Sun Square Pluto Amplifies the Underworld, Mars Between the Horns of the Bull

by Daniel Giamario

October 17, 2022

Pluto again this week holds great interest. On Wednesday morning October 19 2022 at 6:33am PDT,

the Sun makes its second yearly square (quadrature) with Pluto: Pluto 26Capricorn08 / Sun 26Libra08.

On Monday, a greatly out-of-bounds Cancer Moon will be creating a T-square by being in opposition to

Pluto, and squaring the Sun, which is also conjoining Venus. This Plutonian amplification time-frame is at

least three days. 

Another factor is that Venus is now approaching its exterior underworld conjunction with the Sun on October 22. Her underworld passage lasts from September 14 – December 1 2022. Our astrological paradigm perceives that when Venus is within 10degrees of the Sun, it is equivalent to Pluto square, conjunct or opposite Venus in modern reckoning. This is exactly how the ancients, without any awareness of Pluto, would have been aware of something quite similar. (Mars within 15degrees of the Sun holds a similar underworld signature.)

As the US election approaches – with her Pluto Return and Neptune Opposition, with Venus in the

underworld, Mars in Retrograde, and with a Total Lunar Eclipse on election day at 16Taurus01 / 16Scorpio01, quite close to the still potent last Saturn/Uranus Square – a momentous week is ahead of us. There is talk of another “October Surprise”. The aspects certainly suggest such a possibility. 

Also of note is that October 24-29 2022 is the 93rd anniversary of the 1929 Stock Market crash. The chart of that year’s eclipse season is weirdly mirroring the same Nodal Axis and Eclipse degrees of this year. As a wise one once spoke: “History does not always repeat, but very often it rhymes”.

Meanwhile, Mars continues to also dominate any current discussion. My recent article attempts a comprehensive analysis:

On Monday October 17, a slowly brightening Mars can be seen exactly in-between the horns of the great Bull of Heaven (Taurus Constellation). Mars at 24Gemini26 is just above Al Hecka (Zeta Tau), at magnitude 2.95, the Southern horn of the Bull. The considerably brighter El Nath (Beta Tau), the Northern horn, shines at magnitude 1.65. Mars is now considerably brighter at magnitude -0.9. This Mars alignment rises around 11:00pm and will be easily visible until dawn. 

This configuration is well worth directly working with. It reveals a rich and ancient history. The horns of the Bull are one of the main stellar indicators of the Galactic Edge and the Silver Gate. The silver gate is the entrance place for the Soul entering into this plane of existence. It is located between the left horn of the Bull and left foot of the Twins constellation, exactly at the intersection of the ecliptic and galactic equator; the center of the square inside the circle of stars that the Lakota call “The Sacred Hoop”. 

Many of the very first calendars created by humanity after the previous great Turning of the Ages about 6500 years ago, were sourced and influenced by the Vernal Equinox aligned with the Pleiades and Aldebaran. It was the horns of the Bull that pointed to the great cosmic cross at the Galactic Edge, known as the Silver Gate. In the Celtic World it was the hand of Orion holding the Sun at the Silver Gate heralding a Great Turning. This is happening now. 

I find it so evocative that Mars is hanging out between Aldebaran, the Bull’s Eye, and the Bull’s horns from September 8 2022 – March 15 2023. Yet another indicator of the Great Turning that Global Humanity is now in a deathing and birthing portal. 

Mars reaches the Galactic edge March 24 2023.

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