An Astonishing Solar Eclipse Experience

April 15, 2024 | by Daniel Giamario |

On April 8, at about 3:07PM EDT, from the Miamisburg Mound grounds, together with our group of 22 pilgrims, wayfarers, out-of-bounders and Seed People, I had the opportunity to directly experience the fourth of the central solar eclipses that tracked across continental U.S. from 2012-2024. My desire to experience all four of them has been realized!

With great gratitude, I can share that we had a PERFECT set of circumstances. It was quite miraculous, really. The days leading up to the eclipse were cold, cloudy, and with lots of rain. Seemingly from another dimension, the day of the eclipse was 20 degrees warmer, clear and dry! Even the extensive geo-engineering could not spoil the full experience of the eclipse. The days post-eclipse reverted to cold and rainy conditions. This weather miracle reminded me of a similar experience I had in 1987 at Callanish for the Lunar Standstill / Moon Walking on the Land experience where weeks of cold, wind, and drizzle were constant. On the night of the Full Moon, the weather cleared up and it got 10-15 degrees warmer.  It felt as if the weather of thousands of years in the past had returned. Without exception, the experience was heart-opening and produced life-changing insights for many.

Our eclipse gathering was part of an in-person 6-day TOTAMS course: Cycles of the Inner Planets, not presented in-person since 2012. Our group included those who had received the call from Spain, Curaçao, Mexico, California, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, and I from the Philippines. A profound sense of unity of purpose was palpable. TOTAMS Council members Silvianne K. Delmars, Shiva Faranpour and Vivian Hurley were there with us as staff. Shiva was our Course Coordinator, and Vivian, being well researched about the Mounds, was our Sacred Tour Navigator.

Our venue, the Arc of Appalachia, in Bainbridge, Ohio, was chosen so we could be in the central vortex of the Hopewell Mound builder culture. We were only 23 miles away from the well-known Serpent Mound, which we visited as a field trip after the eclipse-day.

Since our venue was just outside the zone of totality, we drove to the Miamisburg Mound. We arrived less than an hour before the partial eclipse began, had over two magical minutes of totality, made our new Super New Moon intentions, and then gathered together for a celebratory meal. Another remarkable experience was had just after the eclipse when gathering in circle: We met a woman, Tina, who was connected to the mound’s guardian/keeper spirit being. Through her, the guardian communicated that we were gathered at the exact spot where he liked to hang out, and that he was so happy!

In the unfolding weeks, the full significance of this eclipse may reveal itself.  At this moment, considering the proliferation of fear-porn leading up to this eclipse, I feel a sense of hope and inspiration for what’s to come at this Great Turning of the Ages, and as the end of Kali Yuga is upon us. I am not at all referring to light-polarized “hopium.” With open hearts and clear intention, and with the strength of our individual Spiritual Will, we can intend a future world inhabited by authentic human beings, connected to Soul and Spirit, and in alignment with Great Mystery’s intent.



I felt that TOTAMS accomplished what we set out to do. As Seed People we remain committed to helping others in realizing their life purpose, to value all the places on the Wheel of Life, and with ceremony and dedication be in service to Gaia and Christos-Sophia, through the guidance of Merlin, Arthur and Archai Michael.  We intend to dream the Vision onwards.

And now … onwards to Callanish!


photo credit: Chansee Brown

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