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May 13, 2024 | by Silvianne K. Delmars |


This week’s astro update begins on Wednesday, May 15, with the regal 2nd Quarter Leo Moon squaring the Sun in Taurus. It ends on Thursday, May 23, with the adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon opposing Sun in Gemini.

Here are the highlights (all times given in PDT):


Wednesday, May 15


The Moon at 25 Leo 08 makes its exact square to the Sun at 4:48am. We have reached the first turning point in the cycle initiated at the Taurus New Moon this past week. Time to stay the course we invoked with our New Moon intentions as we face real world obstacles to be resolved. The second quarter Moon will be visible this evening very near to Regulus, the royal heart star of the Lion constellation, until they set a little after midnight. Tune in for messages supporting a deeper sense of sovereignty and unbridled creative expression.

With Uranus and Jupiter flanking the Sun in Taurus at this 2nd quarter juncture, the energies of wacky, unpredictable, unexpected change continue to be highlighted. We are being prompted to shift our entrenched tendency to experience this unpredictability solely as an obstacle. Perhaps there are hidden gifts in the seemingly obstructive energies that can help accelerate our current path of transformation – if we have the courage to intentionally embrace the unknown.


image credit: Naraya Naserian

Amplifying the Taurean themes, Mercury enters this grounded, earthy sign later in the morning. This will be its first sign change after turning direct on April 25 and begin a whole new 125-day Aries-themed synodic cycle. Along with the rest of us, the actional Aries communicator is being prompted to slow down and smell the Taurean roses. So much information is potentially available, encoded in the living world all around us – in the plants and trees, wild creatures, the very water we drink – if we make the effort to drop into our bodies and listen to the messages from our sensate selves. A challenge for fast-paced Aries, but one that proffers deep rewards.


Friday, May 17


Mercury in Taurus is squaring Pluto in Aquarius in the wee hours. As we explore a more earth-based mode of listening and expressing, composter Pluto wants to make sure we stay open to offerings of expanded consciousness. The caution is not to succumb to the temptation to become untethered from what’s real. It’s a challenging push-pull energy. The creative synthesis required has the potential to bring us undreamt of new-paradigm insights along with clues for their joyful, successful implementation.


Saturday, May 18


Placing further emphasis on the Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus themes of seismic change, Venus will conjunct Uranus in the early morning hours, followed by the Sun meeting Jupiter just before noon. These are not visible meet-ups, as from our perspective they are happening on the far side of the Sun.

What potent messages might sovereign Leo Overstory Venus be receiving from evolutionary Uranus during this 2-month Underworld stage of her synodic cycle journey? Are we willing to plunge into the unknown to uncover a more authentic, fiercely exuberant connection to our true soul desires? Uranus and Jupiter are amplifying each other, catalyzing the explosion of our personal creative genius, in service to the New Earth vision now being birthed out of the chaos of the Great Turning of The Ages.


Sunday, May 19


The Moon conjuncts the South Node this morning at 14 Libra 56, while Mars is meeting up with the North Node about 12 hours later, at the opposite degree in Aries. This is a powerful activation of the current past and future trajectory for humanity.

The Moon with the South Node is highlighting the distortions of unhealthy partnership. This waxing gibbous Moon will be passing the star Spica in the constellation of the Virgin over the next two evenings, visible from sunset through midnight. This beautiful star has long been associated with the grain goddesses of various cultures, representing the Great Mother. What transmissions might she have for us in this quest for more healthy relating?

Meanwhile, Mars in his resonant sign at the future-pointing Aries North Node, is urging us to envision the highest ideals of the actional Aries archetype, freed from thousands of years of patriarchal distortion. Time to employ his powerful, intuitive, enthusiastic leadership qualities for a vision that serves the renewal of the Earth and all her inhabitants.

It is worth noting that the Sun in Taurus is opposing the asteroid Pallas Athena in Scorpio early this morning. Although TOTAMS has yet to complete the research into the cycles of Pallas, this Sun opposition would indicate that she is beginning her synodic cycle, while she is retrograde and closest and brightest to us here on Earth (much like Mars when he begins his synodic cycle). The cycle will extend until her next Sun opposition in August of 2025.

According to Demetra George, Pallas Athena in Scorpio holds “the wisdom of insight – penetrating to the core and grasping the essence.” Pallas continues to be featured over this lunation quarter, as she is opposed by expansive Jupiter tomorrow, and by Venus on Wednesday, both still in the Underworld. A good timing for tuning into the deeper patterns of the natural world and the powerful healing energies they can offer.


Monday, May 20


The Sun enters the seasonal air sign of Gemini early this morning for the next month. Time to foster the magical, shapeshifting energies of curiosity, versatility and humor to take us beyond the confines of duality and polarity.


Wednesday, May 22


The Sun in Gemini is trining Pluto in Aquarius. Although we do not place a great emphasis on trines in the TOTAMS paradigm, this flowing aspect does offer the potential to use Plutonian power to gain much needed perspective and a healthy shot of detachment as we continue to navigate the pressure cooker of these transformative times. An auspicious time to free ourselves from what may be blocking our expanded vision, helping us to communicate more freely on multiple levels of being.

As mentioned above, Venus in the Underworld will be opposing asteroid Pallas very early this morning.


Wednesday, May 22/Thursday, May 23


On Wednesday evening the almost full Moon can be seen approaching the bright red, royal star Antares in the Scorpion constellation, located at about 10 degrees of Sagittarius. They will be visible all night, as they travel across the sky together.

On Thursday, the Sagitarrius Full Moon (exact at 6:53am at 02 Sag 55) will be with Antares. In some areas of the world, including Africa, the Caribbean basin, Central America, and the American Southeast, an occultation of Antares by this out of bounds Moon may be visible, taking about an hour to pass over the heart star of the Scorpion.


Perhaps this potent star portal activation can help us to access new information, infusing the Sagittarius quest for truth with a more authentic engagement with life force energy. Whether visible in your area or not, you can certainly tune in to experience what comes through for you.

In the wee hours of the morning, before the exact Full Moon, Venus will rendezvous with Jupiter in the Underworld. Another powerful opportunity to receive information from Great Mystery, beaming from Galactic Center through our Sun to Venus, informing the Leo Sacred Feminine as she surrenders deeply to the process of death and rebirth.


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