Leo Venus & Gemini Mars: An Invitation

by Mary Kern | June 4, 2024 |


What is so special about these Synodic Cycles of Venus in the Leo Overstory and Mars in the Gemini Overstory?  Why is this something you will welcome into your awareness as we enter the second half of the Venus Cycle?

Here is why: Humankind is collectively at the conclusion of a Great Year, a 26,000-year cycle. At this same time we are at the end of the Kali Yuga. This is a time of devolution and composting of what has gone before that no longer serves the highest good of all. The intent of this clearing is to make space for collectively dreaming a new story.

A patriarchal rule has dominated and is coming to an end at this Great Turning of The Ages.

We will follow the synodic cycles of Venus and Mars. They represent the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. Both energies are held within all of us. The archetypal focus of each of their respective celestial journeys are ones of high importance for this most sacred Turning Point.

Venus, representing the Sacred Feminine energy, has been greatly diminished during Patriarchy rule. This domination has produced collateral damage for the Sacred Masculine as well.

These current cycles are important healing journeys. In the first phase of the Venus journey, the Sacred Feminine released the distortions that have blocked her charismatic self love, intuitive, joyful expression, her creativity and play.

In the current sacred masculine cycle we come to terms with a collective shadow of Gemini; fun-seeking, youth seeking, drunk on diversion and entertainment, not taking the planetary high stakes seriously, dancing away from harsh reality and easily misinformed by trickster powers and the media’s fallacies of reason. Gemini Mars, at this time of a Great Turning, is first finding and then designing the best ways to bypass the duality of the mind, knowing that beyond it is Oneness.

Together these sacred “halves of Oneness” potentially can collaborate to imagine a new story, a dream that creates Heaven on Earth. And we are the Seed People, restoring power to the Sacred Feminine and Masculine through the evolution of our own souls and our physical experiences and choices.

In the first half of the Venus journey, during Her descent in the morning sky, we have healed the distortions and wounds and awakened to beliefs that have, unknowingly, run our lives and robbed us of our birth rights.

The Sacred Feminine, in the Leo Overstory, is collectively re-membering our divine rite to Be, to Create, to Stand in our own Power, to Radiate Self-Love, to access our Intuition, to Speak our Truth and decide for Ourselves, to expand our Perception, Connect with our Divinity and co-create with the Sacred Masculine and Creator.

We are healing in all these areas of life. AND in the second half of the Venus journey, we are about to transform these same reclaimed areas of life into a higher octave of each, activating a new level of radiance, self love, creatorship and joyfulness at this critical junction point.

In the underworld, Venus is transmuting grief into joy and fear into power before rising into the evening sky on July 10/11, 2024. Experiencing this next phase of Venus’ and Mars’ journeys together will provide us opportunities to activate more personal evolution, more understanding, more meaning, more love and more connection.

Please accept this sacred invitation to awaken with us, in these next eight months, to a higher level of our Sacred Feminine, radiant self-love within; as well as our playful imagination to discover what lies beyond the mind with the Sacred Masculine in his Gemini journey!

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