Uranus Stations Direct

Jan 27, 2024 | by Naraya Naserian |

Today, January 27, 7:35 UT, Uranus stationed direct at 19Taurus05. The planet had been in retrograde motion since August 29, 2023.


Three Days of Uranian Intensity


As always when an outer planet is stationary, expect three days of Uranian intensity. In fact, Uranus remains stationary at 19Taurus05 for a whole six days, from January 25-30. As is the nature of Uranus, this can potentially initiate unpredictable, unexpected, unknowable events of great novelty on the world stage. If 19Taurus05 falls close to one of the angles or inner planets of your chart (which would mean you are in a Uranian initiation cycle anyway (see TOTAMS Course 02, Tracking Transits: Seasons & Cycles), this could equally apply to your personal life!


Towards the April 2024 Conjunction


Let’s remember that only a month earlier, on December 29, 2023, Jupiter stationed direct too, in the 6th degree of Taurus. Both Uranus and Jupiter are now picking up speed towards their April 20 conjunction at 21Taurus49. That conjunction is happening less than two weeks after the final of the four Solar Eclipses criss-crossing the continental United States, which Daniel Giamario has variously elaborated upon, for instance in his Investigation of The US Chart series, and which also serves as the focal point for our in-person Ohio Eclipse Gathering. We have only a handful of places left for this gathering. If you feel called, check it out now!

Another noteworthy facet here is that the Aquarius New Moon of February 9 will be at 20Aquarius41. This presents a close square to the April Jupiter-Uranus conjunction degree and, as squares can be translated to “crisis in action”, might well be the strongest ignition point in the two planets’ Taurean dance together!

To get a deeper understanding for their conjunction, it is important to reiterate that Uranus and Jupiter come together in Taurus only every 83 years. There is also the magic of seven Jupiter cycles very closely equating to one Uranus cycle! In many ways, the TOTAMS Paragigm embraces the heterodox view that Uranus is the higher octave of Jupiter and that they greatly amplify each other.

Jupiter is about amplification and expansion anyway, and Uranus is like the maverick feature that propels things into other worlds. So if we think about this as Uranus presenting large amounts of novelty in the form of unexpected, unpredictable world events, and Jupiter is amplifying that, while this particular configuration has not happened since 1941, we can more specifically speculate about how this will possibly manifest. Daniel has gone on record stating that it might well initiate another timeline split within the crucible of the Great Turning of The Ages. I share this view!


Symbols and Oracles


Backtracking to Uranus stationing direct at 19Taurus05, both Dane Rudhyar’s Taurus 20 Sabian Symbol interpretation as well as the respective Ellias Lonsdale Zodiac Oracle offer ample food for contemplation, and clues as to what we can expect this week and beyond.

Dane Rudhyar Sabian Symbol


KEYNOTE: The awareness of spiritual forces at work.

Any emergence of life potentialities from the depth of the vast Unconscious is answered by the spiritual activity of superconscious forces in a cosmic kind of antiphony. The individual who has taken a new step in their evolution should look for the ‘Signature’ of divine Powers confirming their progress. It may reveal the meaning of what is to come next. The ‘wing-like clouds’ may also symbolize the presence of celestial beings (devas, angels) blessing and subtly revealing the direction to take, the direction of ‘the wind’ of destiny.”

Ellias Lonsdale Zodiac Oracle

“Taurus 20

A fork in the road with a blank signpost

Karma brings us to a point where we can no longer return to known worlds. We have used up that which is familiar, comfortable, and secure. We have been led by Spirit to a place where there is no going back. There is nobody here to center our existence around. We need a passage, an extended journey into the far wilderness where nobody goes, nobody returns, yet where we belong once we have consumed all the places to hide. It is a stark proposition to set out on this voyage. We can take nothing with us, and most strangely, we really don’t know who we’re supposed to be, how to remember, or what to move toward. We have gotten lost somewhere in the underbrush and we cannot go back, dust off, and fit within known worlds yet again. Do we ever set out on this voyage? Have we ever not been on it? Are there any choices or options, really? Or is it maybe an actual karmic matter of fresh departure or bust? There is one consoling factor in our favor: we are somehow, somewhere, at home within this frequency and relieved to have it come down to this. There has been so much leading up to this. The bone-deep need for getting free of who we ever might have been asserts itself at an instinctual level and pulls us through, even when we don’t know anything about it.

This is a matter of trusting the winds of fate, of karma, of destiny, of divine guidance, of random chance, of earthly feeling for the territory. In a void, finding the only way that can work, our path lights up on the inside and gives us everything we need as soon as we realize that nothing will come from the outside, and we wouldn’t follow it anyway.”


Change What’s Gone Stale


In conclusion, for each of us as well as for the collective, Uranian energy lends itself to change whatever has gone stale, brittle, outdated, in short, whatever has been in place for too long. There can be radical assemblage point shifts, resulting in both breakdowns of the old patriarchal, materialistic structures and paradigms, as well as breakthroughs to entirely new possibilities and radically expanded world views. The directive is to give ourselves permission to roll with the punches and to trust that the changes occurring are in the direction of original intent. During times like these, trying to be “normal” and operate within the tight confines of consensus reality is likely to lead us into trouble!

“Ultimately, the Uranus principle is not about producing situations of difficulty and disaster. Difficulty and disaster happen when there is resistance to the changes that need to take place.” (Shamanic Astrology Handbook, p.107)

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