Venus Descends, All Planets Direct, Out-of-Bounds Moon

April 29, 2024 | by Daniel Giamario |

With Mercury on the other side of the Sun, Venus descending, and Jupiter soon to follow, only Mars and Saturn are visible in the morning sky, albeit rather dimly at magnitudes of only +1.2. There are, however, a number of interesting events to discuss.


Venus Descending into The Celestial Underworld


Using a “textbook” 10degree orb, Venus makes her descent into the underworld, on the other side of the Sun, on Monday April 29. In her Leo synodic overstory, she will be off the world stage for about 74 days. Venus will begin her rise into the evening sky July 11, having just entered Leo, the sign she was in at the heliacal rise, which established the Overstory for the current 584-day synod.

Whilst in the Underworld, Venus will move through Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Notable meetings include Uranus on May 18 at 23Taurus23, Jupiter on May 23 at 29Taurus22, the Sun – exterior conjunction – on June 4 at 14Gemini28, and Mercury on June 17 at 0Cancer18. Venus will also align with the Pleiades, Aldebaran and the Galactic Edge, all within the well-known Lakota Sacred Hoop of Creation.

Off the world stage, Venus will receive guidance and transmissions from the celestial realm that can be helpful on her journey of surrender and vulnerability, with the capacity for grieving.


All Planets Direct in A Brief Reprise


With Mercury’s station on April 25, a short stretch of seven days with all planets direct will ensue, until Pluto is entering its retrograde journey on May 2. This can remind us of the recently completed extended 66-days(!) all-planets-direct period from January 27 to April 2, 2024. We are continually gathering data on the possible meaning and intentions of these rare time periods.

One thing is certain: Just as retrogrades are neither “good” nor “bad”, the same is true of all-planets-direct periods. Equally interesting to notice is if a natal chart has all planets direct. Feedback is quite welcome!


Another Out-of-Bounds Moon


The peak of the Lunar Standstill season is now upon us! This means the most extreme Out-of-Bounds Moons are happening when the Moon is near the Solstice degrees, which is the case twice every month.

On April 29, the Capricorn Moon reaches as far as 28S23 declination, a good five degrees beyond the path of the Sun. Some of you may even have seen the Moon on Sunday actually occulting the Galactic Center, which can only happen every 18-19 years in an OOB season, and is something the Sun can never do!

TOTAMS has suggested the following keywords for both OOB timeframes and Out-of-Bounds Moon on your natal chart: Outlander, Outsider, Individualist, and being incapable of being assimilated. Kind of like retrogrades on steroids!

Special Note in this context:

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