Will Old Aries Grow Up?

April 22, 2024 | by Daniel Giamario |

I am still in the glow of our wonderful eclipse experience and group. See my reflections on it here and in this video. But this week is so loaded that I will comment briefly on each of the most significant occurrences.


Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks in Alignment with he Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction


The much written about and highly anticipated Jupiter-Uranus conjunction happened on Saturday, April 20, at 7:27PM PDT. I have written articles and have done videos on this auspicious, rare, and important event previously. Check out, for instance, ‘Unpacking 2024’, min 00:00-4:30 and TOTAMS June Solstice 2023: Jupiter into Taurus. (It’s free, you’ll be redirected after logging in or signing up to our TOTAMS Community Forum).


What is most remarkable is that Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks aligned with Jupiter within 0.5 degrees! This comet was dubbed by some the “Devil Comet” for reasons not clear to me. With the recent North Node Total Solar Eclipse in Aries with Chiron, amplifying the Chiron Return of the United States, it will be interesting to see if a new non-patriarchal and less warlike version of Aries can emerge. So far, it seems that Israel and Iran are “counting coup” with each other. At least, that is more enlightened Aries than blowing each other up. Considering that previous Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions in Taurus occurred just before the Civil War and just before the U.S. entered WWII, not repeating that same pattern would be a novel and hoped for outcome!


Spica and The Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon


The Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon sits at 4Scorpio18 on Tuesday, April 23, at 4:49PM PDT. On Monday, the already full looking Moon is conjunct Spica at 24Libra.

5000 years-ago this Full Moon was aligned with the Imbolc cross-quarter and marked the radiance and glory of the Sacred Feminine. Spica was seen as a stellar stand-in for Venus. Precession has changed the situation, but I still think that this Full Moon illumines the compassionate wisdom and higher consciousness of the Goddess. Think Sophia, Saraswati, Brigit …


Mercury Stationary Direct


Mercury is stationary direct on Thursday, April 25, at 5:54AM PDT at 15Aries58. This begins a Mercury Aries Synodic Overstory lasting for 125 days. Including the last part of the previous overstory, Mercury will be in Aries for 66 days. Hopefully the retrograde period assisted many to not act rashly and develop some semblance of objectivity.

Interestingly, the station opens up another – albeit very short – time frame of all planets direct, until Pluto turns retrograde on May 2. April 25 through May 2 thus may be the most dangerous period for old Aries to lash out!


Other Planetary Updates


Mars and Saturn are both slowly rising in the morning sky, both at magnitude +1.2. Recently conjunct on April 10, they remain within 10degrees of each other until April 26, and still in Pisces. The patriarchal and traditional fear and negativity generally attached to their union is hopefully mitigated by their presence in Pisces, with the possibility of empathy and compassion.

Meanwhile Venus, already very hard to spot, and in her “Death by Intent” portal, conclusively enters the exterior / Inanna Underworld on Saturday, April 27.

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