Planetary Highlights of The Week

Oct 2, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |


I learned of the word noctalgia this past week. It refers to the grief and sadness at the loss of dark skies world-wide and the incursion of 100,000 satellites obstructing clear skies. Thanks, Musk, Bezos, and the military.





From October 3-7, the Moon will be wildly Out-Of-Bounds in Gemini and Cancer, including the farthest out yet of the year at 28N17 latitude in early Cancer on October 5. The waning moon aligns with the Pleiades on Sunday night, October 8.


On Sunday, September 30, Mars entered into the exterior Underworld at 22Libra22, accompanied by Spica, the most important star of the Priestess constellation. His sojourn of surrender lasts until January 8, 2024, when he spots Venus rising ahead of him in the morning sky. Mars also aligns with the South Node on Wednesday, immediately confronting past memories of the Gemini synodic overstory.


As of October 1, Venus blazes at -4.7 magnitude, rising 45degrees ahead of the Sun at 24Leo24. Having just entered into the stars of the Lion constellation, Venus will reach Regulus, symbolic of Archangel Michael, by next weekend when entering Virgo at 6:11pm PDT on Sunday evening. Venus remains within the Crown chakra portal of her Leo synodic overstory until reaching the Third Eye chakra on October 10.


With a particularly strong Northern Hemisphere evening star apparition about to end, Mercury begins the week just 14degrees above the horizon at -1.0magnitude at 25Virgo44, near Denebola, the tail of the Lion constellation. This is the first Guardian of the Threshold phase of the current Virgo synodic overstory. Mercury enters the psychopomp phase of the journey on Friday, October 6, remaining on the other side of the Sun, off the world stage, until November 4. The psychopomp phase is when Mercury is the guide for souls exploring the Celestial worlds and the Lower worlds.

Note: To learn more about these overstories, check our Journey of Inanna Revisioned with Mars Group now being formed, and the Course 05 The Overstory: Cycles of Inner Planets in-person event in Ohio at the time of the Total Solar Eclipse in April 2024 (see latest TOTAMS Newsletter, more details coming soon)!


On Sunday, October 1, the Moon aligned with Jupiter at 6:37pm PDT at 14Taurus20Rx. Still among the stars of the Ram constellation, Jupiter at -2.8magnitude, should be able to be viewed easily enough, with the still quite full waning Moon. This can be seen as a concluding punctuation point for the recently completed triple Venus square Jupiter configuration that I have been writing about here.


At 0.5magnitude at 1Pisces23Rx on Monday, Saturn is now the sole evening star. Travelling through a rather dark area of the sky in the stars of the Water Bearer, Saturn is still about two fists above the similar brightness of Fomalhaut, the Royal Star, in the mouth of the Southern Fish. Venus is approaching an opposition to Saturn by the weekend.

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