathy. The upcoming events of 2024 are likely to require us to be open to the love and support (the felt “holding”) of the Universal Feminine. Anyone with a lot of Pisces should include themselves as being worthy of grace and mercy, lest one be overwhelmed by the suffering of the Earth herself, along with her myriad of people, plants and animals. Gaia’s last resort for opening human hearts to compassion and love has often been disasters and holocausts. Sadly, that strategy has not really succeeded so far.

Let’s envision another way with LESS suffering!

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