TOTAMS April 2024 Solar Eclipse Gathering – An Invitation

Dec 18, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

As we enter this Solstice Season, and on December 14 our Sun having released the strongest Solar Flare of Solar Cycle 25 so far, I’d like to fast forward your attention to the final of four Solar Eclipses with tracks crossing the continental United States between 2012-2024 which is now only five months away. This eclipse totally amplifies the United States Chiron Return. See Dale O’Brien’s presentation for the Preparing for 2025 – TOTAMS Council and get your tickets!

Still, there is far more happening in April 2024 than “just” a long Solar Eclipse: most notably the descent of Venus into the Underworld and the exact Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus.

There is an acute sense that April 2024 will be yet another timeline split.

Our April 6-12 2024 Eclipse Gathering in Ohio is filling fast, not least because it includes an in-person certification level course which I will be presenting: “The Overstory – Cycles of Inner Planets and Moon”.

“In this course, you learn a one-of-a-kind combination of astronomical, astrological, and mythological wisdom relating to the Inner Planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars, as well as the Moon, that will greatly improve your abilities as an astrologer and expand your knowledge of Self, others and the world at large. This unique and invaluable material was created by TOTAMS Founder Daniel Giamario, who introduced this way of tracking and observing the inner planets and connecting with them the way the ancients did. This body of research has been acknowledged as truly groundbreaking since he first introduced it to the astrological community in1997. The unique approach is only taught this way at TOTAMS.”



The week-long event will be held at a nature sanctuary in Hopewell Mound country, just minutes from Serpent Mound.






Planetary Motions


Here are all the planetary and sky details for the relevant time period:

SUN                   17Aries38 – 23Aries13

MOON               22Pisces31 – 15Gemini37

MERCURY        25Aries50RX – 22Aries00RX

VENUS               02Aries14 – 09Aries15

MARS                 11Pisces39 – 16Pisces05

JUPITER           18Taurus39 – 19Taurus54

SATURN            14Pisces15 – 14Pisces52

URANUS           21Taurus04 – 21Taurus22

NEPTUNE         28Pisces07 – 28Pisces13

PLUTO              01Aquarius56 – 02Aquarius00

N.NODE           15Aries37 – 15Aries35

S.NODE            15Libra37 – 15Libra37

CHIRON            19Aries17 – 19Aries38

VESTA                01Cancer54 – 03Cancer40

CERES               17Capricorn28 – 18Capricorn


The Visible Planets


Mercury, in its Sagittarian Overstory, turned Retrograde on April 1, and is retrograde for the entirety of our time together. It will not be visible. As our event begins, Mercury will only be 10degrees from the Sun and well into the metamorphic transformation into the next overstory.  Mercury’s interior conjunction with the Sun on the inside track between the Earth and Sun is on April 11 at 7:03pm EDT at 22Aries32. Mercury will station direct on April 25 to begin the Aries synodic overstory. Wednesday, April 10, will be focused on Mercury during our live teaching of Course 05.


Venus has been in the morning sky since her heliacal rise in the Leo synodic overstory back on August 19, 2023. As our event begins, Venus will be near the very end of her descent into the underworld, which happens on and about April 27.  A major highlight of our time together is the opening of the relatively rare eighth descending gate, known as “Death by Intent”. This is associated with the root chakra and even deeper. The exact Moon/Venus conjunction at 3Aries06 occurs at 12:22pm EDT on Sunday, April 7, our first full day together. The morning conjunction may possibly be visible on the morning of April 7, or even April 8; we will try to arrange as a group to see it, weather permitting. Unless we can spot the conjunction, or have a really low horizon, Venus will essentially not be visible as she slowly descends into the Exterior Underworld. Thursday April 11 will be devoted to Venus for Course 05.


Mars is now in Phase Four of his Gemini synodic overstory and in the morning sky, having emerged from the underworld on January 8. This is the phase known as Gemini Rebirth and Growth of Wisdom. Mars is slowly increasing in brightness and can be found 36-37degrees from the Sun rather low in the East. Another major highlight during our event is his conjunction with Saturn on Wednesday, April 10, at 4:36pm EDT at 14Pisces40. Mars and Saturn are quite close during all our days together. A Moon/Mars conjunction happened on April 5, which opened the fourth portal Phase four, remaining open until May 4. Mars will be the main feature of our Course 05 on Tuesday, April 9.


Jupiter is in the evening sky about from 31 to 26degrees from the Sun in the stars of the Ram constellation on the way to the Pleiades. Jupiter is fast approaching his highly anticipated exact conjunction with Uranus on April 20 at 21Taurus51. The Moon conjuncts Jupiter on April 10, adding a strong punctuation point to the Jupiter-Uranus alignment.


Saturn, in the morning sky, moves from 39 to 37degrees from the Sun. As noted above with Mars, Saturn and Mars are conjunct on April 10, and are within a few degrees of each other throughout our event. They are travelling together in the stars of the Fish constellation.


The Total Solar Eclipse


The MAIN EVENT of our gathering! The Sun/Moon Conjunction is also exactly conjunct Chiron at 19Aries24. Much about this eclipse will be covered in CLASS ONE of the Cycles of the Inner Planets Course.

Consider joining us at this auspicious time for sacred ceremony, aligned community, and gaining knowledge and experience unlikely to be found elsewhere. I and the TOTAMS Team look forward to being in circle with you there! Click here for registration details!

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