Sun Squares Saturn and Jupiter Conjoins The North Node

May 28, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

Two astrological events with greatly contrasting themes capture my attention this week:

Sun square Saturn

This Sunday, May 28, at 3:46am PDT, the Sun at 6Gemini52 squared Saturn at 6Pisces52. Each year, we have two Sun/Saturn squares as well as one opposition and one conjunction. In my experience, this is felt for a good three days, extending through Monday.

This is an aspect of some stress, or as Rudhyar put it: “crisis in action”. Due to the patriarchal hijack of Saturn for several millennia, there will no doubt be continued attempts of the institutions to shut down compassion and the open heart. (Does anyone notice much of an anti-war movement these days?)

But instead of allowing that to happen, these very boundaries are limitations that can inspire us to do the opposite: to respond strongly and humanely to the obvious violations and injustices that are omnipresent. My hope is that, to open our hearts, even greater death and destruction will not be necessary, as unfortunately we have had to witness so often in the past.

If you are in a personal Saturn cycle, keep an eye out for the imminent release of my pre-recorded 10-week course SATURN THE LIBERATOR. Details coming soon!

Jupiter to conjoin the North Node

On Thursday, June 1, around 6pm PDT, Jupiter exactly aligns with the North Node of the Moon at 3Taurus37. Jupiter entered Taurus on May 16 for the first time since 2011. I see the orb of initiatory purpose from May 16, 2023, until early July 2023. In order to discern the meaning of this, apply Jupiter’s four keywords Amplification, Expansion, Activation and Enthusiasm to the North Node.

Jupiter is also the planet of dharma, in our paradigm indicating the intended way of life at this time, as well as what the world needs and expects; our duty and responsibility. Applied to global humanity, the North Node is a destination point, representing its directional flow. In essence, the North Node has a Jupiterian flavor to begin with. Jupiter is thus strongly highlighting the intended direction for global humanity at this time.

When the focus is on Taurus, this Mystery School of Life teaches about the importance of our Earth bodies, our physical incarnation, the aesthetics, beauty and art of our garden planet, with the emphasis on the savoring and enjoyment of such a precious opportunity. In Taurus, “Being” dominates over “doing.” This is Epicureanism at its best, without guilt or shame, and with moderation (not Stoicism!) These Jupiterian activations can also induce excesses and the shadow.  With Taurus, it’s the excessive emphasis on false safety and security, with a resistance to changing conditions. Control programs intensify, as evidenced by the current attempts to impose a hierarchically controlled digital money system.  Authentic Taurus sees only abundance with the motto: “The Garden of Eden without the Fall.” 

One of our two upcoming June Solstice seminars features the Jupiter ingress into Taurus. Make sure you join!

Reminder about the Venus/Mars Great Saga 

On June 1 in the evening sky, Mars and Venus enter a 10degree orb. The minimum separation of 3.6degrees is reached on June 30. The two planets remain in a 10degree orb until July 24. To understand more about this important flash-point in the Venus-Mars Great Saga Overstory, see last week’s post!

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