The Aquarius New Moon: Seeding Unexpected Creativity

Feb 6, 2024 | by Silvianne K. Delmars |


Seek The Clear Air Of A Higher Vantage Point


The Aquarius New Moon at 20Aquarius41 occurs at 2:59 pm PST on Friday, February 9. As the nearest New Moon to the Imbolc Cross-Quarter, with a close square to Uranus in Taurus, this lunation begs us to unleash our innermost, wildly exuberant creative forces in support of an utterly new vision. That which we seed now can have ripple effects not only for the coming lunar month, but for many months to come in this pivotal year of change.

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Aquarius offers us the opportunity to soar away from the ubiquitous, stultifying dramas that dampen our feathers, to seek the pure, clear air of a higher vantage point. However, with Uranus at 19Taurus09 in an exact square to the Sun just the day before the New Moon, this is definitely not meant as an invitation to escape the unavoidable intensity of these unprecedented times, but rather a prompt to fly up for a vivifying breath or two, and then return to engage the ongoing challenges with a replenished inner authority, newly inspired.

All planets moving direct for an extended period only adds fuel to the fire. We can expect the unexpected, as we do our best to roll with the punches. Rather than rail against our fate, why not focus on ferreting out any new perspectives and opportunities that may have been unearthed by the inescapable shake-ups or shake-downs of this unpredictable cosmic season? This is the true gift of Uranus initiations.


Be Joyful, Though You Have Considered All The Facts


The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon degree is Aquarius 21, “A woman disappointed and disillusioned.” Dane Rudhyar writes of the need to “courageously face a seemingly empty life.”  James Burgess describes this degree as “facing emotional upset and pain with grit and forbearance.” We are being asked to face the deepest despair and still find the will to choose faith, to continue on wholeheartedly.  In this way, we will be able to vision the path forward from a clear-eyed awareness of what is really happening all around us, acknowledging the shadow as well as the light.

And remember – an emphasis on any one archetype (in this case the Sun and Moon in Aquarius) always calls forth the balance offered by its resonant polarity. Let’s not forget to ground our Aquarian enthusiasms for consciousness-expanding, evolutionary, humanity-wide reforms with Leo’s very personal, fiery, heart-centered creativity, sourced in healthy self-interested desire. Time to reject the false definitions of a world where consciousness is opposed to love – to create instead a new world founded on the truth that consciousness is Love. This is our fundamental and urgent task.


Messages In The Morning Sky


In the two days just before the New Moon on the 9th, the Moon will have passed by Venus and Mars (in Capricorn) and Mercury (in Aquarius) in quick succession, emphasizing the magic of the pre-dawn morning line-up of these three personal planets in early February.

Mercury, currently in its 115-day Sagittarius Overstory that began at the first of the year, will soon disappear below the horizon. On the 14th he enters his psychopomp phase, as guide of souls through the underworld. In yet another synchronistic moment, Mercury will be at the Aquarius 15 Imbolc cross-quarter degree, with the Sun just 10 degrees away as he makes this transition. A good time to create ceremony that opens us to messages sourced in the inexorable feeling-truth of the underworld realms, in service to our highest aspirations towards expanded consciousness.


Archetypal Sacred Marriage Magic


Meanwhile, ascending Mars and descending Venus continue to draw even closer in the morning sky, visible most closely together on February 21-22 at 06Aquarius57, a couple of days before the Virgo Full Moon.



Venus in her Leo Overstory descent journey is meeting with ascending Gemini Overstory Mars. Both Leo and Gemini are deeply infused with the nectar of creative expression. In their current dance, the Divine Feminine archetype unfolding for humanity is inviting us to the depths of our own being to find the place where we are sourced in love, granting ourselves permission to unfold all our actions from a radical sense of sovereign self.

Humanity’s project for the Divine Masculine at this time is to surrender to the magical, shape-shifting journey created by following the inner muse, radically committed to serving Spirit above all else. True Gemini understands the rules so thoroughly that it can transcend them utterly. Business as usual in outmoded consensus reality does not apply here!

This sparky meet-up of Venus and Mars calls for a radical synthesis: to understand and act from our individual will, sourced in deep self-love, while also knowing ourselves to be an undefinable, magical being tuned to cosmic frequencies. Both partners in this Sacred Marriage journey, meeting up in the far-seeing sign of Aquarius, are being asked to jettison any old agendas or allegiances that stand in the way of their radical, life-affirming, joyful creativity.


The Sabian Symbol for the union of Venus and Mars at Aquarius 7, “A child is seen being born out of an egg”  beautifully invokes this archetypal emergence of a totally new type of human, unlike anything that has gone before – a creative mutation. Nothing else will serve at this pivotal juncture. What ‘mutations’ of who you have seen yourself to be are calling from the depths of your soul? What steps can you take, here and now, however small, to acknowledge and nurture this fledgling self longing to be born?


Embrace The Unexpected


The theme of creative change is underscored as the Moon meets up with expansive Jupiter on February 14-15 in the evening sky, near the Pleiades (setting around midnight), with evolutionary Uranus (although not visible) nearby. Indeed, Jupiter comes within 10 degrees of Uranus on February 17, and they will continue to move ever closer together as they prepare for their exact conjunction in April. Stay tuned – the world may never be the same again.

In these pivotal few years of great upheaval, an equally great resilience is called for. Clearing the blocks and distortions that mask our true selves, both personal and collective, is the work that must be tackled. The world is waiting for the wild card of creative change that can only be released by this radical act, performed body, mind, heart and soul by one longing-to-be-mutated human at a time.


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