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October 9, 2022


Mars will be in the sign of Gemini for 217 days, almost seven months: August 20 2022 – March 25 2023.

Many important transits and cycles are in play. This article will explore as many as possible. This will include the Mars in Gemini synodic Overstory, the connections to the US Chart, the triple conjunction

with Aldebaran, the triple square with Neptune, and the triple conjunction with the United States natal

Mars. The multitude of significant Mars cycles will be explored, with both personal and global implications being considered.


way to track and keep-up with the world altering events to come. It’s always good to remember that

these extraordinary Mars cycles are happening within the even bigger story of our time: 

The Great Turning of The Ages time-frame, where at least six timelines are converging. 

These are:

1) the end and beginning of a 26,000-year precessional cycle

2) the end of Kali Yuga

3) the dawn off the Sixth Sun 

4) the end of the Mayan Calendar long count

5) the Fourth Turning, and 

6) the sixth mass extinction.

These Mars cycles also occur within the time-frame of the United States Pluto Return and Neptune



Mars retrograde October 30 2022, 25Gemini36

Mars direct January 12 2023, 8Gemini07

Each Mars synodic cycle of 25-26 months contains a 2-3month retrograde cycle. Whenever Mars is

retrograde, it is closest and brightest. There is nothing diminished about it. It occurs within the time-

frame when Mars remains in the same sign for 6-8 months (217 days in this one). The Mars/Gemini

archetype is in a birthing process, establishing the framework for the entire cycle. It can be a time

outside of linear-logical apprehension. This is particularly true with the Gemini archetype. It feels like

Gemini has no clear idea about what it intends to do, somewhat like how Gemini “normally” is; but even

more pronounced.


October 2022 through May 5 2023

ZONES: December 4-8 2022, 24N59; mid-March 2023, 25N36

The transit of Mars through Gemini is quite often Out-Of-Bounds, the more so the closer the degrees in

Gemini are to 00Cancer00, the June Solstice degree. When Mars Out of Bounds is added to the

aforementioned retrograde time-frame, even more extreme eccentricity and contrariness can be

expected. On the other hand, it would be hard to imagine a better time to go beyond duality and

polarity completely, and to be in the universe of “crazy wisdom”, with all that can be experienced, much

like a Zen Koan.

It is good to remember that Mars OOB can only occur with Mars in Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and

Capricorn, near the Solstices.

The retrograde time overlaps the Out-of-Bounds time from October 30 2022 – January 12 2023.


September 7 2022, December 26 2022 retro, January 30 2023

A slowly brightening Mars will conjunct the Bull’s Eye reddish-orange star in the Bull Constellation three

times while in Gemini. Aldebaran is quite an important star both historically and visually. Before

the invention of the tropical/seasonal/directional zodiac, it helped determine many sidereal

zodiacs, as the twelve constellations were measured from Aldebaran being 15degrees of Taurus, the

“Bulls Eye”. Quite conveniently, another significant red star, Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion, almost

exactly in opposition, was 15degrees of Scorpio. A number of ancient calendars used the alignment of

the vernal equinox with Aldebaran as the starting point of their calendar. Although Aldebaran is quite a

prominent first magnitude star, this passage of Mars will be noticeably brighter, reaching as much as

magnitude -1.9. Aldebaran has been associated with Archangel Michael, and as one of the Four Royal

Stars, has been known as the Watcher of the East. The fact that the ancient “god” of war, Mars, is now

matched up with the military commander of the Heavenly Hosts, is worth noting. Michael was

particularly dedicated to the defence of the Sacred Feminine, but has often been corrupted by the

patriarchy. See my September post for more information:


October 11 2022, 23Gemini21 / 23Pisces21, before opposition

November 19 2022 retro, 22Gemini42 / 22Pisces42, before opposition

March 5 2023, 25Gemini04 / 25Pisces04, after opposition

This is likely the second most important global transit, after the Saturn/Uranus square and its alignments

with the nodal axis and eclipses. See my October 3 2022 post:

The power and purpose of this transit is even more significant in its connection to the United States Horoscope. The transit of Mars is amplifying the US Neptune opposition and square to natal Mars in Gemini. The final phase of the Neptune opposition to the US Neptune finishes December 4 2022. For nearly two years, the transit of Neptune has been activating the natal Mars square Neptune. I have written and spoken extensively about this, read the written investigations here:

And/or see YouTube playlist:

Neptune’s contribution can always be seen as providing a celestial and heartful connection to Divine Ananda LOVE, conveying the ability to see and feel that all is well and the Universe is unfolding as it should. However, from a middle world perspective, there can be much delusion and confusion. The historical record of the US strongly emphasizes its puer nature, and its tendency to bi-furcate. Civil War anyone? Remember that the founding fathers warned against a two-party system, as well as democracy itself. The first and second squares bookend the November 8 2022 US election!


October 4 2022, November 22 2022 retro, March 5 2023

The first two of these also bookend the United States election season. Note that the Mars Retrograde,

the Mars OOB, the Mars square Neptune, and its connection to the US chart, are all happening at

the same time.


One of the more unique features of the TOTAMS / Shamanic Astrological Paradigm™ are the Overstories

of the synodic cycles of Venus, Mercury and Mars. The full understanding of these cycles can be gained

via one of our on-line certification courses (see info here: Details of the currently unfolding Mars/Gemini Overstory can be found in my seminars with Erik Roth, found here:

I will summarize the six phases of the cycle, as well as how it applies to the human life span:

1) PHASE ZERO – August 20 2022 – December 7 2022: Conception, gestation and incubation of the

archetype and Overstory of the new 26-months cycle. This corresponds to conception, time in the

womb, up to birthing. It began when Mars entered Gemini, and ends at the Mars/Sun opposition on December 7. It includes the beginning of the Mars retrograde cycle on October 30 2022.

2) PHASE ONE – December 7 2022 – February 20 2023: GEMINI birth. The sign of Mars at opposition

establishes the sign/archetype of the Overstory. Emergence and training. This corresponds with

the first breath through about age 14-16, the puberty cycles of first Saturn opposition Mars

return, and second Venus return. This cycle begins with the Mars/Sun opposition, includes Mars

returning to direct motion on January 12 2023, and ends when Mars returns to the opposition

degree of 16Gemini05 on February 20 2023.

3) PHASE TWO – February 20 2023 – September 30 2023: The Quests and Adventures of the young

life. This begins with the onset of puberty, continues onwards to full adulthood, lasting up to

the mid-life crisis cycle around age 40. This phase has eight conjunctions of the Moon with Mars,

symbolizing distinct quests, challenges and initiations. It begins with Mars direct returning to

16Gemini05, the degree of opposition, and concludes when Mars begins his Underworld journey

on September 30 2023.

4) PHASE THREE – September 30 2023 – January 8 2024: This is the Underworld journey of the

Gemini Overstory. This phase begins when evening star Mars reaches 15degrees of the Sun,

disappearing off the world stage behind the Sun, and concludes when Mars reaches 15 degrees

from the Sun in the morning sky. This includes the exterior conjunction with the Sun. It

corresponds to the challenging mid-life cycles including the Pluto Square, the fifth Venus return,

the Neptune square, and the Uranus opposition. Here are the times of humility and surrender,

similar to Plutonian initiations and to the cycle when Venus is on the other side of the Sun. It ends at about ages 44-46 with the second Saturn opposition and Nodal Reversal.

5) PHASE FOUR – January 8 2024 – July 20 2024: This is the Rebirth and Growth of Wisdom of the

Gemini Overstory. It begins when Mars separates 15degrees from the Sun rising in the morning.

Mars will traverse five signs. This phase concludes when Mars returns to the sign of Gemini on

July 20 2024. There will be five Moon/Mars conjunctions in this phase. This phase corresponds to age

46 through elderhood, usually 59 or 65-66.

6) PHASE FIVE – July 20 2024 – September 4 2024: This is the Maturity and Elder Wisdom phase of

the Gemini Overstory. It begins when Mars enters Gemini, which is the current Mars Overstory.

It concludes when Mars enters Cancer on September 4 2024, the sign of the next Overstory.

This phase corresponds with ages 65-66 until 89, the third Saturn Return.

September 4 2024 begins the next PHASE ZERO. This is the Conception. Gestation and Incubation of a

new Mars Overstory, which will be Cancer – in the womb of the Great Mother.

It is remarkable that this Mars synodic Overstory includes the United States Pluto Return, Neptune

Opposition and Chiron Return, as well as 4 Solar Eclipse paths crisscrossing the US in 2023 and 2024!


SUN – MARS OPPOSITION DATES, Longitude Declination:

November 25 1706, 02GEMINI35, not OOB

December 21 1723, 29GEMINI26, 26N44 MOST EXTREME

December 5 1738, 13GEMINI09, 24N36

December 14, 1770, 23GEMINI07, 26N09

November 27 1785, 05GEMINI59, NOT OOB

December 8 1817, 16GEMINI25, 25N10

December 18 1849, 26GEMINI19, 26N27

December 1 1864, 09GEMINI22, 23N42

December 10 1896, 19GEMINI44, 25N39

November 24 1911, 01GEMINI48, NOT OOB

December 22 1928, 29GEMINI, 26N40 SECOND MOST EXTREME

December 6 1943, 13GEMINI, 24N23

December 15 1975, 23GEMINI, 26N02

November 28 1990, 06GEMINI, NOT OOB

December 7 2022, 16GEMINI05, 24N59

This information can be used for research. 

I have been fascinated by the out-of-bounds phenomena. It may be that the previous Gemini Overstories are more significant if Mars is also Out of Bounds, especially the extreme ones.


September 16 2022, 14Gemini30, OVERSTORY PHASE ZERO

October 14 2022, 24Gemini00, OVERSTORY PHASE ZERO

November 11 2022, 24Gemini33 retro, OVERSTORY PHASE ZERO

December 7 2022, 16Gemini05 retro, OVERSTORY PHASE ONE

January 3 2023, 08Gemini40 retro, OVERSTORY PHASE ONE

January 30 2023, 10Gemini06, OVERSTORY PHASE ONE

February 27 2023, 18Gemini47, OVERSTORY PHASE ONE 

March 25 2023, ingress Cancer

The TOTAMS understanding of the Mars synodic cycle places emphasis on the times when the Moon

conjuncts with Mars. The first three conjunctions are in the Mars Gemini Overstory gestation time. The next three are after the birth of the Gemini Mars archetype on December 7 2022, and when Mars is a youth and in training. The seventh Moon/Mars conjunction in Gemini marks the beginning of the Quest and Adventure phase of the Mars/Gemini Overstory. These conjunctions are initiatory portals that beg to be worked with experientially. Since this portion of the Mars synod is when it’s closest and brightest, this should be an easy and enjoyable task.



It’s important to remember, that in this paradigm, while Mars does symbolize the Sacred Masculine,

that does not mean it’s about men. It equally includes the inner masculine and the projected masculine

in women. This Mars cycle and the above information adds in a big way to our understanding of just

how momentous the current times are. Whenever possible, work with these sacred initiatory portals.

Always try to connect with your life purpose intentions. It’s also helpful to remember to keep a

ThreeWorldsApproach, with the additional intention of simultaneously being in the Upper, Middle, and

Lower Worlds. The TOTAMS signature ThreeWorldsApproach can be explored in detail here:

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