Inanna – 5th Gate of Personal Power: Endings and Beginnings 

Jan 8, 2024 | by Silvianne Delmars |

On January 8th the Moon is with Venus in the morning sky at 12 Sagittarius 06, marking her arrival at the 5th gate of her descending journey, the gate associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Here are the Sabian and Chandra symbols for this Sagittarius 13 degree.


Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol Sagittarius 13 by Ruby Fumizki

“Sagittarius 13: A widow’s past is brought to light.

Keynote: The karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle.

… once a cycle of activity is concluded, much that was unclear or unconsciously motivated in the events it witnessed can now more easily come to the clear consciousness of the mind … this is a symbol of RETRIBUTION.”

– Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases



Chandra Symbol

“An embalmer at work on a mummy.

… We are being asked to let go of every fixed idea and to free our past ghosts of every kind. We are being ushered into an astounding miracle we never will believe until we’re right there in that super-clarity that comes at death’s door …

When it’s over, it’s ready to begin. When everything falls apart, the deeper pattern can come together. As we lose what we thought we had, we gain access to the missing place.”

– Ellias Lonsdale, Star Sparks:  360 Windows into the Heart of the Zodiac


Facing The Consequences

If the above sounds familiar, it is because we visited this territory just last month, as Mars met with the Moon in the Underworld at this same degree on December 12th. And now, on the very day that Venus and the sliver of a waning Moon meet up at the gate of personal power, Mars is rising from his Underworld journey, just about becoming visible low in the early morning sky.

Is Mars looking up towards Venus – in supplication or perhaps warning – as she and the Moon brightly illuminate the degree he so recently delved to the depths of, aided by the mysterious vibrations of the dark Moon? This is a potent degree frequency, that speaks to us of the inevitability of facing the consequences of all that we have set in motion – even from past lives (?!). It points toward the importance of willingly initiating completions and endings (even as we feel new energies dawning), if we are to truly transform all that blocks our access to authentic power.


Reminiscent of 9/11

Tellingly, Pluto was on this exact degree when the media told us the first plane hit the World Trade Center in New York City on 9/11, within a degree of the US natal ascendant! See also Daniel Giamario’s January 8th update!

Resonant with the archetype of the bereaved widow, the United States in their time of pain and loss were the focus of an outpouring of love and compassion from people around the world. What better time to face up to the truth (Sagittarius) of our own unjust past actions, brought to light by this underworld event (Pluto) and move towards true justice and growth with the support of allies, and maybe even perceived enemies, around the world? Tragically, the U.S. chose a very different path.


Change Begins With The Personal

The current emphasis on this exact degree frequency by both Venus and Mars as they approach each other in the morning sky seems to be indicating another choice point, an accelerated opportunity to face up to the past, in the hope of beginning a new phase unencumbered by old ghosts. All change begins with the personal. Leo Overstory Venus at the 5th gate, about to meet up with a newly emerged Gemini Overstory Mars, invites us to inquire:

What half-finished stories are lurking beneath the surface of my awareness, yearning to be resolved, so I can be free to move forward with the waves of change bearing down upon us? How has my relationship to my personal power been distorted or blocked by unfinished business from the past? What guidance might Venus and Mars have for me as I sit in ceremony with them, under the pre-dawn sky?

As James Burgess points out in his analysis of this Venus gate Sabian symbol, our victories and our failures pass away – unless we fail to complete them, and then they haunt us. We are accountable to all we start. We must finish. Nostalgia, loss, grief – these strong feelings rightfully belong to the past. But we must authentically digest them to truly be able to let them go.


Mars Emerging From His 100-Day Underworld Ordeal

Sabian Symbol Sagittarius 4 by Ruby Fumizki

Let’s turn to the Sabian symbol wisdom offered by Mars, as he rises at 03 Capricorn 27, at the bow of the archer, pointing towards Galactic Center. In this potent moment of emergence from his 100-day Underworld ordeal, having traversed the gauntlet of Scorpionic depth experience (not an easy journey for airy Gemini!), topped off by searing revelations of Sagittarian truth, he is activating Capricorn 4, “A party entering a large canoe,” expanded by Dane Rudhyar to read, “A group of people entering a large canoe at the start of a journey by water.”

This symbol points to the need for careful preparation and coordinated effort, ideally guided by informed leadership, when embarking on a group activity in response to a need for change. Canoes travel by water, suggesting that the groups’ underlying emotions and beliefs about the impending move are also important.

James Burgess summarizes this step of the journey of becoming as, “group responsiveness to collective emergency.” Ideally, archetypal Gemini Mars has been to the underworld, has learned something about showing up for the potency of incarnated life experience, found a new footing in an allegiance to his inner truth, and is emerging to ground these new experiences in practical applications for a 3-D world in chaos – a world definitely experiencing such a “collective emergency.”


A Call To Invoke Past Wisdom

Strangely enough, harking back to the 9/11 chart referenced above, the true South Node for that event shared this Mars emergence degree, at 03 Capricorn 06, opposite the event’s North Node AND the US natal Venus degree, which were conjunct exactly to the minute (!).

I interpret this signature as a call to invoke past wisdom, to mount an individual and collective response to the crises at hand so we can unfold our true destiny, aided by the sacred nurturing intent of the Great Mother archetype, to re-animate our true role of offering authentic solace and innovative inspiration to the global family, grounded in an uncompromising, expansive search for truth founded in integrity.

As these echoes from the past resurface at this vital Venus gate of personal power, we are offered an expanded opportunity to finish what we have started.  “When everything falls apart, the deeper pattern can come together.” That time is now – time to plant the seeds we wish to see flourish for future generations at this great Turning of The Ages.

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This Venus Gate in pictures:

by Gemini Brett, California


by Gemini Brett, California



by Lorena Sabugal, Spain


by Estela Bremer, Mexico

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