Taurus Lunation · Last Quarter: Final Assessment and Release

May 29, 2024 | by Silvianne K. Delmars |


Our week begins on Thursday, May 30, with the mystical Pisces Last Quarter Moon squaring the Sun in Gemini, and ends with the Gemini New Moon on June 6. Here are the highlights (all times given in PDT).


Thursday, May 30


The last quarter Moon is exact at 1:13 pm at 09 Pisces 46, squaring the Sun and Venus in Gemini with Jupiter not far away. This last quarter Moon rises around midnight and sets around noon tomorrow. Look for it before dawn high in the sky. There is a great emphasis this month and beyond on all things Gemini, with expansive Jupiter just beginning its year-long trek through this magical, hard-to-pin-down air sign.

We may find ourselves avidly following a plethora of fascinating leads down into seemingly endless rabbit holes. The Moon with Saturn in deep feeling Pisces is squaring off with this Gemini trio to remind us to ground our free-floating explorations in a compassionate sense of what is truly wanted. A sometimes much needed antidote to Gemini flitterings. Working together, they can be powerful allies in accessing new perspectives to propel the expression of our much needed, heartfelt soul’s gift into the world.

Messenger Mercury, continuing in its morning star Apollo phase in the Aries overstory synodic cycle, will pass change agent Uranus in earthy Taurus late this evening, presaging Mercury’s opposition to asteroid Pallas Athene tomorrow afternoon. An excellent combo to open the doorway to groundbreaking messages that serve a new pattern, for ourselves and the world. Look for messages to come through in unusual ways – electrical yet earthy. Crop circles spring to mind! Why not put your bare feet on the Earth and see what comes through for you?


Friday, May 31


The waning crescent Moon will be with Saturn in the morning sky. Look for it under dark skies, rising about three hours before dawn. Although not visible to us, the Moon will also be passing Neptune today. This monthly activation of dreamy Neptune in its resonant sign of Pisces reminds us to reach deeply into our mystical core for refreshment and renewal. But don’t get lost there. With Saturn continuing its 2 ½ year transit of this watery sign, our task is to bring the spiritual into the physical in new, more grounded ways.


Saturday, June 1 / Sunday, June 2


The Moon will be hanging out between Saturn and Mars in the eastern morning sky, rising a few hours before dawn, on its way to an exact Mars conjunction tomorrow. Look for them over the next few mornings. Although not visible, Chiron is there as well, also conjuncting the Moon in Aries. A cosmic timing that asks us to revision the Sacred Masculine warrior, healing the wounds of power over, so he can once again serve his sacred calling in service to a New Earth vision.


Monday, June 3


Jupiter in Gemini made an airy trine to Pluto in Aquarius last night and Mercury will also be trining Pluto today. We’re being strongly supported to go into the depths, access our authentic emotions, and let go of whatever may be blocking us from moving forward with new, exciting ideas and enhanced modes of perception.


Tuesday, June 4


This week’s uber activation of all things Gemini reaches another culmination point as Mercury joins Jupiter in the early hours, fresh from entering into its resonant sign yesterday. Although too close to the Sun to be visible with the naked eye, both Jupiter and Mercury are there on the eastern horizon, rising just ahead of the morning Sun. This is a very supportive alignment for sitting with the sunrise and tuning in for innovative messages designed to take us beyond duality into a place of accelerated manifestation.

Later this morning, Leo synodic overstory Venus meets with the Sun on the far side of the Earth (exterior conjunction). Again, this is a potent nexus point in her 2-months journey of surrender through the depths. What messages, suffused with Gemini crazy wisdom, might Great Mystery have to offer to empower the Sacred Feminine at this critical juncture?  How can she more fully die to who she isn’t (anymore) so she can be reborn as a more authentic, sovereign version of her true self?

In the evening, the waning Moon completes its monthly illumination of Uranus in Taurus, sparking a shake-up in how we interact with Earth, and with our own bodies. Time to let yourself be unpredictable in the pursuit of deeper pleasure.


Wednesday, June 5


Echoing yesterday’s conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury, the almost-full Moon will be passing them both this morning. This is a synchronistic timing, adding further power to the opportunity offered each month during this 3-day New Moon window. Time for a final assessment and release, as we let the detritus remaining from this Taurus New Moon lunation be turned back into the soil to feed the seeds we are choosing to plant for the month to come.


Thursday, June 6


The Gemini New Moon is exact at 5:38 am at 16 Gemini 18. And the Moon will conjunct Venus in the Underworld in the same degree just an hour later. This New Moon invites us to explore the cutting edge balance between healthy commitment and free-spirited inquiries into a realm beyond established reality.

Time to invoke the court jester, the only one who could and would tell the truth to the king, bringing a healthy humility and dose of cosmic humor lest we take ourselves too seriously. Time to let loose with the inner cosmic troubadour, to sing the songs of New Earth in a previously undreamt of key. To show up with an unwavering commitment to go beyond old stories of polarity with unbridled imagination and irreverent enthusiasm for the task at hand. Time to learn how to play in service to All That Is. Truly, that’s what we came for at this Great Turning of The Ages!

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